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ePub Rabid: Book 2 in the Werecat Saga download

by Rich Dalglish,Jami Lynn Saunders

ePub Rabid: Book 2 in the Werecat Saga download
Rich Dalglish,Jami Lynn Saunders
711 Press (January 27, 2012)
Science Fiction & Fantasy
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When they hit the highway, they arranged themselves into a four-abreast formation and powered up to cruising speed.

When they hit the highway, they arranged themselves into a four-abreast formation and powered up to cruising speed d. The unspoken thought in everyone’s mind was that if Phoenix couldn’t resist the feral onslaught, neither could the next base. And the ferals had a head start, but how much of one no one knew. Rathbone pulled away slightly, and the rest of the convoy increased speed in response.

With the hope for a feral cure now lost-due to the death of Dr. Jack Tanner-Major Rathbone, Salvatore, and Rebecka Hayes set off for the werecat and human safehold in the Olympic Mountains

With the hope for a feral cure now lost-due to the death of Dr. Jack Tanner-Major Rathbone, Salvatore, and Rebecka Hayes set off for the werecat and human safehold in the Olympic Mountains. Along the way, they hope to recover the rabid sisters Pippa Reyes and Abby Hunter as they make their escape across the feral-infested wastelands. But following a bizarre twist of events, we find that both Jack Tanner and Aiden are still alive. Dr. Tanner is given a second chance at life when he evolves into a half-bat, half-marsupial creature known as a nocturnal.

Nocturnal is part of a sci-fi/horror series in our Movie Book line. READ TIME: 92 MINUTES About the Movie Book: With the hope for a feral cure now lost-due to the death of Dr.

The Werecat Saga features three books: Feral, Rabid, and Nocturnal. In her first full-fledged apocalyptic saga, Jami creates a world like no other, full of humans and creatures such as Ferals and the Werecats, creatures born out of a biological fallout that nearly wiped out all civilization. The werecat was a creature brought to fruition when she fell in love with Nastassja Kinski's character in the 1982 film, Cat People.

Book 1 of 3 in the Werecat Saga Series. The approximate read time for Feral is ninety-two minutes, so that means you can pop Despicable Me in for the kids and enjoy some solid reading time with no loose ends. In Feral, picture nuclear fallout and a zombie-like aftermath-but the zombies are human-feline mutations that have an insaitable thirst for flesh. Some humans, however, are not feral, but they can transform into various feline forms.

711 Press is a company with a unique twist on publishing: we release "Movies & TV in Book Form." Read our thrilling, cinematic titles in the time it takes you to watch a movie or TV show. Rabid is part of a sci-fi/horror series in our Movie Book line. APPROX. READ TIME: 90 MINUTES About the Movie Book: Upon discovering that she is half werecat, Pippa Reyes sets off across America to find a new home, rumored to be a safehold for her own kind. But, as she and her band of friends travel the feral cities of the United States, Dr. Jack Tanner has suspicions that they are in possession of a cure that could end the feral infestation that has swept the nation. A series of unfortunate events threatens the mission, and after suffering the deaths of several friends, Pippa's anger unleashes something hidden deep within herself, something far worse than the feral beasts that roam the barren lands. Pippa Reyes has become a rabid-a maniacal killing machine, so insane and bloodthirsty that she now hunts the very ones who are searching for her.
  • The world is a creepy place in this view of the future. War has destroyed most facilities, a virus has created creatures called "ferals" and the remaining humans must hide and defend themselves from the altered humans. Pippa's love, Aiden, has died, but she must go on with her sister and try to find her parents. She'll die if she stays in one place too long.

    711 Press sent me this in ebook to review (thank you). It was published last Friday so you can get a copy on Amazon now. This is a cross between science/fiction and horror and was a quick read for me.

    Pippa is still adjusting to the fact that she has changed into a werecat and Aiden's death has taken its toll on her. She suddenly becomes overwhelmingly angry when the ferals attack again and goes after them with a fury. Unfortunately, that sets off her system and she turns rabid. As her friends try to find her, she starts hunting them.

    This story is fast paced, highly speculative, and an interesting read. Viruses do change and modify themselves from the chemistry in one's body so who knows what a malignant virus would do to us?

    There are several creatures here I wouldn't like to run into on a dark night (or even during the day) so it made me read the story quickly. These are desperate people and their journey is not over yet. This is the second book in the Werecat Saga and another one is planned. Each story gives you a bit more history about the disaster and its outcome. I'm looking forward to reading the next story and finding out if Pippa's sister, Abby, makes it.

    Why not take a trip into the world of the future and see if you can make it back alive?

    Happy reading.

  • 'Rabid', second volume of Werecat Sage provides a background to the desolate, post-apocalyptic world where Pippa, Abby and their friends struggle to find sisters' mother. After undergoing some drastic DNA changes, caused by dramatic events that took place at the end of the first volume, most of our heroes find themselves somewhat back to normal and reunited. They continue their journey to find Pippa's and Abby's mother, while Dr. Tanner is realizing that sisters' blood might hold the key to healing the Feral.

    One question that I had after reading 'Feral' was what caused the Fallout and widespread DNA mutations. Second volume sheds some light on the issue, while raising some interesting questions of it's own.

    Plenty of action and adventure take place in second volume, though emphasis, in my opinion, is mostly placed on filling the gaps in the story and letting reader see the bigger picture.

    Romantic component gets further developed in 'Rabid', though it does feel a bit like an afterthought.

    Overall, this is a solid second entry that paves a way for 'Nocturnal', third and probably last book in the Werecat Saga.

  • Picking up from Book One, we are still traveling along with Pippa and her sister Abby. Amongst the many dangers that still follow the group (such as the ferals) the reader now sees some changes that are surprising; a hybrid that seems impossible. The group is traveling closer to the midwest and they find that the ferals are much more clever than those of the New York ones. We learn a bit more about Pippa and Abby's mother. The group also finds new allies along the way.

    The problem is that the book starts with troubles for one sister and ends with troubles for the other...and the doctor and Aiden too. It almost looks like the group may be completely one way or another.

    Just as in book one, there is plenty of adventure, action and emotion in book two. There is devastation where the group goes and in their presence, there is more destruction and death. Again, this series is not for the faint of heart...violent and dangerous. Make sure you read book one first to fully understand what is going on and to enjoy the saga.

  • I received this from 711 Press as a gift.

    This story picked right up where the first one left off. I thought it was a great sequel and thought it was well written. I enjoyed reading about Pippa's journey from being rabid and her journey back. Although, Abby must endure the same journey, will she fare any better? We have to wait for book three to find out. I enjoyed reading more about Pippa, Aiden, Abby, Salvatore, and Dr. Tanner's journey; and look forward to reading more about their mother, along with Dr. Tanner and his transformation. I would definitely recommend others to give this series a chance, and delve into what could happen to the world if things go horribly wrong.

  • Very good book , different from what I expected ,I really enjoyed ready book 1& 2 , now I can read book 3 . I love when I can get & read & finish a series in a day , I hat waiting for the n ext one. This author has some really new & interesting ideas, I recommend these books, so far they have been edited well, they flow from one to the next very well , once I finish this series I will be looking for more from this Author they are great !! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with me !

  • Moves along with the best fantastical stories in any medium. So the main character Peppa has become infected with the rabid disease to which half the formerly human population has been infected. She is now a rabid feline, and this has diverted her journey to a better land for the feline kind. A great turn of plot and suspense worthy of the best television drama. 711 press is smoothly making visual story telling into well crafted words.

  • Pippa must surrender to being rabid or fight against it to save herself and her friends. It's a long battle and everyone's lives are in danger. And Abby must endure the same fight... But maybe she will be able to control the rabid beast within? Pippa and Abby are the only ones who can save the world....if they can overcome the rabid fight. There's no time for boredom in this book! *Recieved as a gift*