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by Barry Fell

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Barry Fell
Times Books; 1st edition (July 1980)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Maintains that complex, advanced societies flourished here before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and uses coins.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

In Saga America, however, Dr. Fell, with considerable hard evidence, tells us that pre-Columbian America was . An extremely interesting read. Dr. Barry Fell brings out several good points to consider in this book as well as strong evidence with which to engage the reader. Fell, with considerable hard evidence, tells us that pre-Columbian America was continuously and intensively settle by Europeans and North Africans Saga America will astound yo. .A Startling New Theory on the Old World Settlement of America-Before Columbus. Fells claims that Europeans visited the Western Hemisphere long before Columbus. May 06, 2017 Michael Anderson rated it it was ok.

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I am trying to find copies of Saga America and Bronze Age America, having purchased America . It isn't politically correct writing that he did, but it was all true.

Barry Fell (born Howard Barraclough Fell) (June 6, 1917 – April 21, 1994) was a professor of invertebrate zoology at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology.

What do they say? Barry Fell declares that about 3,000 years ago bands of.Professor Fell's assertion that there is Ogam writing in Spain and Portugal and that it was taken by the megalith builders from Iberia to America is not true.

What do they say? Barry Fell declares that about 3,000 years ago bands of roving Celtic mariners crossed the Atlantic to discover and colonize North America - they came from Spain and Portugal by way of the Canary Islands. They built temples and stone circles and cut Ogam inscriptions and set up giant phalluses. There are no authentic Ogam inscriptions outside the British Isles; the megalith builders of Western Europe were not Celts.

Bibliographic Details. Title: Saga America: A Startling New Theory on the.

ISBN 10: 0812963245, ISBN 13: 9780812963243. Published by Times Books, New York, NY, 1983. From Black Cat Hill Books (Oregon City, OR, . Price: US$ 3. 0 Convert Currency. Bibliographic Details. Publisher: Times Books, New York, NY. Publication Date: 1983.

Barry Fell: Saga America. New York: Times Books, 1980. 425 p. approximately 315 pls. and maps; numerous tables. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 02 January 2015. Export citation Request permission.

Book by Fell, Barry
  • among the important books that i stockpile in case civilization as we know it collapses. at least i am not as crazy as my mother who stockpiled steel Chinese checker boards, pogo sticks and violins under her bed. i have filing cabinets full of important books such as this one under my bed.

    it you do not know Barry Fell's work begin with reading America BC, but don't wait to buy this and Bronze Age America, because by the time you need then i may have got them all.

    as an example of the wisdom you gain from these books, i got some petroglyph books by the best known 'mainstream' scientists, and found they had air brushed out the ogam messages in some important rock panel representations as 'grafitti', and guessed at what the more interesting looking inscriptions meant, missing the actual meaning that is relevant information to the lives of the people who did the inscriptions.

    so the whole science of the inscriptions is being taught to the people as a lot of Ancient people who had nothing to do but lie around an doodle, and i sometimes seem like the only one who knows what they thought was important enough to record, and have no one to talk to about it

    if only i could find an age appropriate man who has read these books and owns a backhoe.

  • I had read Dr. Fell's first book, America B.C., and so I was anxious to continue the fabulous information. This book is NOT a is full of valuable information. There are so many illustrations. Some of the information may eventually be proven not accurate, but it is the best information on previously unrecognized civilizations and colonizations in North America that I have come across. Dr. Barry Fell was such a learned man. What a great loss when he died prematurely. My only problem here was that the used book I purchased has fallen apart. It arrived in good condition, but must have never been read before and must have been stored in a hot area. It was so dried out that once I cracked it open the spine broke and many groups of pages fell out...I am going to to see a repair for it, as I really value the book. I ahve wanted it for a long time and I wish to own it for a while still.

  • Saga America is volume 2 of the groundbreaking series by Barry Fell that introduced thousands to possible pre-columbus voyages to America. People opposed to that idea often sling mud at Fell, but he is no fringe writer. He was a respected scholar who earned the support of many other scholars (his critics fail to mention this). As Fell points out, many blantly ignored accounts and artifacts of Vikings right up until ruins were found in Canada. Afterwards, they still clung to "no one before Columbus except a few wayward Vikings." Decades later, the opposition to Fell and others like him is not as great as people see the pre-1492 Americas as an ancient and sophisticated world. Sure, some of the book is dated, but this is still a classic in the field. Maybe not every one of his translations is perfect, but what about the rest? Hopefully someone will reprint Fell's books. See also Vikings in America,1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus,1421: The Year China Discovered America,America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World,The Island of Seven Cities: Where the Chinese Settled When They Discovered America &Columbus Was Last: From 200,000 BC to 1492, A Heretical History of Who Was First.

  • Great Book. Dr. Fell has numerous examples of pre-Columbus visitors and settlers to North America evidenced by writing in various places on stones and other artifacts.

  • This great piece of literature conveniently went missing off of Temple University's library shelves. The true history of the Weatern Hemisphere, particularly North America is of tremendous import and is contrary to what the vast majority of people are brainwashed to believe. Much respect to Barry Fell for bringing to light some powerful and highly useful information pertaining to history of North Gate territory and the Western Hemisphere at large. I recommend his other book America B.C.

  • Excellent for the genre. Incredibly well researched and documented.

  • discoveries etched in stone of the historical migrations of peoples in north america, hidden from the masses, but revealed in its own time

  • I thought it was great I really like this author too bad he only wrote three books I haven't read the third one yet but hope too