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by George Sharpley,GDA Sharpley

ePub Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin download
George Sharpley,GDA Sharpley
McGraw-Hill; 3 edition (December 1, 2003)
Foreign Language Study & Reference
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by George Sharpley (Author), G. D. A. Sharpley (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. G. ISBN-13: 978-0844235653.

Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin book.

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In contrast to other courses, it presents an exciting and humorous text, set in a medieval monastery that is under threat of attack from Vikings.

Beginner's Latin - Teach Yourself. In contrast to other courses, it presents an exciting and humorous text, set in a medieval monastery that is under threat of attack from Vikings.

Read full description. See details and exclusions. Beginner's Latin by G. Sharpley (Paperback, 1997). Pre-owned: lowest price.

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Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin. Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin Audiopackage.

Author: GDA Sharpley George Sharpley.

If you find learning Latin daunting, Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin is just what your language teacher ordered. The book makes for a friendly introduction to the language that's easy to follow, from start to finish. In contrast to other courses, it presents an exciting and humorous text, set in a medieval monastery that is under threat of attack from Vikings. It includes:

Enhanced English-Latin and Latin-English vocabularies A special section on pronunciation Fascinating language and cultural information CD for quick and easy access to lessons, dialogues, and exercises
  • Despite another reviewer's statement here, this book's grammar is based on Classical latin. I tried buying "learn Latin" by Peter Jones, but it was incomprehensible and boring. For some reason, there are many people who learn latin in school and then decide that they have the ability to teach it to others. You end up with grammar treatises that are unsuitable for the beginner. This book is an exception; it is designed for normal human beings to learn latin and a measured pace, in a suitable manner that alows them to learn without being discouraged.

    The author was very astute in how he laid out his lesson plan, leading the learner to feel like he is accomplishing the language even from the first lesson. That being said, I cannot say his method is flawless. Latin has a very complex grammar compared to most modern western languages. I could have used a tad bit more explanation (or examples) in some of his lessons, although I appreciate he was trying to keep the size of the book down. I also was not into the story he uses for translation exercise, which takes place in the Christianzed dark ages, and is more suitable to Catholics learning rather than those more interested in classical latin. His story is a bit ridiculous, and he could have expanded the glossary of latin terms to include more of the words he uses in the story.

    His lack of macron use is the biggest mistake; macrons are part of every major latin textbook in the last 150 years, as they are important in determining the meaning of homophones such as Liber & Liber (can't tell the difference without them, can you?) Having beginners study without macrons to guide them can create bad habits, and inhibits learning since long vowels are best learned through example, which in turn requires enough exposure to them. For an academic instructor as the author is, I'm not sure why he let them publish this book without the macrons.

  • I really enjoy this approach to learning languages. Stories are told. They are funny stories that I remember, and I want to make up my own. Mulo silwam spectat. Mulum silwa spectat. That means the mule watches the woods. The woods watches the mule. The mule is a fun character, afraid of the woods, who doesn't like to carry all the bags and food, who doesn't like horses who get to play all the time and never work. It's a fun story that builds. The book alone is fun.

    The CD is great. I have searched amazon and see no other spoken latin for beginners. This is it. The stories are told by drama actors who do the voices well. Apparently Sharpley also produces plays in Latin, and it shows. Ihave seen a website where you can buy or stream dramatic videos in Latin. I hope Sharpley continues to make audio like this.

    I hope makers of other language programs would tell fun stories rather than Birgit and Hans always saying "do you want to drink a beer?" "No, I want wine." ..

  • This book is EXCELLENT! I was using Baumeister's "New Missal Latin", but found it to be rather dry (good for ecclesiastical latin vocabulary though). On the other hand, this book is very easy to read and I have made more progress on my latin in the last few days than I had made in the previous months of studying with other books! This book is very well laid out. The rules of sentence structure are given up front, the conjugations are taught in a common sense manner, and the reading exercises are great! Before you know it you'll be reading latin! I would have gladly given this book a higher rating, but five stars is the max you can give! I can't recommend this book highly enough!

  • Although this may be a good Latin teaching tool for a more advanced Latin learner, it is definitely NOT an easy introduction to Beginner's Latin. Example, on the second page of the first unit is a whole paragraph for the discipuli (students) to translate. Having taken Latin in a formal classroom setting, this is much too difficult for a beginner.

  • the book is hardly a teach yourself book... it is way too technical and I think it is poorly organized

  • As far as I'm concerned, language courses without the cassette tape are useless. No matter how much you understand the rules, grammar, conjugations, declensions, etc. they don't help you pronounce the words correctly. I will neve again buy a language "instruction" book without audio.
    No one ever learned to speak their native tongue by first reading a work book.

  • I received the book in a timely manner and it was exactly as the seller said it would be. Great condition and a great book - I'm picking up on Latin very quickly with it.

  • This book is not for any "beginners". It is my best guess that this book is not a starting point.