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ePub The Complete Idiot's Guide to Power Yoga download
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Series: The Complete Idiot's Guide.

The Complete Idiot's Guides is a product line of how-to and other reference books published by Dorling Kindersley (DK) that each seek to provide a basic understanding of a complex and popular topic. The term "idiot" is used as hyperbole in claiming ensured comprehension. The approach relies on explaining a topic via very basic terminology. Definitions of words, profiles of people, and a synopsis of events for context are also provided in many cases.

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Автор: Complete Idiot& Guide Название: Power Yoga Издательство: Penguin . This book includes all the invaluable information from The Complete.

Автор: Complete Idiot& Guide Название: Power Yoga Издательство: Penguin Books Ltd Классификация: Семья и здоровье ISBN: 0028631889 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780028631882 ISBN: 0-02-863188-9 ISBN-13(EAN): 978-0-02-863188-2 Серия: Health - Fitness & Diet Поставляется из: Англии.

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  • Get it. Can't beat this deal. No BS just plain Hatha w/some new spins. No Spirituality required. Meat and potatoes.

  • Simple and great

  • This is an appropriate manual for anyone looking to improve their physical and emotional well-being. However, for the serious Hatha Yoga practioner or beginning student, it is somewhat misleading. There's scant information here about the different types and contexts of the Yogas. Chakras are discussed in some detail. Yet here Geo uses his "personal system" to describe the different energy centers and substitutes there traditional names for those of colors e.g. "Red", "Orange" etc.
    Likewise he needlessly renames some of the classic Yoga postures themselves. The "Corpse" pose is now the "Relaxation" pose and the "Plank" is rechristened as the "Board".

    Yoga is primarily consists of static isometric forms of postures. In this way the muscles in the body are toned and strengthened gently, in contrast to Western type exercises such as press-ups or weight lifting, where the vigorous repetitions of the exercise break down the muscle fibers in order to achieve the supposedly desireable "sculpted" look. Such physical practice is diametrically opposed to the Yogic concept of non-violence which is applied to all aspects of ones life, which includes the abstienence of these types of exercise. For this reason I was quite bewildered to find such movements as "Eagle Crunches" in Chapter 19. For a better understanding of Yoga, it's practice and philosophy I highly recommend the exhaustive "Idiots Guide To Yoga" or the James Hewitts more erudite "The Complete Yoga Book", wherein the subject is explored in great deepth.

    Still, this book contains a number of redeeming features which can't be ignored. The writing is clear and straight-forward throughout. At times it's almost like having your own fitness instructor at home with you- at only a fraction of the price!
    Each posture is well explained and illustrated so there can be no confusion as to their execution. The exercises are also helpfuly ascribed an individual "Difficulty Level" rating between 1 and 5 ,so the reader knows exactly what their letting themselves in for. Also included are valuable Chapters on meditation and breathing.

    "Geo's Power Fitness" might have been a better suited name for this books highly individualized health system. As it stands "Power Yoga" somehow doesn't suffice. The "Power" part I can understand, theres no doubt that Geo's techniques will revitalize and bring physical and mental strength to all those whom use them. Yet whether or not we can realistically term them
    as "Yoga" is arguable.

  • Power yoga is great for Americans, especially those who are used to more aerobic workouts and especially for those like me, who have bodies naturally inclined toward strength training and not toward flexibility. Don't get me wrong---you get plenty of flexibility poses with Power Yoga---there are still poses I can't do yet---but there's none of that head under the legs, kissing your back kind of flexibility in Power Yoga. Warrior poses to develop leg strength are essential to this style, as well as some challenging balancing poses. If this sound's like your kind of thing, Geo's book is excellent and provides more info than many other power yoga books. Good luck with your training and Namaste!

  • My girlfriend Lesa and I not only have autographed copies of Geo's book we get to practice power yoga with him twice a week at The Newport Workout, located in Newport Beach, California. The studio setting -- consisting of wood floors( great for sticky mats) is set at a temperature of 80 degrees. The session is an hour and a half. Our warm-up is 5-10 minutes, then goes into 60 various poses, including warrior, angle, crow, camel, splits, headstands, handstands, khatarangas (125), push-ups(250)and up & down dogs. The last fifteen minutes is a cool-down, by which Geo's inimitabe voice soothes us into a calm, tranquil state of mind, body and spirit. We strongly recommend Geo's book and yoga into your own lifestyle for peace-of-mind, heart, body and soul.

  • This book is full of information benefitting the novice as well as the expert.Geo shares his 25 years of experience on all aspects of yoga including meditation and chakras. It will capture your interest from beginning to end!