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by Eric Sloane

ePub Museum of Early American Tools download
Eric Sloane
Ballantine Books (1974)
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A Museum of Early America. has been added to your Cart. This book contains a wealth of information that is extremely helpful to an aspiring woodworker, as well as someone interested in the historical values of such tools.

A Museum of Early America. The illustrations are very well done and the text does a good job explaining how each tool was used. I greatly recommend this.

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The books of Eric Sloane celebrate the time-honored traditions of early America and remind us of the ties that forever bind us to them. A prolific artist, Sloane created nearly 15,000 paintings and drawings over his lifetime, many of which enhance his delightful books of bygone days. Библиографические данные. A Museum of Early American Tools. Издание: иллюстрированное, перепечатанное.

Early American tools were very practical but limited in functionality

Early American tools were very practical but limited in functionality. They were employed for a specific job, and didn't have many applications beyond that task. In this case, the tools that the Colonists of the US used, about mid 1700's to early 1800's. Sloane also notes the quality of tools and how every individual imbued variations in crafting (both in tools and the mediu It is entertaining reading through Eric Sloane's written and artistic survey of these tools in clear, accurate, detail (such as diagrams of use, cutaways, or ghost-outline showing how long handles could range between).

Eric Sloane (born Everard Jean Hinrichs) (27 February 1905 – 5 March 1985) was an American landscape painter, illustrator, and author of illustrated books on the cultural history and folklore of America. Eric Sloane was born in New York. As a child, he was a neighbor of noted sign painter and type designer Frederick W. Goudy. Sloane studied art and lettering with Goudy.

Eric Sloane's love for wood and tools to fashion wood spills out in this abundantly illustrated book. com User, October 20, 2018 Verified Purchase. I just received my 1974 ex-library copy of A Museum of Early American Tools. I love this book! It is obvious that Mr. Sloane had both a deep understanding and a heartfelt reverence for our American history, the implements that were such an integral part of it, and the ingenious craftsmen who designed and fabricated them. Our early history is indeed told most eloquently by the tools our ancestors devised.

Books by eric sloane.

This sketchbook will long be a "must" on every antiquarian bookshelf, a textbook for the historian, and a handbook for all those who love the EarlyAmerican theme. Sloane gave himself ninety days to do both drawings and text, and the result is spontaneously fresh, informal, direct, and expressive. Books by eric sloane. A B C Book of Early Americana American Bmns and Covered Bridges Ameri.

Автор: Sloane Eric Название: A Museum of Early American Tools Издательство: Dover .

Описание: This anthology of entertaining tales features the works of early American authors such as Benjamin Franklin and stories by 20th-century writers, including Dorothy Parker, Langston Hughes, and James Thurber. Additional contributors include Edgar Allan Poe, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Herman Melville, Bret Harte, Mark Twain, James Branch Cabell, and others.

Venture back into the handmade world of apple butter paddles, hay forks, and other traditional implements with this fascinating and charmingly illustrated book.

this sketchbook is dedicasted to the unrecorded pioneer Americans whos fashioned their own tools.
  • This book. This book was a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas. Not only did he read it, he's now read it many times. I've also read it. The book is extremely well written and goes through the history of American craftsmanship and tools. Different ways, in different regions, different woods, etc. This book is perfect for anyone who may have an interest in building their own tools one day, and even if you don't -- it's a beautifully written history of Americans and our evolution as farmers and hard work being done throughout the century. Full of discoveries and lost trades/ideas, I would give this book to anyone and know that I had made a solid choice. Even for someone who wouldn't normally read this kind of book, I found it to be enlightening and fun to read.

  • It's fascinating to see all the clever tools that craftsmen used to use that we don't really see anymore, and it's a shame that many of these tools have been lost to antiquity because they're often superior to the mass-produced contemporary implements we use in modern times. This book contains a wealth of information that is extremely helpful to an aspiring woodworker, as well as someone interested in the historical values of such tools. The illustrations are very well done and the text does a good job explaining how each tool was used. I greatly recommend this.

  • If you love old tools and the folklore that goes with them, get this book! Sloan is tops in his field of both research and artwork. Not only do you get a wealth of information, but also a dose of humor that makes it a delight to read these tomes. There is an old fashioned charm in the country wisdom that Sloan wrote about so well. Something that is sorely missing in a lot of more recent books. I rely on this volume when doing historical artwork when I have to depict a hand tool.

  • Eric Sloane has been dead for some time but his skills in writing and his art live on. I have been a fan of his work for over 40 years, reading his stories time and again. I had this book on my wish list and finally decided it was time to get it. Sloane writes of a culture long gone in America, a culture that made what they needed in order to survive and prosper. It would do us all good to look at that attitude today. He has many titles out there and I am slowly filling the holes in my collection of his works.

  • As a collector, user, and now teacher about old hand tool use, I have enjoyed reading and sharing this book with fellow woodworkers. I especially like the beautiful pen and ink drawings. However, I wish there was more detailed information about these old tools, especial saws and planes. I guess there's just enough information for the average reader who has little knowledge about old tools, but not quite enough for old tool junkies like myself.

  • An excellent reference for the range of historical tools. It is not an exhaustive reference of the range of tools or their variations but it provides a visual example of nearly every class of tool found in the colonial period. It has filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding of colonial industry.

  • This was a great gift for my dad for his 90th birthday! It brings back so many memories for him and he has thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The item was reasonably priced, came quickly, was carefully wrapped and in great condition.

  • Very helpful for those curious about the past. Nice detailed drawings of the tools. Who knew that there were so many specific tools for so many different jobs.