» » Wanting More: Challenge of Enjoyment in the Age of Addiction

ePub Wanting More: Challenge of Enjoyment in the Age of Addiction download

by Ph.D. Chamberlain Mark

ePub Wanting More: Challenge of Enjoyment in the Age of Addiction download
Ph.D. Chamberlain Mark
Shadow Mountain (October 1, 2000)
Psychology & Counseling
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This is a book about overcoming addictions and learning to appreciate and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • I have read this book multiple times over the years. As time progresses it becomes more and more applicable to our society and our situation. It is one of those books that has ideas that you want to keep fresh in your mind. Embracing Mark's perceptions of life allows me to see the abundance that is all around me and helps me develop appreciation of and gratitude for this abundance. WANTING MORE has had such an impact on my life that I have purchased and given over a dozen copies to my friends and family members.

  • Dr. Chamberlain combines resources of academic research, well established inspirational writers and anecdotes of his own life and the life of his patients to create a simple, logical and convincing view of the dangers of our self-indulgent culture. His work shows how addictions affect all of us. He then shows how simple it is to reverse the trends of "more" in our lives.

    If you think you are not part of the addicted society, this book will make you rethink your views. Then you can get on being part of the solution.

  • This is ia powerful book about how our focus on pleasure and entertainment is reducing our joy and enjoyment - and how to get it back.

  • This is one of the top-ten life-changing books for me. It's about how to increase one's happiness by learning to enjoy life more instead of consuming more.

  • I have read this book several times over a few years. I just got through reading it again when I realized my two kids, 6 and 3, were acting demanding and ungrateful. I realized I was indulging them more than I knew and that I had given them too much stuff. As Dr. Chamberlain says, the more people have, the less they seem to appreciate it. So true with my kids! They had so much stuff they didn't really care about any of it! I took about 80% of their stuff and put it in storage and they are enjoying their toys and books and taking care of their clothes. Best of all, they spending more time playing together and they are so much happier! Yesterday they were outside "picking up stuff" and it was "so much fun." They were picking weeds and putting them in pots and pretending they were making salad and chicken noodle soup! And it was "so much fun"!? Another huge bonus: I've spent less time on housework than ever, and I love it! In a lot of cases, less really is more. I love how this book addresses the topic of desensitization and dissatisfaction in the midst of abundance. I love how he invites people to wake up to the beauty and abundance is everyday life. Highly recommended!

  • I am a proffesional counselor with eight years experience. I have worked with addictions from weight loss to abuse and find this book a very clean and balanced presentation. This book summarizes what I want everyone to learn and understand about the choices we all make and the thoughts that we struggle with as human beings. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a better understanding of themselves and others. I also have had a chance to meet the author and found him to be authentic and caring.

  • In his book, Wanting More, author and psychologist Mark Chamberlain explores two interesting paradoxes. The first paradox described by Chamberlain asserts, "Increasing the intensity of stimulation in our lives can actually spoil our capacity for enjoyment." The second paradox is intrinsically tied to the first, and states, "Tolerating less stimulation in our lives can actually increase our pleasure." In addition, Chamberlain explains how immediate gratification and excessive indulgence quickly damage and overload the human psyche, numbing the ability to experience pleasure and joy. He then fills his book with wise and hopeful suggestions designed to help the reader end their quest in search of ever increasing intensity and instead, learn to more fully appreciate and therefore truly enjoy life.

    I highly recommend this book to others and bought several additional copies to give as gifts to my friends. Chamberlain offers practical solutions and sound advice on how to truly experience a fulfilling and joyful life.

  • I'm a college student. I'll say that I'm highly satisfied with life, but am always looking for more enjoyment (note: not stimulation :-)). I find that I have my little additctions / over stimulations that really do rob me from enjoying life fully. This book is awesome. Generally speaking it's concise, illustritive (sp), and enjoyable to read. Buy it now.