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by Richard Cowen

ePub History of Life, Second Edition download
Richard Cowen
Wiley; 2 edition (October 28, 1994)
Medicine & Health Sciences
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This Book I begin this book with the formation of Earth and the great unsolved problem of the origin of life.

Richard Cowen PhD Professor Emeritus Department of Geology, University of California, Davis, CA, USA. A John Wiley & Sons, Lt. Publication. This Book I begin this book with the formation of Earth and the great unsolved problem of the origin of life. Then I describe an early Earth populated entirely by bacteria, so strange in its chemistry and ecology that it might well be another planet. Eventually, living things so alter their world that we begin to recognize environments and organisms that seem much more familiar.

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History of Life book. This text is aimed at students and anyone interested in the history. Details (if other): Cancel.

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This text is aimed at students and anyone interested in the history of life on our planet. The book's coverage includes geography, climate, atmosphere, ocean, and land (a changing stage) while following interplay between organisms

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Richard Cowen (Author).

In this undergraduate text the author has written an introductory book on the history of life, suitable for short courses and for students with a limited background in science. Based on the author's considerable experience of teaching just such a course, the book is structured as a series of essays on the major events and innovations in the history of life on Earth. Constant reference is made to current studies of ecological and biological principles and how these can be used to interpret the past, with vivid case studies illustrating particular theories and methods
  • Dr Cowen has fashioned this book from instruction materials for his undergraduate biology classes at the University of California Davis. As such it assume the reader has had at least a basic college-level course in one of the life sciences. Even so there is much...really too much.... to absorb for a first time read, but what I liked about his approach was they way he addresses the biological problems and theories to explain many of the important evolutionary leaps that have occurred over the past almost 4 billion years in which life forms of one type or another have existed. Examples are many but include: origin of "life" from lifeless chemicals and their environments.; origin of eukaryotic cells (those with nucleii, internal membranes and organelles) from their prokaryotic (bacterial) predessors; origin of multicelluar lifeforms... of animals and plants of vertebrates, adaptations to survive on land. etc all the way up to the evolution of humanoids and Homo sapiens. Again, the author treats his readership as budding biologists or at least as individuals who are well-read enough in the biological sciences to pick up the threads of his arguments.

    In short, this book has given me much to ponder...and I shall read it again ...and again...and

  • The author knows his stuff, and is one of those often uncommon professors who not only knows his subject 110%, but can present it in a clear, interesting and concise fashion, with numerous diagrams and photographs to illuminate facts. All of the hundreds of illustrations are in B&W, and most are not too large, but they add a lot to the presentation and are carefully selected. No matter how much you have read on the history of life on earth, there will be facts and theories in this book you have not seen before. He covers life from the very beginning, before the Cambrian, and discusses the evolution of both plants and animals, climate zones and how the movement of continents change climate, and the full range of critters: therapsids, diapsids, multituberculates, dicynodonts, etc., along with extinctions, mentioning the possible development of a oxygen depleted Panthalassa ocean (the only ocean at that time as all the continents were fused), a theory of Isozaki (p 99) contributing to the Permian-Triassic mass extinction. I have read many books on evolution and paleontology written at the college level, and this is without a doubt the best overall presentation I have read.

  • If you are taking a Geology class that involves Dinosaurs, Fosils or just The History of life, this is the book for you. It easy to understand and it explains everthing very good. It also helps that it has a lot of tables, pictures and that kind of stuff that helps yo undersntand the concepts better. I highly recomend this book.

  • The author was a former professor, who amused me and taught me a lot, so I'm predisposed to like the book. Delivered as promised, in the condition advertised and on-time.

  • Great Book!

  • This book offers a great timeline of history from the beginning of the planet to modern humans and culture. Obviously, it is nearly impossible to include immense details of every point in the history of the planet, but this book gives a great, general overview of the history of life. Highly recommended for those interested in the history of life on our planet.

  • The only reason why I didn't give it a 5 star is because when I got the book, it had a rental sticker saying I needed to return the book by a certain date. I had to email them to find out that they might have "missed" taking off the sticker and that I have indeed bought the book. Other than that, everything is good, it came on time.

  • This book I bought it for the Humanities General Education class that my son is taken. The book was in excelent conditions and I received the book earlier than the date was promised.