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by Claudia Black

ePub Repeat After Me download
Claudia Black
Central Recovery Press (January 1, 2017)
Addiction & Recovery
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Repeat After Me offers those who were raised in dysfunctional families characterized by abuse, addiction, other compulsive behaviors, or mental illness. This remarkable self-help workbook, takes the reader through a process of letting go of hurtful beliefs and behaviors. While insight is often the precursor to change, people need to develop skills that make change occur. Adults children tend to repeat the life scripts of their challenged, troubled families as a result of internalized beliefs and behaviors that were either modeled for them or were a part of their survival strategy. Dr. Claudia Black, world renown expert on dysfunctional families, articulates a four step process for readers to heal the wounds of their past: 1. Explore their past, for the purpose of owning the losses and grieving the pain associated with past history. 2. Connect the past history to present day life. 3. Identify and challenge internalized beliefs, differentiating between beliefs that are healthy and those useful that are self-defeating and need to be let go. 4. Learn and practice skills, focusing on the basics such as learning to listen, identifying needs and options, identifying and expressing feelings, defining successes, establishing healthy boundaries, recognizing intrusive behavior, creating healthy rituals, identifying strengths, and developing realistic expectations. This is an excellent resource to aid therapists, counselors, and other helping professionals in their work with clients to help them become aware of how their family system affected them and grow beyond it.
  • Yes, this workbook can make you do some serious work as it forces you to face some stuff a lot of ACOA's don't want to face. Well, WAAAAH, get over yourself because if you want to heal your soul, learn the power of forgiveness and get rid of the hatred that's probably been eating you alive - then you have to do the work to learn WHY you do what you do that has been destroying your life. Do the work, come to understand where you came from, and you can find a way to change where you can go tomorrow: otherwise, you'll just keep repeating the mistakes you made in all the yesterdays that came before today. Good stuff.
    And be sure to read her It Will Never Happen To Me... 'cuz it sure saved MY life.

  • I was recommended this book by my psychologist. It is a work book for the adult children of alcoholic parents.
    By work book, I mean there are exercises to complete which force you to remember things you had long ago either forgotten or shoved aside, and it can be a fairly painful and difficult process. I have to attempt the exercises in small steps, because it makes me an emotional wasteland for a while after. Some of the tasks include, family tree, event recollection, and assessing your own emotions.
    So far, I haven't gotten much from the book, it seems to give you many, um, excuses as to why we feel the way we do, behave the way we do and view the world differently from the so-called "normal" people. I am not very keen on the feeling I get from this book of being a victim. Though, as helpless children forced to grow up in abusive situations, we are victims, but as adults, we've moved beyond the victim role into something else. While it's not exactly mentally healthy to repress, it is our way of coping with our past. Forcing all the pain from our past to the surface is excruciating, and I met it with a lot of resistance. It takes time, and I urge you, as awful as the initial feelings are, don't give up, grit your teeth, and proceed.
    I suggest that if you feel this book may help you in some capacity, use it in conjunction with professional therapy of some type, as it helps to have someone view your answers and talk about them with you.

  • This is probably the best tool of its type that I've seen for identifying significant past influences on current behavior and feelings, and for identifying effective strategies for addressing and dealing with those often limiting feelings and ingrained behaviors. I recommend it to all who are serious about freeing themselves from the constraints of a less than perfect past and creating a healthier, richer, emotionally freer future.

  • I really like how this book walks through each exercise slow and easy. I use her "It Won't Happen to Me" book alot with my clients and this workbook is a good addition

  • I completed this workbook 20 years ago and found it very helpful. I've since given it to numerous people who also attest to it's benefits.

  • Love this book

  • Great book for healing past traumas

  • this is a workbook that can be written in for many years and just revisited and rejournaled in to see or monitor growth