» » The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books, 3rd Edition (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback))

ePub The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books, 3rd Edition (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback)) download

by Harold D. Underdown

ePub The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books, 3rd Edition (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback)) download
Harold D. Underdown
Alpha; 3rd ed. edition (May 6, 2008)
Writing Research & Publishing Guides
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A guided tour of children’s book and magazine publishing that never skips a step. For seasoned writers and illustrators it is valuable. For beginners, it is essential.

Background on the history and current state of children’s publishing includes information on new trends and new imprints launched up to 2007. Featured throughout are real-life anecdotes from published authors and illustrators and recommended Web resources. A guided tour of children’s book and magazine publishing that never skips a step.

Published February 3rd 2004 by Alpha (first published February 3rd 2001).

Honest and precise, everything about writing for chil. Includes new chapters on self-publishing and on "how to choose a how-to", plus revision and updates throughout. Offers practical advice on getting started and on dealing with out-of-print books.

He is a frequent speaker at writer's conferences, training new writers on the ins and outs of the children's book market, and maintains The Purple Crayon (ww. nderdown.

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The Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books is a comprehensive guide to the business within the covers of one book. A beginnings to going out-of-print guide to the world of children's book publishing.

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“Honest and precise… everything about writing for children there is to know.” —Jane Yolen, author Here is the comprehensive guide to writing, publishing, and selling for the ever-expanding and always exciting children’s market—now in a new and updated third edition. • Includes new chapters on self-publishing and on "how to choose a how-to", plus revision and updates throughout • Offers practical advice on getting started--and on dealing with out-of-print books • Covers picture books, chapter books, nonfiction, middle-grade and young novels, and common formats and genres • Reveals what happens inside a children's publishing company, and provides guidance in working with an editor • Sample cover and query letters, manuscript format, glossary, and recommended resources in an extensive appendix • Plus information on agents, contracts, copyright, marketing, and more
  • I think of this book as a friend. It is so realistic and shows such knowledge of the business that I recommend it to anyone who writes for children.There are very few questions you would have that cannot be answered by this book, or will point you to a place to get the information. I have used Harold Underdown's website [...]and thought how generous a person he is, to share all that with writers.I once hired him to edit some of my writing and also found him to be frank, thorough, just about right in encouragement, and reasonable in price. I am in three critique groups of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and I recommend this book to all of them. Note, I do not know Harold personally. I am also a published author.


  • If you're not really a dummy, you can skip the first half of this book. If you're setting up a home office for writing, you probably already know that you need to have a phone (seriously, this is discussed). The second half, where the author discusses publishing houses, submitting manuscripts, marketing your book, etc., if much more useful. I definitely learned some things, like how publishers will hire their own illustrators for the picture book you wrote, so don't bother finding an illustrator and submitting the full package. The author also goes in-depth about things like "who you know", the need for agents, the ways the publishing industry is changing, how to target your submissions, whether or not to submit multiple submissions (don't), and much more. My main concern about the book is that it is 10 years out-of-date, so the part on the changes to the publishing industry could probably use an update, but much of the other info still seems to be relevant.

  • Yes! This is SUCH a huge resource file! It literally covers every aspect of the publishing business, from start to finish. I am still sifting thru it, and i will probably never keep it out of reach. I lilke the fact that there are many different voices that tell you the ups and downs of getting into children's books. It really is a passion-based industry, and if you don't love it, you have little hope of being successful.
    If you DO love the art and craft of children's book production, then this book is for you. Highly recommend it!

  • This book is so full of useful information that it might take me all summer to review it all. I am a children's storybook writer and can use a great deal of the information this book provided. I can't believe I got it used in such good condition and at such a low cost. The information provided is worth way more than I paid for it. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to grab such a great deal.
    Linda C. Mason, author of the Spirit of Truth Storybooks from A - Z.

  • Virtually Maria (Virtual Trilogy)

    Written in the form of short notes, this book contains all the information, wisdom, reading lists and even contacts that you might expect to harvest at a three-day seminar on publishing children's books, as a mere fraction of the price.

    It starts with the basic truth that children's books MUST appeal to adults (since adults buy them - not children) and then takes the reader through the 'world' of children's books and how to write, illustrate and publish them. I use the word 'world' because this book goes beyond the simple 'how to' manual in that it takes the reader inside the childrens' book industry and deals with agents, publishers and how to build a career as a successful childrens' book writer.

    There are other books that deal with the writing, layout and illustration of childrens' books in far more detail, but this is the first book that I've encountered in my thirty-plus years of writing that gives me a feel for the greater universe of book production that I need to navigate in order to achieve success.

    A highly recommended first manual for every children's book author.

  • Underdown shares his long career expertise and encourages writers. His book is a handy reference.
    He redefines rules, because some are really suggestions. He quotes other learned celebs. I especially appreciated "When You Get a Nibble." Under this heading he looks at notes written on rejection letters and reads between their lines. The editor really meant "submit again."

    One thing I didn't care for was the Sample Cover Letters for Unpublished Authors section. The don'ts are self-evident. I would have preferred to see more do's.

  • A light hearted guide to publishing. Very patiently takes you through the steps and carefully explains everything along the way. How to be a professional writer, formats for different ages, when is it ready, do you need an agent?, how to work with the publishing world and what to do after you find a publisher. A very good book for those beginning their children's book publishing career.

  • I'm about halfway through this book and thrilled with the amount of information in it. I had already taken a writing course so I was already familiar with some of the information but this book goes into much more detail than my course did. It provides lots of information and resources. I would recommend it for anyone trying to write for children. There are also a few chapters for those who wish to illustrate for children. Great book.