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ePub Your Personal Astrology Guide 2012 Scorpio (Your Personal Astrology Guide: Scorpio) download

by Rick Levine,Jeff Jawer

ePub Your Personal Astrology Guide 2012 Scorpio (Your Personal Astrology Guide: Scorpio) download
Rick Levine,Jeff Jawer
Sterling Ethos (July 5, 2011)
New Age & Spirituality
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Book by Levine, Rick, Jawer, Jeff. Rick Levine, Jeff Jawer. Your Personal Astrology Guide 2013 Pisces. Your Personal Astrology Guide 2013 Leo. Jeff Jawer, Rick Levine. Your Astrology Guide 2013. Your Personal Astrology Guide 2013 Cancer. Your Astrology Guide. Your Astrology Guide 2009. Your Personal Astrology Planner 2009: Virgo (Your Personal Astrology Planr).

It spans 210°–240° ecliptic longitude.

It spans 210°–240° ecliptic longitude

Your Ultimate Guide to Astrology. The sun’s position on your astrology chart shows you where you need to push yourself. This is where it gets interesting.

Your Ultimate Guide to Astrology. Most people know what their zodiac sun sign is. Basically, your sun sign-whether you're a Virgo or you’re a Taurus or any other sign-is determined by the location of the sun at the time of your birth. But why is the sun is so important when it comes to your zodiac sign and birth chart? Why is the sun the main focus for professional and armchair astrologers alike? Well, there’s a good reason. The sun isn’t actually a planet. Your date, time, and place of birth places the sun in a specific sign, house, and aspect of the zodiac.

Aug 15, 2012 - Explore astrology4u's board "Astrology Books", followed by 7353 people on Pinterest. Let Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer be your guides. Astrology Prediction. The Complete Book Of Astrology: Your personal guide to learning, understanding and using Astrology. Astrology Books Birth Chart Destiny Horoscope Planets. What others are saying.

The scorpio man: gift guide. The Scorpio personality loves to think about deep and often difficult subjects, so books or documentaries on psychology, religious cults or occult subjects, true crime, unsolved mysteries, war, and incredible heists will often fascinate them. Shopping for the Scorpio man may be a little tricky, because he may not be forthcoming about what it is he really wants. The ever-elusive Scorpio really and truly wants you to be able to read his mind about his innermost desires – and if you fail, prepare to experience a prizewinning Scorpio sulk.

The current Your Astrology Guide - an unsurpassed 12-month planner for .

com and bookstores everywhere. Watch Rick Levine on Planet Pulse now . Rick has written several books and many magazine articles for such publications as Fate magazine, The Mountain Astrologer and Aspect Journal. Rick has maintained a high profile of service within the Astrology community. Rick continues his Astrology consulting practice from his home near Seattle, where he has lived for more than 15 years.

Your Astrology Guide 2013 is every bit as excellent as the previous years since I've started using this book

Some tools Rick and Jeff provide include: -In-depth forecasts for 2013 that tell you what to really expect and how to deal with the core areas of your life-love. Your Astrology Guide 2013 is every bit as excellent as the previous years since I've started using this book.

by Rick Levine/ Jeff Jawer · data of the paperback book Your Personal Astrology Guide. Your Personal Astrology Guide 2012 Scorpio (Your Personal Astrology Guide: Scorpio). by: Rick Levine · Jeff Jawer.

Book by Levine, Rick, Jawer, Jeff
  • I've been looking for the 2014 guide and after not seeing it on Amazon, I emailed Mr. Jawyer directly and he confirmed that after 8 annual guide books, 2013 was their last :(

    I found their book guides to be invaluable. Mr. Levine and Mr. Jawyer were always spot on with their advice. It always seemed to be in synch with what I was going through and what I was striving for.

    I will truly miss reading their book every year and using it as a reference. Thank you!

  • Your Astrology Guide 2013 is every bit as excellent as the previous years since I've started using this book. Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer are able to explain in layman's language how the planets work to affect our lives. With two pages of condensed information for each month in the year for every sign of the zodiac, the book offers a valuable resource that helps the readers plan their lives, warning them about rough spots and revealing good times. At the beginning of the book is the Astrology World Report that gives general information about world events. I would like to see more specific information in this section but perhaps that is to be found in other books specializing in world wide astrology. Regardless, I strongly recommend this book to anyone wanting to plan their lives according to the stars or perhaps just learn a little more about astrology.

  • For my other niece Ariel. She was having problems near her and she felt like Murphy's law was around her all the time. So I spoke to her mom and asked which astrologers do you use when your vibes are just off. I went on here to Amazon and my sister went on her Gmail account. And it was funny we both said over the phone Rick L. I bought my niece 2012 book and told her to look up on that day in that year ? Did you find the problem ? Yes on both accounts and she knows what to do next time. So I got her 2013 so that doesn't happen again. No more Murphy's Law problems. I was telling her that I used the ones that were a mini pocket size when my problems came about . Who knew ? So I check mine before leaving the house and I have mine on my email site. So I know how to get a handle on life. It does work when everything else goes a rye.

  • I bought this book last year and found it very helpful in mapping out the trends in my life for the year. I especially like the themes for each month. The only down side is that I had to translate some of what they said to my own personal chart.
    They use a solar chart so I had to look at my own chart to see where the planetary action was taking place. It meant I had to change the interpretation slightly.

    You don't need to know that much about astrology to read this book. Excellent for beginners.

    The general guide has all 12 signs if your are interested in that.

    I'm a big fan of Rick and Jeff who also do a general monthly talk at Soul Food Books. It can be viewed on You Tube.

  • Bring on the revelations, Fates! Haha. Ok, ok, I'm a bit of a fanatic and am really into astrology. But these two authors have a pretty good input on the way the cosmos influence our daily lives. Definitely recommended to anyone who takes their horoscope with more than a grain of salt. My only wish is that they mentioned something big about the planetary alignment next week. That's the main reason I bought the book honestly (I had the 2012 version but I really thought they might shed some interesting light on the planetary phenomena that's going down in a few days lol)

  • This is the only astrology book I buy every year. I like that it covers all astrology signs, has an overview of the year for each as well as in-depth monthly readings. Great book!

  • Every year I buy this book.
    Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine the authors know Astrology in depth.

    I am well versed in Astrology and was pleased by the content for all
    12 signs, as well as other information on aspects, houses, rising signs...

    The book is an easy read and very insightful and is also great for a novice!

  • We buy them every year. It's fun to see how close things actually are. I like that they give you the last few months of the prior year also.