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ePub Dollhouse Accessories; How to Design and Make Them, download

by Margaret B. Duda

ePub Dollhouse Accessories; How to Design and Make Them, download
Margaret B. Duda
Oak Tree Pubns; New edition edition (January 1, 1977)
Crafts & Hobbies
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Dust jacket notes: Like dollhouses, the earliest miniature shops were built for the wealthy. Today, they are within the reach of anyone who loves miniatures and wants to own a shop that reflects a certain period in time.

Dust jacket notes: Like dollhouses, the earliest miniature shops were built for the wealthy. Finished shops are still expensive, but with the help of this book, a hobbyist can turn inexpensive materials into miniature reproductions of shops from the past. More than 150 photographs accompany the simple instructions.

Miniature Shops: How to Design and Make Them.

Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Miniature Shops: How to Design and Make Them.

Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780498015571.

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ISBN 13: 9780498015571.

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Collection of projects for dollhouse accessories
  • If self-publishing existed in 1975, I would say that's what the author did for this book. No one in their right mind would publish this book today. The pictures are mostly black and white, but the ones in color only show how shoddy the work is.

    I hope I am not being a dollhouse snob here, but most of the projects in this book are laughable at best, and cringeworthy at worst. My lip actually involuntarily curled as I was thumbing through it for the first time. An example of what you'll be able to make after purchasing this book:

    1. Log pile... cut a bunch of sticks to fit your fireplace and glue them together so they don't roll around. Find a plastic squirrel to glue on top and "dress up" (actual wording) your log pile. You can also add a plastic ax from one of the toy gumball machines.
    2. Toilet paper roll... take a push-pin and wrap a rectangular square of paper around in, glueing in place. Voila! Push it into the wall and you have a homemade toilet paper roll!
    3. Another gem: Take a cupcake topper that's the shape of a pumpkin, break off the toothpick part and use it as a trick or treat bag for your miniature people.

    Note: I am not making these up. These are actual "projects" listed in the book.

    While I do admire the author's obvious care and consideration in growing the imaginations of her small children, this is not the sort of book that anyone with any experience in miniatures whatsoever will be able to glean much from.

    Ugh. Moral of the story: buy it for someone that is 5 and doesn't care about aesthetics, or save your money (I wish I had).

  • This book is out dated. Too old!
    Very disappointed.

  • This book is a classic, filled with home-spun crafty ideas for do-it-yourself dollhouse accessories. The author's dollhouse is a labor of love and has a beautiful picture of her daughter playing with it. I love the black-and-white photographs and the author's creativity in making the toys. The book was written in 1975 and definitely has a vintage feel to it. The author tells us that the first dollhouse in history was made for Bavarian royalty in 1558. For those who can't afford to spend a lot of money on their dollhouse and want to engage in creative projects with or without their children, this book is a gem.