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by Joey Dubuc

ePub Neither Either nor Or download
Joey Dubuc
Conundrum Pr (October 2003)
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4 Neither Joe nor Sam has (got) a car. 5 Brian neither watches TV nor reads newspapers. 6 The film was both boring and long. 7 That man’s name is either Richard or Robert. 8 I’ve got neither the time nor the money to go on holiday. 9 We can leave either today or tomorrow. So was Pat. Both Chris and Pat were late. 2 He didn’t write and he didn’t phone. He neither wrote nor phoned.

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Neither as a determiner. Neither allows us to make a negative statement about two people or things at the same time

Neither as a determiner. Neither allows us to make a negative statement about two people or things at the same time. Neither goes before singular countable nouns. We use it to say ‘not either’ in relation to two things. Neither can be pronounced /ˈnaɪðə(r)/ or /ˈni:ðə(r)/. Neither parent came to meet the teacher. The mother didn’t come and the father didn’t come. When a clause with neither or nor is used after a negative clause, we invert the subject and the verb after neither and nor: He hadn’t done any homework, neither had he brought any of his books to class. We didn’t get to see the castle, nor did we see the cathedral.

Neither Here nor There is a retrospective artbook by the Melvins, which was released in 2004 through Ipecac Recordings to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The book consists of 228 pages of art, photos, essays, stories and liner notes by a variety of contributors including dälek, Camille Rose Garcia, Alex Grey, Tom Hazelmyer, Adam Jones, Frank Kozik, Mackie Osborne, the late Stanisław Szukalski, Greg Werckman and many others. It also contains a band picked best-of CD.

Using Neithe. or in English and Example Sentences; This structure, neithe. or, is used to connect the same kind of. .Neithermy friends nor the bookstore has the book. Neitherthe employees northe boss was at work. or, is used to connect the same kind of word or phrase in the sentence. Neither makes a negative statement about two people or things. Example Sentences; NeitherMark nor his wife is very tall. My sisterneitherdrinks nor smokes.

nor are correlative conjunctions. They connect words, phrases or clauses that are grammatically similar. or to show a choice between two alternatives. For this recipe, I need either two or three cloves of garlic. It was either Alan or Ian who sent the package. You can either stay at home or come with me. I usually brew either tea or coffee. You can have either ice-cream or cake.

I fear neither man nor beast! Jay proclaimed as Frank stared at the python coiled on the branch over his head. Tell us about a disastrous camping trip. Use either/or and neither/nor to establish how much your characters would rather be anywhere but the African savanna/Arctic tundra/Griswold family camping trip.