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ePub Criminal Procedure (The Emanuel Law Outlines Series) download

by Steven Knowles,Steven L. Emanuel

ePub Criminal Procedure (The Emanuel Law Outlines Series) download
Steven Knowles,Steven L. Emanuel
Emanuel Pub Corp; Revised edition (October 1998)
Criminal Law
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Emanuel Law Outlines: Criminal Law (The Emanuel Law Outlines Series). I wasn't sure whether I even had all of the class topics in my outline. I wasn't able to find this book in paper format, so I downloaded it as a Kindle book to my iPad.

Emanuel Law Outlines: Criminal Law (The Emanuel Law Outlines Series). I was able to organize my outline and fill in the gaps. I ended up getting an A in the class. Now I wish I had bought an Emanuel outline for torts (I didn't do so well in torts!). It's expensive for an ebook, but then again all law school books are expensive. This is completely worth it.

This book thoroughly outlines criminal law for the United States law student or even a student studying for a Bar exam. I used Understanding Criminal Law when Emanuel and my casebook Criminal Law: Cases and Materials didn't cover the topics well. Can be used at beginning of class studies and afterwards. This references major cases and concepts in criminal law study. I only began using Casenote Legal Briefs Criminal Law: Keyed to Kaplan Weisberg & Binder 6 Ed (Casenote Legal Briefs) near the end and really wished I had used it from the start. Emanuel just didn't cut it like the keyed versions, but Casenote and Understanding got me through.

The Emanuel Criminal Procedure book is comparable to other outlines in this series, as well as others. It is not only all inclusive as far as teaching you everything you need to know about this class, but also has the summary pages that go far in helping you to formulate an accurate outline for the class. The format and organization scheme used in the Crunchtime series is second to none. First off, you get flowcharts for the areas of law most tested on the bar exam and law school exams. For example, you get detailed analysis of Contract Formation issues, Parol Evidence issues, and Mistake issues, just to name a few.

Learn more about Emanuel Series at wklegaledu. Steven L. Emanuel, Bridget M. Fuselier. The Emanuel Law Outlines will not only help you create an outline, but will also help you study for exams. Jessica . 2L Law Student. An ELO ensures that you understand the concepts as you learn them in class and helps you study for exams throughout the semester. Gwendolyn Griffith Lieuallen, Nancy E. Shurtz. Joel William Friedman.

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Steven L. Emanuel is an American attorney who is an author of law school outlines and other law school study aids. Emanuel is a graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School. He was admitted to the bar in the . states of New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts. Steven Emanuel started writing legal study aids to help fellow . candidates while still a law student at Harvard in 1974

Criminal procedure Emanuel law outlines. Emanuel, Steven Knowles.

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Emanuel Law Outlines Criminal Law The Emanuel Law Outlines Series PDF. Angela Sperry.

By (author) Steven Emanuel, Created by Aspen Law & Business. We can notify you when this item is back in stock.

Book by Emanuel, Steven L., Knowles, Steven
  • First and foremost, the fact that this title was available on Kindle made this even more useful than I had originally thought. By using the Kindle for PC app, I was able to keep CrunchTime open on my computer and follow along with the professor's topic for the day during class. CrunchTime boils the topics down to exactly what you need to know for the exam and focuses on the black letter law, making it invaluable not only for exam prep, but also for periodic reviews. Also, the examples they use to illustrate the law are usually condensed versions of cases you're reading for class, which is really helpful in connecting the reading to the rule you're supposed to pull from it. The book is filled with practice questions, both short answer and full-length exams. Also included are some very helpful flowcharts that can really simplify some topics, such as voluntary confessions, that otherwise could have your head spinning for weeks otherwise. Overall, absolutely worth the price, particularly the discounted kindle version.

  • Great that this is available on Kindle - with the huge and numerous law school books available. The crunch time series is organized carefully and with the link system within the kindle book - jumping from section to section based upon the subject of law was easy an fast. This feature is only available in the electronic form. Also was GREAT using the kindle form on my IPAD!

  • My first semester I went without any sort of study aids - huge mistake! After reading the Crunch Time for each topic this semester I felt way better prepared than after having read & briefed every case first semester/attended every class/used outside expert materials/treatises. This series breaks the topic down in plain English & gives you flow charts which make it much easier (for me at least) to understand how to analyze problems on exams!!

  • I bought CrunchTime for any class in law school I felt uncertain in, and I was always very pleased with them. They are obviously no substitute for your class, but if you're worried at the last minute before the exam they do offer a pretty clear overview of the general information you need to pass the final.

  • I have read over some of this book and it is full of interesting information. Good choice for me that is for sure

  • Great review questions based on topic, short questions were helpful for preparing for a multiple choice exam. Would use again.

  • In addition to my previous review regarding the lengh of time it took to get the book, I was sent a used book. When I emailed the seller, it was insulting to be asked how I knew the book was used. Apparently, they checked the book before shipping and considered it "new". Why would they need to check a book that's new? In addition, the book was purchased at St. Thomas Univ., located in the city where I live. I would assume that the book was purchased from a St. Thomas University Law school student so how could it possibly be considered new? Besides that, the hightlights and writing are extremely visible. In all fairness, the seller offered to refund what I paid plus reasonable shipping costs. I am in law school. I work full time. I have a child. Ordering on the internet is easy. Finding time to run to the post office, not so easy. In any event, because I've had the book for awhile now, I'll keep it. So to the seller, even though you did not treat me, as your customer, with any honesty, I will do the right thing and keep the USED book you sent me. Buyer beware!!!

  • These are called "supplements" because they are not textbooks. These supplements bring it down to an easy to read format.Read them before textbooks to get an idea what the lofty editor wants you to learn. Think of them as good Cliff notes for casebooks.