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ePub The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Evil Penguin Plan download

by Maxwell Eaton III

ePub The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Evil Penguin Plan download
Maxwell Eaton III
Knopf Books for Young Readers (January 10, 2012)
Science Nature & How It Works
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Meet Ace and Bub, the flying beaver brothers! Ace loves extreme sports and is always looking for a new adventure. Bub loves napping and, well, napping. But when penguins threaten to freeze Beaver Island for "resort and polar-style living," the brothers put their talents to work saving their tropical island paradise. Can they save Beaver Island from environmental destruction? And can they do it in time to still win the annual Beaver Island Surfing Competition?
  • My son loves all 4 of these books - I just hope the author publishes more soon! They are cartoon or comic type books, my son has never been into this type of thing, but after reading one at the library chose to spend his own allowance on buying these books. He reads them over and over and picks up on the humor more and more.

  • Bought for my grandson. He loves it.

  • This is a great kids book. It was funny and adventurous. If I were a kid I would read this book again.

  • great for getting reluctant reader interested in reading

  • Today, I was introduced to The Flying Beaver Brothers. These two fun-loving semi-aquatic rodents are the stars of Maxwell Eaton III's new graphic novel series. The first two volumes were released simultaneously, giving me instant gratification as I raced through the first book and immediately reached for the second.

    From the get-go, it's obvious that Ace is the smarter brother, creating contraptions and inventions while his brother, Bub, gets distracted and takes naps. However, the pair work well together, and they are both always important to the plot and the solution. When dealing with evil penguins (who, for some reason, don't have eyeballs) as well as a big bully, the beaver brothers manage to sort things out - a little intentionally (usually Ace), a little accidentally (usually Bub).

    Not all graphic novels fall into the read-aloud category, but this series would be fun to read with kids, letting different people play the roles of the different animals. The dialogue is silly and fast, and it's funny without ever being gross or rude. There are lots of giggles to be found in these pages, in these pictures and these words. Writer/illustrator Maxwell Eaton has great comic timing; he takes beats when he needs to, putting in panels without dialogue when needed and showing the characters' reactions and interactions clearly. Also, the character names are really fun to say. How often do you meet someone named Bub? Then there are the penguins, Bob and Bob, one of whom speaks perfect English while the other makes "Ka!" sounds.

    I recommend this series to fans of the Babymouse series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, you'll like The Flying Beaver Brothers. Similar to the Holms' style, Eaton uses only three colors for his illustrations here: black, white, and one bold accent color. The contrast is not only eye-catching, but also effective, as the bright color is specific to the tone of each volume. In this volume, the accent color is blue, with all of its shenanigans in the sea.

    I recommend this series to fans of the cartoon The Angry Beavers (I think Ace and Bub would get a kick out of Daggett and Norbert's zany adventures) and to anyone who likes the animated film Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (I think Bob and Bob would dig the villainous penguin named Feathers McGraw!)

    If you like this story, then you should definitely check out Book #2: The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Fishy Business!

  • Ace and Bub, the beaver brothers, are practicing for the surf competition when their board is stolen by a couple of penguins (or puffins). But when they go to get it back, they discover that the penguins are up to no good! Can they thwart the penguins and win the competition against bullying beaver Bruce?

    Maxwell Eaton III's art is more detailed than that of Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm, although he uses a similar three-color scheme. Eaton is terrific at drawing action, which is good since there's a lot of it in THE FLYING BEAVER BROTHERS AND THE EVIL PENGUIN PLAN. In particular, there is one really cool two-page spread of the brothers swimming through a tunnel in the penguins' lair. (Hilariously, their submarine is a giant refrigerator.)

    I felt sort of uneasy about the plot. The penguins are motivated by the loss of their home due to global warming. Now, obviously their plan isn't good for the beavers, but I felt weird about them being labeled "evil." This hang up is silly, I know, especially since Eaton does show that not all of the penguins are bad guys.

    THE FLYING BEAVER BROTHERS AND THE EVIL PENGUIN plan is a cute, funny comic that will appeal to action fans and children who like animals.

  • Ace and Bub, also known as The Flying Beaver Brothers, are sports enthusiasts. They live a happy life on Beaver Island, surfing and napping, until they learn that evil penguins are planning to freeze the island. The penguins have headquarters in a giant sunken refrigerator and only they can stop them.

    This first volume in the graphic novel series is fun and accessible. I read it with one of my ESOL students who has a very low English level, and he was able to have success with the book. Words like trophy, penguin, and competition were new to him at first, but the repetition and illustrations helped him master them quickly. Developing readers will feel the same sense of accomplishment. The pages have a good balance of text and illustrations, with some featuring wordless action.

    Maxwell Eaton's illustrations are simple and endearing. The beavers are among the cutest characters I've seen and they are at their most adorable while swimming through tunnels underwater. Fans of the Lunch Lady series, Babymouse, and Squish will love this book.

  • Meet Ace and Bub, beavers who are brothers who sometimes fly. Ace loves extreme sports and is always looking for a new adventure; Bub loves napping and, well, napping. But when Arctic penguins in their giant underwater refrigerator plot to freeze Beaver Island for "resort and polar-style living," the brothers must save the island and win the surfing competition.

    The two-color graphics are easy to follow and much of the droll humor is found in the contradiction between the text and illustrations. All my children have read this and thought it was a nice bit of fun, but it is my 8 year-old who claimed it for his own and reads it time and again. He likes emulating the drawings because they're simple and cute.