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by Nicholas Gage

ePub Eleni (Panther) download
Nicholas Gage
Vintage Uk (February 28, 1997)
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Nicholas Gage joined his father in Massachusetts at the age of nine and grew up to become a top New York Times investigative reporter, honing his skills with one thought in mind: to return to Greece and uncover the one story he cared about most: the story of his mother. Eleni takes you into the heart a village destroyed in the name of ideals and into the soul of a truly heroic woman.

by. Nicholas Gage (Author).

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Hardcover with dust jacket.

Hardcover with dust jacket.

Nicholas Gage (born Nikolaos Gatzoyiannis; Greek: Νίκόλαος Γκατζογιάννης; July 23, 1939) is a Greek-born American author and investigative journalist. Gage was born in the village of Lia in Filiates, Thesprotia, Epirus, Greece

Nicholas Gage (born Nikolaos Gatzoyiannis; Greek: Νίκόλαος Γκατζογιάννης; July 23, 1939) is a Greek-born American author and investigative journalist. Gage was born in the village of Lia in Filiates, Thesprotia, Epirus, Greece. He is most known for two books of autobiographical memoirs, the best-selling Eleni (1983) and A Place for Us (1989)

By (author) Nicholas Cage.

By (author) Nicholas Cage.

A devoted and brilliant achievement. The best book I ever read! By Thriftbooks. com User, January 2, 2006. Before 4 years i read this book, and till then I can't forget it. I visit the place where Eleni lived and died, I talked with people who met Eleni, or their childrens. Reading this book, I had in my mind my own village, where same stories were happened. I could wright more and more for this lovevly book, but my english aren't good and i don't want to anoy you.

  • Very intimate and engaging story that leaves no room for anything short of applause.

    Gage's non fiction work does read like fiction (engaging/engrossing/emotional), yet it is pure non-fiction and supported by exhaustive investigative journalism. Where the book could have been dry, his research and writing brings the characters alive and while you know Eleni's fate early on, you could not help but continue to read the book and admire her resolve and dedication in saving her family.

    Gage wisely omits his opinions/thoughts throughout most of the book, only interjecting when necessary.

    Unlike many seemingly similar immigrant stories, Gage makes the story accessible to all. You are not at all required to understand Greek culture to enjoy this book, although you may be inclined to afterwards. He provides the appropriate historical context and touches on universal topics as he tells his mother's story--family first, human perseverance, unfairness, loss and acceptance.

  • I have been meaning to read this book for years, knowing it would be a difficult story for me to absorb - one that would not be forgotten. I am a Greek American, whose Yiayia and Papou emigrated to the U.S. around 1920. Although I may have relatives in Greece that were affected by the violence of WWII and the Greek Civil War, I do not have personal knowledge of any. Read this book, and you will suffer with the Gatzoyiannis family. It gave me an insight into some of the customs practiced by my grandparents, my US-born father (to a lesser extent), and our Greek Orthodox church community. This story of Greek against Greek (Communists versus Nationalists), which continued to rage after WWII was over, is horrifying to those of us proud of our heritage. Nick Gage (born Nikoloas Gatzoyiannis) painstakingly reconstructed the history and events leading up to his escape from the Communist-occupied town of Lia, along with his sisters, as well as the execution of his mother (who instigated their escape to safety). It is a wrenching story of love, unfathomable hardship, and betrayal.

  • Read this book many years ago and it was a heart rending story.. lost my original and plan to read this story again. just shows how politics affects all our lives and all too often in negative ways.. not to mention gossiping, jealous people.. Nicholas did a wonderful job in showing the world just what an amazing person his mother, Eleni was.. It never ends, just look at what is happening in the middle east right now, and all the suffering the innocents have to endure!! But this is and will be a neverending story, it is unfortunately, human beings..

  • This book is written for the most ordinary person and by the most extraordinary man. It is a compelling story presented in a way that resonates with a broad audience. Above all else it is story telling at it's finest. Be prepared to be convicted in a way that challenges your assumptions about how we often make our decisions and form our opinions. This book is informative as any historical accounting should be but it really makes one look at the human spirit and sense of mission and duty. The topic of genocide does not interest a lot of people but as presented here it should. An Ordinary Man is a cautionary tale and it reminds me of how important it is to live consciously. It portrays people in the ugliest way but through this author it validates the strength and beauty of the human spirit.

  • This book is so powerful! I have only gotten into the first 100 pages and am going crazy to find time to continue reading! The history is very accurate.

  • This had me on edge from the moment I picked up this book. What a story of life and the pursuit of justice.

  • An extremely detailed, lengthy report of the life and death struggles of the author's mother and villagers in a small, communist occupied Greek mountain town. While a tremendous credit to his mother, I nearly set it aside. The last 100 pages made it all worthwhile.

  • I actually bought this for a friend of mine. Her family & my family are from the same area where this true story happened & it gave us an interesting point of view for the history of Northern area Greece (otherwise known as Macedonia).