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ePub Beginners Best Shot at Video Poker download

by Bob Maxwell

ePub Beginners Best Shot at Video Poker download
Bob Maxwell
KayLine Products (1995)
Puzzles & Games
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"Beginners BEST SHOT at VIDEO POKER" is a 96 page paperback with two color poker hand illustrations. The book focuses on Jacks or Better video poker because this is the most popular of the various video poker game variations and can be found just about anywhere these machines are offered. Accurate and effective winning strategies are presented in a simple and easy to understand format that is not only valuable to experience poker players, but also to newcomers to draw poker with no playing experience at all. Included in the book is a brief history of poker, how Jacks or Better five card draw poker is played and the differences between draw poker and video draw poker strategies. For those who are interested, there is a complete explanation of how the best plays to make at the machines are calculated. Along with some interesting observations about casino gambling myths and some common sense advice about casino play in general, the reader is promised a little "secret weapon" that he or she can take to the machines and use while playing. This is actually a simple "crib" sheet about the size of a pack of cigarettes, that the player can use for quick reference as the different draw options present themselves. After a while, the player will have this information memorized. Until that happens, he or she can be playing like an expert right away!
  • Having played the game and read several books on the subject, this is the best. The author shows the best play for all situations in a way that is easy to remember. bd

  • If you are just learning video poker including the basics this might make a nice supplement but I found it to be oversimplified and in desperate need of supplemental reading.