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ePub Brain Games® #1: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day download

by Editors of Publications International

ePub Brain Games® #1: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day download
Editors of Publications International
Publications International, Ltd.; Spi edition (December 15, 2007)
Puzzles & Games
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For almost 20 years, Publications International Ltd (PIL) has been the go-to name for puzzle book and magazines, Brain Games®, that are both entertaining and mind building.

For almost 20 years, Publications International Ltd (PIL) has been the go-to name for puzzle book and magazines, Brain Games®, that are both entertaining and mind building. Based on the recognized science that games train your brain to think quickly and creatively, BG puzzles cover all bases: logic, word puzzles, cognition, spot the difference, and more.

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Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!, also known as Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? in PAL regions, and Daily DS Brain Training in South Korea, is an entertainment puzzle video game. It was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo has stated that it is an "entertainment product 'inspired' by Ryuta Kawashima's work in the neurosciences.

Brain Games Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day (Brain Games (Numbered)) Brain Games 3 Memory Reasoning Creative Thinking And More Category: Games & Activities Learning Materials Critical Thinking. Puzzle Books - Terry Stickels, Creator of Frame Games & Stickelers Puzzles - Featured in USA Weekend Magazine.

One-Minute Mysteries and Brain Teasers for Brain Exercise - Alzheimers Support. It's well known that even a little exercise is good for over all health.

The mental challenges and puzzles in Brain Games get more difficult as you work through the book, and self-assessment quizzes help you gauge your progress. The book additionally includes helpful information about brain fitness overall, as well as tips on getting the most out of the puzzles. Published by Publications International, Ltd.

This is the first book in the popular Brain Games® Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day series, which was developed to help people increase their memory, sharpen their reasoning, and expand their creative thinking. Working the puzzles in this book can provide a vigorous mental workout for virtually everyone from teenagers to senior citizens.The book is divided into five sections of puzzles, each progressively more difficult. Self-assessment questionnaires help you gauge your progress, and solutions to all the puzzles are provided in the final section of the book. Like physical exercise, mental exercise needs to be varied for optimal results, and Brain Games® #1 challenges you with puzzles of every type:* Anagrams * Crosswords * Cryptograms * Drawing Exercises * Language Puzzles * Logic Puzzles * Math Puzzles * Mazes * Memory * Observation and Perspective Puzzles * Sequencing * Visual Logic Puzzles * Word SearchesBrain Games: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day was developed in consultation with Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist who created the Cognitive Enhancement Program, a fitness center for the brain. Mr. Goldberg is the author of The Wisdom Paradox: How Your Mind Can Grow Stronger as Your Brain Grows Older.
  • I bought this book with my husband’s account. There are already a lot of reviews so this will probably get lost in the mayhem, but I would like to share what I wish more book sellers would ‘show and tell’ about their puzzle books, such as pictures of random pages and how many of each puzzle type is in the book so you can make sure you do not end up with a ‘variety book’ filled with a hundred crosswords and only a handful of the more interesting ‘outside the box’ puzzles.

    With my rough count, there are about 215 puzzles in the entire book, which is about 170 pages. There are about 7 memory puzzles, 12 crosswords, 13 cryptograms, 13 mazes, 13 sudoku puzzles, 14 mathematical puzzles, 18 word searches, and a vast selection of other interesting puzzles.

    Overall, I think this is a wonderful book with a true assortment of fun puzzles that range from easier to harder as you go along. The spiral binding is a definite plus as you don’t have to worry about holding open the book or folding back the pages to keep it open. The book also has a clear and large font on big pages. I recommend this book to anyone who loves pencil and paper puzzles, especially fans who are looking for some more challenging puzzles.

  • This is a great book. The puzzles randomly span almost every facet of mental challenges, some incredibly easy for me, & some distressingly hard for me. Starting with ink (confident me!) I quickly switch to pencil with a good eraser & a separate pad of paper to work those puzzles that were/are more challenging. I've now found a great birthday & Christmas gift for my like-minded kids & grand kids.

  • We’ve been doing soduku for a few years and I needed a change. Enjoying this book! Crosswords are challenging but doable. Some of them, like the cryptograms, well, that’s just not for me I guess. I have no idea where to start. Other number puzzles and easy and different from soduku and I like them. All in all, great book!

  • The Truth: At 86 years of age, I became aware of a decreasing vocabulary as I was no longer employed in a business requiring me to converse with many people daily. The games in this book required me to be actively engaged in solving problems using a varied vocabulary. Whether I lowered my brain age, I couldn't say. However, I do know I can "find" a needed word more easily now after the exercises. The games made it fun to reacquire my conversational skills.

  • The variety of activities included in this book is wonderful! They range from sudoku, crosswords, word search, encryptions, and lots of other puzzles. It also has different levels of ease or difficulty.

    I only have one game downloaded into my phone, so when I am trying to save the battery on my phone, I like to use this activity book. It is very relaxing and it passes time enjoyably. I will definitely keep buying...and maybe buy for the parents to keep their minds active.

  • Good variety of challenges. It is getting me addicted to a daily brain game challenge. Many hours of passing time at Starbucks. I have found a couple of author errors. One thing that is irritating a little bit is the fact that some answers are so "out there" that no one could answer them regardless of intelligence. Since not being able to know what the author intended you are forced to peak an answer every now and then to continue to completion. At least the book does have the solutions so you can keep going if stuck. There was really only one I did not get and I still can't get it, even knowing the answer. This is a very good activity for us older blokes. I had to ask a few ladies for an answer and it was a real conversation generator too. They both went to buy one. Do I get a commission?

  • I got this recovering from a massive stroke (41 yrs old). At the time I couldn't speak or move my right side. I used this as a way to make my brain function again. It was helpful.

  • This book not only informs a person about brain health and how to improve it. It then tests for what level one in at and is chock full of exercises to help lower our brain age in minutes a day. The exercises vary with emphases on knowledge, attention, planning, spatial reasoning, computation, logic, visual search etc. It's the most beneficial book I owen. I'm presently working on the exercises which keep getting more and more challenging. when finished, I'll be looking for a sequel or other books by Elkhonon Goldberg, PH.D.