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by Flora McDonnell

ePub Splash! (Board Book Reprints) download
Flora McDonnell
Candlewick (June 1, 2003)
Words Language & Grammar
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With brilliant paintings that saturate the pages, Flora McDonnell refreshes the very concept of young picture books.

Board Book Reprints). Splash! (Board Book Reprints).

Flora McDonnell graduated in 1989 with a Distinction in Illustrative Arts from the City and Guilds of London Art School. Since then she has completed a variety of artistic projects, including one-person shows on sheep, Calcutta's traffic and her experiences on board an Ardglass trawler. I Love Animals, her first book, won the 1995 Mother Goose Award and was followed by I Love Boats, Flora McDonnell's ABC and her latest title, Giddy Up, Let's Ride!

Handsome wildlife paintings distinguish this book from McDonnell (I Love Animals, 1994, et.

Handsome wildlife paintings distinguish this book from McDonnell (I Love Animals, 1994, et. The setting is India in the summer, and, predictably, it's "hot, hot, hot!" A mother elephant and her baby, a tiger, and a rhinoceros are all feeling the heat. Tongues loll, movement is limited; they barely shuffle to the wallow. Once there, they stand around until the baby elephant has an idea. He loads up and squirts a snootful at his mother; soon, all the animals are engaged in a splash fight that delights as much as it refreshes.

Introduce babies and toddlers to different animal sounds with this gorgeous board book by bestselling author-illustrator Alison Lester. I see a pretty penguin sliding like a flash

Introduce babies and toddlers to different animal sounds with this gorgeous board book by bestselling author-illustrator Alison Lester. I see a pretty penguin sliding like a flash. What do you say, pretty penguin? Splash, splash, splash! SPLASH is part of a delightful series by bestselling author-illustrator Alison Lester, designed especially for 0-3 year olds. Babies will respond to the rhyming text and the simple, colourful images, while toddlers will love joining in to make their own animal sounds. these bright, engaging board books are perfect for little hands - collect the whole set!

Splash! McDonnell, Flora.

Splash! McDonnell, Flora. ISBN 10: 076360481X ISBN 13: 9780763604813. Publisher: Candlewick, 1999.

Splash! by Flora McDonnell. Sparky" book by Flora McDonnell read aloud!

Splash! by Flora McDonnell. Once they've had a drink, the animals are ready to have some fun, and so, the splashing begins! Категория. 5K African Wildlife African Nature Showreel 2019 by Robert Hofmeyr - Продолжительность: 6:06 4K Relaxation Channel Recommended for you. 6:06.

Flora McDonnell (born 7 November 1963) is an artist, illustrator, and prize-winning author of children's books. I Love Animals (Walker Books, 1994). ISBN 978-0-7445-4392-6. I Love Boats (Walker Books, 1996). ISBN 978-0-7445-4373-5. Flora McDonnell's ABC (Walker Books, 1998). ISBN 978-0-7445-6007-7. Splash! (Candlewick Books, 1999). The Mermaid's Purse (Knopf Books, 2000). ISBN 978-0-375-90569-8.

Flora McDonnell's ABC (Walker Books, 1998) ISBN 978-0-7445-6007-7. Lady Flora McDonnell at ThePeerage. List of notable Old Greshamians. Descendants of William the Conqueror. Splash! (Candlewick Books, 1999) ISBN 0-7636-0481-X. The Mermaid's Purse (Knopf Books, 2000) ISBN 978-0-375-90569-8. The Cat and the Cuckoo (Roaring Brook Press, 2003) ISBN 978-0-7613-1548-3. Sparky (Candlewick Books, 2004) ISBN 978-0-7636-2208-4.

"Striking artwork and superb pacing of the text make this a must-have for story-time collections."- SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL (starred review)Hot, hot, hot! Everyone is hot - the elephant, the tiger, and the rhinoceros. But the baby elephant knows just what to do: lead all the big animals down to the water, where they can drink and squirt and splosh and splash! With brilliant paintings that saturate the pages, Flora McDonnell refreshes the very concept of young picture books.
  • I was struggling finding books to keep my baby's attention as we got ready for bed and naps. But this one he loved! This was the one that he finally would sit through to the end.
    The illustrations as so well done and full of beauty and realistic. It is refreshing to read.
    My boy is now two and still loves to read it (as does his older siblings)
    Splash! Splash! Splash!

  • a lovely baby's introduction to Indian wildlife. There is so much infant literature already out there depicting the African savannah, this is a nice change. The illustrations are absolutely stunning--one feels the largeness of the elephants, the heat, the coolness of the water. The text is sparse, simple and energetic and keeps baby's interest. My 8 month old loves this book.

  • I am a Speech Pathologist and I use this book to practice complex clusters. Its very simple so good for preschool and kindergarten.

  • The board book edition of Splash!, adapted from the award-winning picture book by author/illustrator Flora McDonnell, is the perfect book for babies and young children.

    The elephants, the rhino and the tiger are hot! All the animals are hot until they go to the watering hole to splash, play and get relief from the sweltering heat.

    The story is engaging for children. My toddler runs to me with Splash! saying "hot, hot". As we read the story, she looks forward to telling me when the animals are "hot". She giggles when the animals are splashing in the water and kisses the baby elephant at the end. I appreciate the interactivity this book stimulates, as well as the fact the hero is a baby.

    The illustrations play an integral role in telling the story of Splash!. You can tell how miserable the animals are just by looking at them. When you see the bold yellows and oranges, you can almost feel the oppressive heat, while the water's refreshing coolness is evident in the clear blues and greens.

    With its vibrant colors and fun words, Splash! will quickly become a favorite among any baby's or preschooler's growing library.

  • We didn't find this book in the local library until my oldest was almost too old for it, but that didn't stop her from loving it. Vibrant colors and expressive illustrations always draw me in. Usually it's the meter of the words that keeps me there (and makes me willing to own it, knowing I'll never get to use the excuse that the library needs it back for a while!). In this book, it's the interaction rather than the meter -- simple enough for the smallest, fun for everyone as we pretend to squirt each other. The different size of different words (corresponding to the reading volume) even helps reinforce that it's the words on the page that you're reading. The very best part of the whole book, though, is that it was the "happy, cool, clever" baby elephant that figured out what s/he and all the other big, competent, grown-up animals needed on that hot, hot day. All babies should have this book for the summer nearest their first birthdays! Don't expect to put it away come winter, though.

  • My son was given this book for his first birthday and it's been a consistent favorite since. The text is extremely simple and repetitive which I think is good for very young readers. I am sure this book is one of the reasons that "hot" was one of his first words. However, I think the main reason that he likes it is because we both bang the pages hard as I say "splash!" and likewise act out "whoosh sploosh" and "squirt squirt". For this reason our copy is looking pretty battered by now - but we've had a lot of fun along the way!

  • Big, bold, and bright are words that describe McDonnell's expressive illustrations. Warm yellows and then cooler blue undertones subtly reinforce the heat, and subsequent refreshment you can almost feel along with the sweltering jungle animals who find a fun way to cool down on a hot, hot day-a rich accompaniment to the slim, streamlined, straightforward text. Well done!

  • This is easily one of Helen's top three favorites, hands down. She loves the elephants and all of the animals splashing around in the water after the baby saves the day. A parent that can produce a credible elephant trumpet can score some major points with the kids when this book is being read.