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by Laurie Graham

ePub Rebuilding the House download
Laurie Graham
Viking Penguin; 1st edition (June 27, 1990)
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The House That Hugh Lauri. has been added to your Cart. This book is interesting, but it only covers up to season three of the show. One very annoying thing is that the author keep referring to Hugh Laurie's New Jersey accent. I know people from New Jersey, my next door neightbor is from New Jersey.

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Graham, Laurie was born on November 22, 1941 in Evanston, Illinois, United States.

Laurie Graham, CM (born March 30, 1960) is a Canadian downhill skier who represented Canada at the 1980, 1984 and 1988 Winter Olympics. She won six World Cup victories and three National Downhill titles in her eleven years on the National Ski Team

Laurie Graham, CM (born March 30, 1960) is a Canadian downhill skier who represented Canada at the 1980, 1984 and 1988 Winter Olympics. She won six World Cup victories and three National Downhill titles in her eleven years on the National Ski Team. She was the first North American woman to win a World Cup Super Giant Slalom skiing. She was the first North American to win on home soil at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. In addition, Graham posted 34 top 10 FIS World Cup Downhill results.

There is one great love in everyone's life. For Ducky, Princess Victoria Melita, hers was a Romanov cousin, a member of the doomed Russian royal family. What hope is there for Poppy Minkel? She has kinky hair, big ears, skin that's too sallow, and an appetite for fun.

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A personal account of widowhood and passage through grief describes Graham's sorrow over the death of her husband, publishing executive George Schieffelin, her move to a New Jersey farmhouse, and the restoration process that helped her cope with grief
  • A wonderful book to deal with the grief from losing a loved one. This book taught me that I could journal and then get some of the yucky emotions out of my mind.

  • I read about this book years ago, in a part of my life now long gone, in someplace like the "NY Review of Books." I remember standing in my big Seattle kitchen and getting absorbed in the review. It highly piqued my interest. Probably 15 years went by, before I was able to remember enough about the book to track it down--no, wait: it was probably the invention of Google that created tracks to follow: plug in an odd assortment of elements I could remember from the review, and voila....Anyway, I tracked it down!
    But then I read it, even better.
    It has become a very special book to me. It is quiet and takes its time (good time) to go where it has to go: to look back at a love and marriage which was far from perfect, but deeply meaningful and rich to the writer-wife, or I should say, the writer-widow.
    At times exhilarating and bright, at times poignant or distressing, it is always thoughtful, beautifully written, brave, steady, and...well, veined with gold.
    Older husband, second marriage, young wife, first marriage. Prominent editor from the East marries self-possessed greenhorn from the West. Unusual relationship; mutually illuminating, over time. I will never ever forget one of the lines: the wife tells her husband she would be lost without him, and he replies, On the contrary, I hope I'll have taught you how to live.
    I love this line because it's about how much people have to share with one another, but also, in fact, there appears to me to be a strong streak of narcissism in the husband in this true story. Yet: it does not appear to have made tracks across the back of this woman, who really knows how to grapple in life. She really learned--from her husband, herself, life itself, and from death of course--something about living well. And she conveys that accomplishment without a trace of arrogance or pretentiousness.
    Look for the wonderful part about the deer caught in the ladder of a swimming pool, early one morning...I can't forget that either...

  • This story about the time after her husband dies is OK. Not bad but not great.