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by Albert Sydney Hornby,A. P. Cowie

ePub Oxford Advanced Learners English Chinese Dictionary download
Albert Sydney Hornby,A. P. Cowie
Oxford Univ Pr; 4 edition (May 1, 1995)
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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. No other book on my bookshelf is more worn out. I use it all the time

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. I use it all the time. The dictionary has lots of pictures (over 1700) for words that can be explained but for which a picture is much more effective like "hinge". The words have a pronunciation guide with a mark (') showing the main stress.

More by Anthony Paul Cowie. English Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: A History (Oxford Studies in Lexicography and Lexicology). Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary. Anthony Paul Cowie, Wen-Hwa Hwa Zhang. Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English. Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. Ronald Mackin, Anthony Paul Cowie. Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms. Anthony Paul Cowie, Oxford University Press.

Published by Oxford Univ Pr (Sd) (1995). ISBN 10: 0195856031 ISBN 13: 9780195856033.

Albert Sidney Hornby (1898-1978) an English teacher and writer of books for foreign learners of English. He is best known for the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, which was first published in Britain by Oxford University Press in 1948 and is still bought in large numbers by students around the world. He gave money for the Hornby scholarships which pay for teachers from foreign countries to study in Britain. Check pronunciation: A S Hornby.

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Hornby, Albert Sydney. Hornby, Albert Sydney : Published by Berlin : Cornelsen und Oxford Univ. Published by Cornelsen & Oxford Univ. Press 1974 Berlin (1974).

Albert Sidney (or Sydney) Hornby, usually just A. S. Hornby (1898–1978), was an English grammarian . Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. A. P. Cowie, ‘A. Hornby: a Centenary Tribute’, EURALEX'98 Proceedings, 1998. Tribute to AS Hornby by a Former Israeli ESL Student.

Hornby was born in Chester and educated at University College London. In April 1924 he went to Japan to teach English at Oita University (Oita Higher Commercial School at the time).

Hornby, Albert Sydney; Ashby, Michael; Wehmeier, Sally. Oxford : Oxford University Press. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Oxford advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Contributor(s): Hornby, Albert Sydney Cowie, Anthony Paul.

  • First I want to mention that this dictionary is geared towards a Chinese speaker who is learning English and not the other way around.

    I bought this "Extended 4th Edition" (E4E) to replace my mother's old "4th Edition" (4E) copy of the dictionary. This is what I noticed after a cursory look at the new dictiorary:

    - The main section, pages 1 through 1774, are exactly the same in both editions. Word for word. Page for page. Each English word is defined in both English and Chinese. There are some illustrations throughout the dictionary (for example, illustrations of an aircraft, a castle, cricket (game), ladder, etc). And as with all good dictionaries, pronunciation is also given for each entry. And it also notes the American spelling of British words.

    - The new E4E contains new words in a pink section at the end of the book. It is about 100 pages and contains a lot of current terminology.

    - The Appendicies section in the E4E contains four new illustrations: Dining Room; Bedroom; Kitchen; Bathroom and Toilet. All other illustrations are the same in both editions: Trees Common in Britain; Flowering Plants Common in Britain; Wild Animals Common in Britain; Birds Common in Britain; Some Typical British Homes; A Church; A Theatre; Musical Instruments; A Car; A Bicycle; A Motorway Intersection; Maps of the United Kingdom; Furniture; Map of the United States.

    - The other parts of the Appendices are identical in both editions: Irregular Verbs; Punctuation; Numerical Expressions; Weights and Measures; Geographical names; Common Forenames; Family Relationships; Military Ranks; Chemical Elements; SI Units.

    The downside is that this dictionary doesn't contain all English words and it by no means attempts to be an "unabridged" dictionary of the English language. You won't find words such like pericarp or oniochalasia in it. However you will find more commonly used words. And although the definitions for these English words are not exhaustive, they do include the more common definitions or usage of the words. Despite this, I highly recommend this to Chinese speakers who are learning English.

  • It has the English and Chinese translations, and the sentence examples in both English and Chinese. Huge vocabulary. Good for professional translator's reference, and the English learners who want to pursue a higher level. Plus, it is paperback, so it is a little lighter.

  • satisfied, A+

  • great

  • This is an excellent dictionary in many respects; English words are clearly defined in English and the Chinese equivalent is given, and where there is no Chinese equivalent, an explanation in Chinese is given. Also useful are the multitude of examples and usage notes in both English and Chinese.
    The appendices are also valuable: a table of irregular verbs, punctuation, numerical expressions, weights and measures, geographical names, common forenames guides with explanation both in English and Chinese. Also included is a detailed guide of the entries, covering pronunciation, grammar, verb patterns, and more.
    An added bonus is that the traditional forms of the Chinese characters are used, and the pronunciations of headwords is the received pronunciation.
    However, this dictionary is definitely not for learners of Chinese. The title is somewhat misleading in this respect. It is suitable only for Chinese learners of English, not for English speakers learning Chinese.

  • This book is a steal. for $15.00, you get an excellent english to chinese dictionary that not only gives you the chinese word, but defines it in chinese and english. chinese characters are in simplified chinese, wish there was the same version with traditional characters. nonetheless, this dictionary belongs on any shelf.
    don't buy anything from a chinese bookstore when you can can it from amazon or local. I seen this book sell for $55.00 in a chinese bookstore in nyc.