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by John Patrick

ePub John Patrick's Advanced Blackjack download
John Patrick
Lyle Stuart (June 1, 2000)
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This is the first John Patrick book I have read and I think his system is great. I have read other books on blackjack and they make sense as well but they make it far too complicated to actually remember while you are sitting at a BJ table.

This is the first John Patrick book I have read and I think his system is great. Do you honestly think you can keep 3 or 4 different counts at a table? Not a chance!

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John Patrick's Advanced Blackjack book.

A few years ago John Patrick published a well-received book for beginning blackjack players. Offers advanced blackjack players advice on strategy and money management, and explains the technique of card counting.

John Patrick is the biggest name in casino gambling today. By mastering John's four pillars of gambling success - Bankroll, Knowledge of the Game, Discipline and Money Management - players can dramatically improve their odds of walking out of the casino ahead. John Patrick is the biggest name in casino gambling today.

Автор: Patrick, John Название: John Patrick& Blackjack (Kpd) Издательство: Random House (USA) .

Описание: "Books are often described as 'mind-blowing, ' but this is one of the few books in which, while reading it, I have exclaimed aloud, 'Oh. My. Go. on multiple occasions. I won't tell you anything else about it.

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Offers advanced blackjack players advice on strategy and money management, and explains the technique of card counting
  • Nothing advanced in the book. Outdated info for todays game. Web surfing provides more dated info.

  • John Patrick knows blackjack

  • Dad loves these as tips to take to Vegas !!!

  • I get the feeling that Patrick is a shill for the casinos. Anyone who derides strategies developed with the use of statistics as a base, and relies on hunches, as he appears to do, has no business advising others on how to play this game. His discussion of avoiding doubling down against the dealer's 'power cards' is utterly ridiculous. The player who does so gives up a necessary advantage against the house in favor of 'not losing twice as much in case his eleven is hit with a low card'. This is ridiculous logic, since, in the long run, the player will come out ahead by doubling according to basic strategy. Patrick is assuming that the worst will happen if you double against a ten or nine. It could, but then aren't we gambling? As long as statistics prove that the double-down is favorable to the player, one should not shy away from it. Read my book "The Ultimate Blackjack Book" (Ed Early) to see the percentage advantage to doubling. I have often seen players who use the Patrick strategy in their play. They are to be pitied.

  • Boy, is this Patrick guy bad. In fact, he is quite well-known now for his bad blackjack advice. The problem is, he writes in a style that sounds convincing and "common sense".
    People, you cannot use "common sense" in blackjack. Some of Patrick's plays are just plain wrong. These plays cannot be judged right or wrong because you happen to win some hands by playing that way. There are HUGE variances in blackjack, and any play or money management system can win in the short term. The only way to know if a play is correct, in terms of probability and long term winning percentage, is by mathematical proof or large computer simulations. Otherwise, you're just wishing it to be true. There's a very good reason casinos make billions of dollars every year. Patrick's book does 2 things
    1) makes him money
    2) ensures that the casinos stay in business so he can make more money selling more blackjack books.
    Is everything in this book wrong? No, most of it is right. But why buy a book like this when there are many more that get it ALL right? Read Wong, or Schlesinger, or Griffin, or Uston, or other proven authors. It really doesn't matter how easy this book is to read if it gives bad plays. And it doesn't matter that you went into the casino and won using Patrick's methods, because in this game your experience is too short to count as valid and meaningful in terms of probability. If you don't understand that, there's no hope for you anyway.
    Can you explain why you are more likely to get a blackjack with 1 deck than 6? Do you understand why preferential shuffling can hurt you? Do you understand why you should hit your 16 against the dealer's 7, even though you will probably lose the hand? If you understand all that, then you sure don't need this book. If you don't, then go find another book that explains the REAL fundamentals of blackjack. Anyone can win at blackjack - even total idiots - in the short term. Only a few actually play the game with a mathematical advantage though.

  • For all the people that gave this book a negative review, they definitely did not get his style of writing. Not once does he ever mention playing hunches which one reader wrote. Also, he never mentions "playing with the casinos money" as someone else wrote. Once you win that money it's your money. The casino doesn't say they're playing with your money when they win.
    I have been winning consistently for many years using John Patrick's methods. I have become an emotionless robot when I play. Every move I make is pre-determined (no hunches) and every bet I make is pre-determined. It may not be as much fun playing the game, but the three hour ride home is great knowing how much more money is in my pocket.
    He is the only author to say you don't always have to split Aces and Eights. I have read the other reviewers talking about computers and statistics. My degree in finance has me familiar with both, but it was only John Patrick's common sense explanations that stopped me from getting burnt anymore playing those hands. How many times have you split these hands only to get killed? But, it was the thing that you were "supposed to do". He makes you look at why you should be making moves in a logical sense, not because the computer said that you should and that's the way it has been handed down.
    In conclusion, I can only say that this book has totally changed the way I look at blackjack and has definitely made me a winner, sometimes in less than twenty minutes. If you are open to new methods and want to win consistently, then read this book. If you are closed minded, need computer print-outs and statistics, or just don't feel that you will ever have the dicipline to be a winner, then don't read this book.