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ePub The Master Terrorist: The True Story of Abu-Nidal (English and Hebrew Edition) download

by Yossi Melman

ePub The Master Terrorist: The True Story of Abu-Nidal (English and Hebrew Edition) download
Yossi Melman
Adama Books; 1st edition (September 1, 1986)
Social Sciences
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Yossi Melman (Hebrew: יוסי מלמן, born December 27, 1950) is an Israeli . The Master Terrorist: The True Story of Abu-Nidal translated by Shmuel Himelstein.

Yossi Melman (Hebrew: יוסי מלמן, born December 27, 1950) is an Israeli writer and journalist  .

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The Master Terrorist book. Terrorists against Arafat? Abu Nidal was an infamous and mysterious Palestinian militant first aligned with the Marxist wing of the PLO factions (he hated religions!).

The Master Terrorist book. Abu Nidal broke away from the PLO in the 80's when Arafat started to make diplomatic moves towards normalization with Israel and the West; Abu Nidal wanted to continue the armed struggle, more than willing to blow up civilians in Europe-or other PLO factions-to bring attention to the cause, to internationalize the struggle. Abu Terrorists against Arafat?

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More by Yossi Melman. Le Mystère Abou-Nidal. Yossi Melman, Meir Javedanfar. Behind the Uprising: Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians (Contributions in Political Science). Dan Raviv, Yossi Melman.

ISBN13:9780380704286. More by Yossi Melman.

The Master Terrorist : The True Story of Abu-Nidal. By (author) Yossi Melman.

In ''The Master Terrorist,'' the only optimistic note the author sounds is that the Western nations are finally trying to coordinate their response and take preventive measures. Continue reading the main story.

TERRORISTS and hostages appear as mirror images in the era of the hijacked jet, the getaway car and the secret hiding place. Early in the century, Joseph Conrad extended this notion fictionally in ''The Secret Agent,'' saying that the terrorist and the policeman both came from what he called the same basket. In ''The Master Terrorist,'' the only optimistic note the author sounds is that the Western nations are finally trying to coordinate their response and take preventive measures.

The Master Terrorist: The True Story Behind Abu Nidal", Mama Books, 1986, p. 44-45. He was also known as Amin al-Sirr and Sabri Khalil Abd Al Qadir

The Master Terrorist: The True Story Behind Abu Nidal", Mama Books, 1986, p. He was also known as Amin al-Sirr and Sabri Khalil Abd Al Qadir. (Arabic: صبري خليل البنا) was a Palestinian political leader, mercenary, and the founder of Fatah - The Revolutionary Council (Arabic: فتح المجلس الثوري), more commonly known as the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO). The organization used different names for attacks on different countries.

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He has authored a number of books in Hebrew and English, including the acclaimed The Master Terrorist: The True Story Behind Abu Nidal. Asked about other revelations in the book, Melman and Raviv point to their exhaustive exploration of Israel’s super-secret Kidon unit (Bayonet in English), often called the Mossad within the Mossad, which is allegedly responsible for assassinations and kidnappings. When our first book was published, we knew very little about the unit, says Raviv.

One of Israel's leading defense and diplomatic experts studies the organization and activities of Sabri el Banna, a notorious Palestinian terrorist more commonly known as Abu Nidal
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  • For anyone wanting to read an account of this issue that is remotely objective, I suggest you avoid this book. The reason? Have a little look into Mr Melmans background and especially his writings for Ha'aretz. As an example, Melman wrote a particularly interesting (and insightful) report for Haaretz during the recent Iraq war, stating that Sadaam definitely had chemical and biological weapons and was ready to attack Israel. Despite Melmans use of rhetorical language there was no basis for the claims. No eye witness account or official source was actually confirming the information he was stating as fact. The article was published several months after it was clear to all but the most blind that there were no such had even been stated officially that there were no nuclear weapons - yet the article still carried a nuclear symbol as a header! By the way this man is now touting himself as a nuclear weapons expert - such claims are promulgated by his media friends such as those at Radio Netherlands - he is in no way shape or form, an expert in this field. However, being able to write in an authoritative 'manner' on a subject will fool most of the people most of the time, will it not?
    I hope this information helps you with your purchase and will give you some insight into what is driving this author. If you do wish to read the views of those entrenched in the present mode of Israeli politics, then this book is highly recommended.

  • One thing that is timeless and terrifying all in the same package is terrorism. No matter how much we civilize there will always be those who know no better way of dealing with their problems than terrorizing people. One of these people was Sabri el Banna, known worldwide as Abu Nidal. He organized a small group of about 200 members that committed some of the most terrifying acts of our time. His group, plainly called the Abu Nidal Group, planned and implemented over one hundred acts of terrorism and probable many more that are unaccounted for. Some people would wonder what could posses a man to do such a thing. Well it was anger, and hate. He was a Palestinian who was pushed off of his land by foreign governments trying to make a Jewish nation. This set him off in his early years. As his group developed it sought to eliminate Israel, and unify Arabs under Socialism. This is what made the man snap, and it is closely examined in the book The Master Terrorist by Yossi Melman. The book is broken down into ten chapters, which flow into each other in a way that the second chapter explains the first, and the third goes into some details that brought about what happened in the first, and so on. The first chapter is in novel form. It is about one of the major acts of terrorism Sabri el Banna, which I will refer to as Abu Nidal, committed. He had two of a small section of his organization set up an assassination of an ambassador to Britain. The ambassador was shot and survived and the man who took the shot was also shot, but he survived. He was taken into custody and gave up the people who worked with him to commit the crime. The police were excited that they had unmasked the Abu Nidal Group. Little did they know that these few people led to a lot of dead ends and no solid leads. They did not even scratch the surface. The next two chapters deal with the people who were working behind the scenes to complete this objective. It shows how one man takes care of the weapons, one takes care of the location, and among a small group of people there was a complicated network that worked to carry out this assassination without revealing the true leader. Chapter five is the most important to the book. It may be boring, but the book does not make any sense without it. The chapter is titled The Ideological and Historical Background. This chapter goes into the detail of why the group was founded and what their purpose was. This chapter explained, not justified, why Abu Nidal did what he did. If you are wondering how well known this man was, the book is quoted saying, "Sabri al-Banna can certainly be considered as an authentic phenomenon within the Palestinian movement." (170) This story easily fits into a historical genre. The author does leave one major underlying conclusion and that is that terrorism will not end. He shows this by explaining that after Abu Nidal was out of the scene Yasser Arafat emerged as a major terrorist. This is important, because even today we hear stories in the news of terrorists bombing embassies and other political targets. The book does not intend to just point out one point in history, but it has more of a theme for all times. Specific to this time period the author makes a point to explain what some of the effects of the creation of Israel had. The author, Yossi Melman has several reasons for writing this book. First he is one of the leading Israeli defense and diplomatic experts. This gives him an intuitive and intelligent perspective to approach this book with. It also gives him a lot of information that many people would not have available to them. It is rather interesting how he became interested in Abu Nidal. While in London 1982 he was working for the Israeli daily Ha'aretz. While there he was assigned to cover the story of the assassination attempt of the Israeli ambassador to London, which is also the story he used as the first chapter of the book. He also covered the trial of the suspects. Now he continues to write on similar political and defense stories. He regularly contributes to the British magazine Jane's Defense Weekly, and various articles in United States' magazines. From this it is quite clear to see why he could write such a comprehensive story of this infamous terrorist. The story is written in a rather peculiar manner. It is a documentary cleverly disguised as a novel. There is some dialogue, and stories of the attacks, but when it comes down to it, under the story line the facts remain the backbone of this book. The book does help one better understand what causes terrorism, and specifically what effects Israel had on people. Yossi does probe the mind of one major terrorist and even explains what may make another one. One thing that makes the story hard to follow is the names of the major players. Each one had an alias and many changed their new names to reflect their leaders. This made it tough to keep the characters straight, and it was easy to get lost and think one guy was killed when it was actually another. This book would not be on my top ten most important books to read, but it is interesting. The story hits on some major issues that still can be seen in society today, but to me it seemed that it was simply a terrorist and his group. I would recommend it to read for anyone interested in terrorism, but it is not a very historically important book.

  • I read this book in the early 90s. I highly recommend reading this book as it brings clarity to why there is "terroism".

  • I thought it was about menachem begin.