» » Oscar and the Bat: A Book About Sound (Start with Science)

ePub Oscar and the Bat: A Book About Sound (Start with Science) download

by Geoff Waring

ePub Oscar and the Bat: A Book About Sound (Start with Science) download
Geoff Waring
Candlewick (September 23, 2008)
Science Nature & How It Works
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Start with Science books introduce kids to core science concepts through engaging stories, fresh illustrations, and supplemental activities.When Oscar hears a blackbird singing in the meadow, Bat swoops in to talk to him about sound. A sudden thunderstorm and a visiting cow give Oscar lots of opportunities to learn about sounds that are loud or soft, near or far, deep or high.
  • I'm a big fan of the Oscar the cat series by Geoff Waring. They all have lovely illustrations and make science topics accessible for young children. I would estimate an appropriate age range to be two(ish) to five years old.

    Here is a summary of the books I have from the series:
    1) Oscar and the Bird (Electricity) - Impressive in its ability to make technical concepts accessible to young children. Doesn't get down to the level of electrons and charge, but does discuss batteries, basic concept of a circuit, different forms of electricity. Helped my youngster understand that electricity can be dangerous and you shouldn't play with it (via discussion of a power line).
    2) Oscar and the Moth (Light/Dark) - Not super technical, but discusses concepts such as different sources of light, how lights can be warm, rotation of the earth, shadows, how some animals make lights with their bodies (ie: bio-luminescence).
    3) Oscar and the Frog (Growing) - Very nicely done. Concepts such as: different animals/plants grow in different ways (from eggs, from seeds, live births); different living things grow at different rates, animals eat different types of food to grow.
    4) Oscar and the Bat (Sound) - probably the least science heavy of the four Oscar books I own. Nice that it talks about how animals can use different parts of their bodies to make sound. Nice that it discusses that sounds get louder the closer they get. Doesn't go into concepts about how sounds are made or propagated (ie: sound waves). This is not necessarily a complaint, I'm not sure I could get a three year old to understand a sound wave either!

  • Cute book.

  • We have four of the Oscar books. They introduce scientific concepts to YOUNG kids - please do not think you are purchasing a book that will explain echolocation in depth - you are not. I have to admit that the illustrations win me over to these books more than the content. I do recommend them for parents or teachers of preschoolers and/or early elementary students. My two boys thoroughly enjoy following Oscar through each of the books in our collection.

  • Great book!

  • Simple enough for young children to understand, this book will make them want to stop and notice all the different sounds around them, as well as pay attention and take a deeper look into their surroundings as they explore.

  • Kids love it!

  • Love it, great shipper

  • Bought this for bf's 5 year-old daughter. The book itself is nice, and the author helps teach basic science concepts well. As someone in the sciences, I think it is a great book for young children!