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by Realbuzz Studios

ePub Serenity--Stepping Out download
Realbuzz Studios
Barbour Publishing, Incorporated (January 1, 2006)
Literature & Fiction
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10 primary works, 10 total works. Book 1. New Bad Girl in Town.

10 primary works, 10 total works. America's premier inspirational manga! Mee. ore.

Serenity-Stepping Out book.

com User, August 13, 2008. These books show a sharp contrast between a girl trying discover meaning in life and her interaction with kids who, though imperfect, have found true meaning in Christ. The point is she is not Christian and is on a journey.

Billed as "inspirational manga", the Serenity series from Realbuzz Studios is a full-color comic book series focusing on slice-of-life teenage drama.

Ships from and sold by Jack's books and more. Billed as "inspirational manga", the Serenity series from Realbuzz Studios is a full-color comic book series focusing on slice-of-life teenage drama. The stories revolve around the interaction between the title character (a newly transferred high school student with a troubled past) and the school's Christian club (whose members have themselves struggled through a wide range of temptations and who have "adopted" Serenity as one of their own).

by Realbuzz Studios (Author). Book 6 of 10 in the Serenity Series. Ships from and sold by Nikki's Boutique!. Ships from and sold by the book community. Ships from and sold by Salvation Station.

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Stepping Out. 98 printed pages. Detention, date-stealing, and an out-of-control driving mishap

Stepping Out. It's deep dish trouble for Serenity. Detention, date-stealing, and an out-of-control driving mishap. It all adds up to some unexpected twists and turns in Serenity's life-leading her to a job delivering pizzas and a desperate plea for deliverance that only God can answer. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Stepping Out – e-kirja kirjailijoilta Realbuzz Studios,. Lue tämä kirja käyttämällä Google Play Kirjat ‑sovellusta tietokoneella tai Android- tai iOS-laitteella. by Realbuzz Studios.

It's deep dish trouble for Serenity. Stepping Out.

Barbour Publishing was first to bring inspirational manga to the masses-and now tween and teen girls have another great read in Serenity, Volume 2: Stepping Out. The lonely teen with the blue hair is slowly warming up to the Christian kids who've made her their "project". . .but when Serenity wrecks Kimberly's car and refuses to take responsibility, the prayer club decides some "tough love" is in order. Can Serenity understand that their actions are really for her own good? This full-color graphic novel features a compelling storyline, realistic dialogue, and a solid biblical message for today's reader.
  • Serenity is a rebellious high-schooler who somehow always finds herself in the midst of some kind of trouble. She's angry, has a horrible attitude, & is the antithesis of the teen most parents would want their child to befriend. That is, until a local church youth group, who's members attend the same high school as Serenity, decide to make her their "project".

    Finally!!! Some manga I feel comfortable giving my step-daughter, 13. She really got into the Yuyu Hakusho books, to which she was introduced by a friend. Neither my husband or myself ever really approved of the Yuyu Hakusho books, but she loved the artwork. When I saw these, I snatched them up. I read through the first one & greatly appreciated the ideas & morals presented. We gave step-daughter the first book in this series for Christmas, & she loves it! She bought the third book at Borders, but couldn't find the second one. (She's getting that for her birthday.)

    The one (possible) drawback is that these books read from front to back, like most western books, instead of back to front, like many Japanime books. I mention it simply b/c step-daughter drew it to my attention.

    If you've got a teen or pre-teen who loves manga but would prefer they actual read something of substance, this is the series for which you've been waiting. All the flashy artwork with none of the occultic overtones or mystical storylines. Most teens can relate to the stories presented, especially if they attend public school. Step-daughter is eagerly awaiting more releases.

  • Thought the book would be bigger but i guess you cant really see that when you buy it. Have to read it to find out if its any good

  • I disagree with the one star review from Farmers Wife. These books show a sharp contrast between a girl trying discover meaning in life and her interaction with kids who, though imperfect, have found true meaning in Christ. The point is she is not Christian and is on a journey. She is going to swear, try to be promiscuous and steal and think it is OK so long as she doesn't have consequences. That is her thinking. The point of the books is to teach children that there is a sinful world out there and you must be discerning. The problem with some Christians today is they think they need to shield their children from everything. Then the children go out on their own and don't know how to think independently. I choose to teach my children discernment and critical thinking in real life situations so they can fend for themselves. That is why these books are good. They tell about real modern situations for teenagers that include temptations (sex, drugs, gossip and the rest)...the same stuff I went through in High School! I want them to be ready to stand on their own and to know why being a Christian is best way to live!

  • This amazing series combines manga, Christianity, and humor, while at the same time being sensitive and touching.
    If you like manga, or any graphic novels or comics, READ IT.
    Or else.
    Whether you are a Christian or not, give it a try.
    Not for young children, though it is not graphic either.

  • An excellent second book in the "Serenity" series!

    Be aware that there are serious issues in this book that deal with addiction. This isn't just a fluffy comic, but one that deals with real issues and problems that need to be addressed with tweens/teens.

    Yes, the coloring is beautiful, yes there are some great jokes, but at the same time it does follow a storyline about drug and alcohol abuse. It's a serious topic that when written in this manner can be used as a discussion tool.

    Additionally, it stresses the concept of personal responsibility- --but with a few laughs along the way.

    Great book, it just keeps getting better!

  • If I could rate this with a number of negative stars, I would! I ordered this set as gifts for young girls and was appalled to find a number of obscenities! The books are published by Barbour (My Utmost For His Highest) and sold by Christian retailers, so I did NOT see a need for concern. Thank goodness I read them first! Steer clear unless you want to teach your kids four letter words, use of "protection," etc.