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by Douglas C. Blood,Virginia P. Studdert,John Grandage

ePub Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary download
Douglas C. Blood,Virginia P. Studdert,John Grandage
Saunders Ltd.; 2nd edition (December 15, 1998)
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Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary.

Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary. What Our Readers Are Saying.

See if your friends have read any of Douglas C. Blood's books. Douglas C. Blood, Virginia P. Studdert. Blood’s Followers. None yet. Blood. Blood’s books. This book is really more of an encyclopaedia than a true dictionary in many respects. In addition to definitions of words, there is also a large appendix containing information on laboratory services.

I wholeheartedly recommend this dictionary as a 'must have book' for anyone involved in veterinary medicine. Simultaneous Device Usage: Up to 4 simultaneous devices, per publisher limits. Saunders comprehensive veterinary dictionary. by. Blood, D. C. (Douglas Charles); Studdert, Virginia P; Gay, Clive C. Publication date. Veterinary medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Médecine vétérinaire. Edinburgh ; New York : Elsevier Saunders.

Find nearly any book by John Grandage. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. by Douglas C. Studdert, John Grandage. ISBN 9780702024429 (978-0-7020-2442-9) Hardcover, Saunders Lt. 1998. Find signed collectible books: 'Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary'.

Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary by Douglas C. S.

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Bailliere's Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary. by Virginia P. Studdert and Douglas C. The book has over 52,000 entries with clear definitions and extensive cross-referencing covering small, large and exotic animal information.

Dictionary, Terminology & Encyclopedia. Comprehensive text covering the whole range of veterinary medicine. Classic authoritative reference work

Dictionary, Terminology & Encyclopedia. Categories: Dictionary, Terminology & Encyclopedia. Classic authoritative reference work.

This superb 2nd Edition of the indispensable veterinary dictionary includes 13,000 new entries bringing it right up to date with veterinary medicine today. For veterinary students, it provides a complete professional vocabulary, including all the technical and scientific words they will encounter from the first day of their course onwards. In the veterinary practice, it serves as an invaluable companion and ready source of reference for practitioners, veterinary nurses and technicians, and other members of the practice team. Five further tables have been added to the Appendices of useful laboratory and clinical information.
  • During orientation, we were constantly told that the first semester of vet school was just like learning a whole new language - the language of medicine. This dictionary helped me translate terminology used in anatomy and physiology, in addition to other courses, which I was not familiar with. The soft-cover makes it slightly more portable than the hard-cover version, although it is still a beast of a book to be lugging back and forth from class or the library. In addition to providing excellent definitions, there are a number of useful charts and tables provided, as well as color images to supplement some of the definitions. Having only completed a single semester, I cannot vouch for it's usefulness beyond this point, however, it has already proven to be an extremely valuable resource and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to start.

  • This was a recommended text in my first animal anatomy class at the college level. It's well organized and has a wealth of information that can be used by the novice and experienced alike. One negative is that it doesn't give you pronunciations like a normal dictionary. Luckily that isn't something I need but some people might consider it important. Its as correct as any veterinary or any other subject reference will book is absolutely perfect. I refer to this book more often than my other animal science or veterinary textbooks. It does a great job of breaking terms down so they're easily understood.

  • All types of animal care-takers, pet-owners and professionals, will benefit in having this dictionary in their personal library. The descriptive definitions with images do result in easier comprehensive in all medical terminology for the average person trying to be a better pet-owner and a better person in helping the helpless as best as possible.

  • - I used to have the previous edition of this Dictionary (2nd ed., 1998) and would consult it only sporadically. Now that I purchased the 3rd edition, I usually read at least one definition per day. Call me superficial, but I find this new edition much more appealing!

    - What has changed:
    *Illustrations! You'll find them about once every 5 pages or so. I think the authors should have featured more illustrations/photographs, but the ones you find in the text are not gratuitous (they really give you a better understanding of the definition).
    *On a lighter note, my previous edition was in Portuguese (I am a Brazilian monkey). My present one (3rd ed, 2007) is the original American English version, and I think it reads better. I can only conclude that translating dictionaries is a dangerous task.
    *Superior paper quality (glossy-more suitable for viewing illustrations), pages have a prettier design.
    *Anatomical charts in the appendix are more organized and looking sharper.
    *New definitions (not many, though).

    - I kindly disagree with the user who mentioned Stedman's Medical Dictionary as a better option. Sure, Stedman's definitions are more authoritative, but I took two definitions (namely, abscess and anemia) for comparison and don't think one would be at much loss by going with Saunders Vet Dictionary. Plus, there are many important references to veterinary species in this Dictionary (associating common diseases, breed predispositions etc.), and that is something one will not find in Stedman's.

    - I like this text better than Black's Student Veterinary Dictionary (Black's Veterinary Dictionary). Black's is not a bad Dictionary, in fact many of its definitions are longer (two paragraphs or more) and really comprehensive. However, it's not nearly as complete as Saunders Vet Dictionary (sometimes I can't find very simple terms in Black's, no mention to the more specific definitions which are lacking). Also, I feel there is a tendency in Black's to emphasize large animal species, sometimes not acknowledging the very existence of small animals/zoo species/exotics/myself. The horse illustration on the cover reflects this bias very well.

  • I've not even owned this dictionary for a month, but it already is so constantly out of the book shelf that I don't bother putting it back again after use. It is so helpful to me as a student. I of course use it for looking up unfamiliar terms, but there are also extensive charts listing reference ranges from heart rate and body temperature to chemistry panel results and CBCs, for a wide variety of species. It IS big though; some other reviews have said it's easy to carry because of its small size. I have not found that to be true. It's thick and it's heavy, despite its soft cover, but it IS a dictionary - and a medical one at that - so what do you expect? In all honesty, its large size attests to how thorough its information is. I love this dictionary and I know I will be using it for the rest of my life.

  • Great definitions: very complete, concise, and understandable. Clear diagrams and photos illustrated some definitions. Every word I have looked up has been included. Very helpful tables in the appendix section listing all the muscles, nerves, vessels and more (complete with origin and insertion of each muscle).

    The only frustration I had with this dictionary is that it is HUGE! Other reviews claimed it was handy and portable, but I have to leave it at home since there is no way it will fit in my backpack with my other textbooks and laptop. Dimensions: 9 x 7.5 x 3 inches, about 3-4 lbs.

    Overall, great dictionary, quite large. I've used it almost every day since I got it and would highly recommend it.

  • This book is my constant companion when I am reading something very heavy in veternary terminology. However, it does not show you how to pronounce the words! This peeves me as I am not only trying to learn the meaning of veterinary words but how to say them as well. It also doesn't tell you what part of speech the words are (e.g. noun, verb, adverb etc.) which I wish it did because it would help me learn how to use the words.

  • No pronunciations??!!!??? NOT a dictionary & not very accurate, some of the most familiar info is flawed & inaccurate, how can I trust the rest of it? Total waste of money, definitely DON'T RECOMMEND!