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ePub Disney At Dawn (Turtleback School Library Binding Edition) (Kingdom Keepers) download

by Ridley Pearson

ePub Disney At Dawn (Turtleback School  Library Binding Edition) (Kingdom Keepers) download
Ridley Pearson
Turtleback Books (August 25, 2009)
Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Walt Disney Animation Studios presents an epic tale of adventure and . When a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter.

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents an epic tale of adventure and comedy with Frozen. view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook.

Disney at Dawn (Kingdom Keepers). Published August 1st 2009 by Turtleback Books. Library Binding, 377 pages. Author(s): Ridley Pearson.

Hardcover, 378 pages. Disney at Dawn (Kingdom Keepers).

The Kingdom Keepers is a popular book series for kids, teenagers and adults, written by Ridley Pearson and published by Disney Hyperion. In the Kingdom Keepers series, five teens have been chosen to act as models for holographic guides at Walt Disney World. But the cutting-edge technology has a glitch; when the kids fall asleep, they are transported to the Parks in their holographic forms.

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Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn: Disney at Dawn. It's supposed to be a happy day at the Magic Kingdom-the return of the teenaged holographic hosts. But things go very wrong when a sudden lightning storm disrupts the celebration, and Amanda's mysterious sister, Jez, disappears. The only clue is the sighting of a wild monkey in the Magic Kingdom during the storm.

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Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn. Kingdom Keepers: The Return Book Three Disney At Last. While this may appear to be a young adult novel, I believe the popularity of it and how long the series has lasted have shown it to be anything but that. I had never read the series until now, and this first novel will almost immediately suck you in to the world and the characters.

ALSO BY RIDLEY PEARSON Kingdom Keepers-Disney After Dark Steel Trapp-The Challenge WITH . Most kids at school were jealous of her-but the other DHIs appreciated the skills and abilities she brought to the team.

ALSO BY RIDLEY PEARSON Kingdom Keepers-Disney After Dark Steel Trapp-The Challenge WITH DAVE BARRY Blood Tide Cave of the Dark Wind Escape from the Carnivale Peter and the Secret of Rundoon Peter and the Shadow Thieves Peter and the Starcatchers Science Fair ww. idleypearson. com If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property.

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When the Overtakers gain control of the system that runs the Daylight Holographic Imaging, Amanda, Wayne, and Finn must do all they can to stay awake to avoid falling into a permanent coma while still trying to locate Jez in the Magic Kingdom before it's too late for them all.
  • This one was not as good as the first. I realize I am an adult reading a book for young adults but anything to do with Disney I will read. The characters and the way they act or speak is appropriate for the young adult. So I know it is the book for them. It is, however, a strong, sometimes funny, and is very believable. (hey, it could happen). But what I love most about it is the author is spot on where the parks are concerned. Every thing is in its place as it should be as he goes about the plot. So, if your child reads these books be sure that if you end up at Disney you can follow the book in each park and know that the Kingdom Keepers are taking care of business.

  • This is a sequel to the first Kingdom Keeper book and it was, as I understand, a few years later. It was also something of a disappointment... or the one where Pearson got a little lazy. Not that I want to pick apart a kid's book, but there are a handful (or two) of inconsistencies that raise flags and take the reader out of this adventure. Many are minor, like confusing which character did what and whether or not clues would mean anything to characters who weren't privy to certain conversations. There are some logistic issues, such as whether the keepers are banned from all the theme parks or if their agreement as DHIs was limited to the Magic Kingdom. And there's a question of how they manage to keep in contact using their Nintendo DS systems for chat and maybe audio? However, the first and most persistent concern was the name of a main character. Is she Jess or Jez? (If you've read the 1st book, that makes more sense.)

    All that aside, however, this is a nice second installment to an on-going series that explores the Disney mythology and provides kids (and adults) with adventure-filled stories. This one takes place mostly in the Animal Kingdom as the keepers attempt to find and rescue Jez, who has been kidnapped. They face many challenges of course, not the least of which is an alternate DHI server that threatens to capture them in Sleeping Beauty Syndrome (asleep and can't wake up) should they drift off. And this time, Maleficent is joined by the most evil Disney villain ever: Chernabog (from Fantasia). And the slight hints at leadership lessons from book one blossom a little more in this book. I won't give away any spoilers, but the story provides a resolution while still leaving plenty of plot lines in play for book three, which... I haven't read yet.

    A note to parents: there is a bit of suggestiveness throughout the books - both in language (Maybeck has a mouth on him apparently) and in relationships (very mild, but it's there - you sense a love triangle in the making). And, of course, behavior you don't want your kids emulating (lying, etc.).

    - from trudatmusic[dot]com[slash]raw (9/11/12)

  • Though this book was not as good as the first in my opinion, it was still pretty interesting, especially for those of us who haven't been to the park in over 15 years. This book mainly focuses on the Animal Kingdom part of the park and also Maleficent and Chernaborg. Hardly any other characters are mentioned (Aladdin and Jasmine breifly, Ariel has about a two page part..) which that was disappointing to me as I wanted more character interaction, but was left with only the two bad guys that were talked about constantly. Though the story line still moved along rather quickly, I just kept wishing for more characters and more parts of the park. Hopefully in the next book they'll do just that.

  • Love these books. I'm a huge Disney fan and love reading about the different places I have seen. FYI, a lot of the parks don't have these sites they are visiting any longer. Disney World has changed.

  • I loved the book though maybecks cussing habits I'm not a fan of. over all this book is great I would like if Charlene would be mentioned more she and Finn are my favorite characters

    I'm 12 years old and I love this book good job as always
    And the same for the Peter and the star catchers great book
    Really builds up my imagination keep writing I hope to be a great book writer like you one day and I have a question
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    LoL I'm your biggest fan can't stop reading your books
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  • My daughter got the first book in print form and loved it. So we bought her this second book for her Kindle e-reader (the kind that's great for reading books -- not the Fire). She loved this one as much as the first one so I think we're going to get her the rest of them soon.

    She said the Kindle version was much handier for reading any time (she rereads her books a *lot*).

    We are a family of Walt Disney World park lovers and both my daughter and my wife said this entire series of books is really great for park lovers.

  • What a terrific series! I'm a newly retired middle school teacher and grandmother of three, so reading "kid lit" appeals to me - forget kid lit though, this book is for all ages. High energy, complicated characters, mystery even about the "good guys" - it's all there.
    I handed the first book to my grandson who said he wanted to nap in the car - after reading the first page he was hooked and convinced me to read it too. #2 continues the excitement, character development, and high interest. I live near WDW, so the familiar backdrop of the book has my curiosity going strong. My grandson and I eagerly await each new book in the series.

  • I couldn't wait to get my hands on book II after reading the first book. New adventures for the crew and will they be able to thwart the green witch again--Maleficent? Where is there helper? This is such a fun read especially for anyone of any age that loves Disney--be sure to read book I first. The characters are so fun you want them to be your friends!!