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ePub Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1 download

by Doug Brambaugh and Linda Brumbaugh

ePub Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1 download
Doug Brambaugh and Linda Brumbaugh
The Critical Thinking Co.; 1 edition (2011)
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This item:Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 2 by Doug Brambaugh and Linda . Age Range: 4 - 5 years.

Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1. Doug Brambaugh an.

Linda Brumbaugh and Doug Brumbaugh.

Incorporate mathematical reasoning into your early childhood lesson plans! .

Author(s): Linda Brumbaugh and Doug Brumbaugh. This book teaches more than mathematical concepts; it teaches mathematical reasoning, so students learn to devise different strategies to solve problems.

Mathematical Reasoning helps students devise strategies to solve a wide variety .

Download sample pages from Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1 (PDF).

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Mathematical Reasoning helps students devise strategies to solve a wide variety of math problems. This book emphasizes problem-solving and computation to build the math reasoning skills necessary for success in higher-level math and math assessments. This book is written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The Beginning 1 book is a complete curriculum for children of age 3.
  • We use this book to prep my 3 year old daughter for preschool.

    Pros: My daughter doesn't mind it (it's definitely NOT her favorite, but she'll do it). It's a good size --lots if pages!!! It and covers 1-5 repetitively, so it really ingrains concepts for kiddos. It also has a lot of pictures.

    Cons: it's SUPER EXPENSIVE & pretty basic (no extras like stickers or fun "stuff") we use a laminated sheet and dry erase marker--so hopefully I can use it with our other daughter. Also, some of the story problems are pretty advanced for a 3 year old (recommend age), while other things are really remedial.

    I don't know if I would recommend it or not---I'd say get your hands on a hard copy and see if your kiddo likes it/it works for your goals.

  • Not our favorite. The concepts are not all together. For example, one page would go over shapes and circling triangles and squares, the next would be grouping items into largest and smallest. The book keeps bouncing back and forth. For me it was frustrating to teach from because my little one would never really master a concept because the book kept bouncing back and forth and I got frustrated teaching one concept then moving on and having to reteach it all again later because we hadn't seen that concept for days.

  • I've been using this with my 3 year old daughter for a few weeks now and she LOVES it. She will pull it out on her own and ask to do it. Her 7 year old sister loves helping her too, which is great for both of them. Very easy to skip over concepts they aren't ready for. In our busy house, this is a great book to get some 1 on 1 learning time my daughter.

  • I bought this after reading tons of positive reviews and I am definitely not disappointed! I homeschool my older child and my younger child always wants to do school like her big brother- rather than play learning. This book is the perfect curriculum choice for a 3 year old to learn basic math skills while feeling like a big kid who 'gets to do school'.

  • My daughter turned 3 about 4 months ago and she loves this book. I purchased just two months ago and we are nearly finished. She actually enjoys doing the games each night, asks for it herself. I like how the lessons slowly build on each other and I certainly be buying more in this series.

  • This book is okay but I guess I expected it to be better. I find that it doesn't keep my daughter's attention. So many people gave great reviews, but just isn't working out that great in our household. With that said, I've also purchased Mathematical Reasoning A and am very pleased with it.

  • My 3.5 year old daughter loves this book and is asking for it daily. Really like the way material is presented here. We need more books like this

  • When I first flipped through this I thought it looked a bit simplistic - upon a more thorough examination I see that there are many mathematical concepts that are referenced in a spiral way/they build on each other. Even if your three year old has their numbers, shapes, and counting down pat I think you'll find lots of great material here. It is easy to use too - quick pages designed for the attention span of the young (and their at times cranky parent... !), with a nice mix of verbal and written content. I like that the book is sectioned out into different areas - algebra, geometry, probability, basic operations, etc. As you work through the pages you'll keep revisiting each of these areas. By no means do I feel that these type of books are necessary to a basic math understanding for young kids, but if you have a little one that enjoys this type of activity this is a great resource to have and easy to use. It is the first in a series.