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by Ruth Montgomery

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Ruth Montgomery
Fawcett; 1st edition (February 12, 1985)
New Age & Spirituality
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Montgomery's book "Aliens Among Us" has been cited by Sammy Hagar as the . Flowers at the White House (1967). Aliens Among Us (Putnam, 1985). Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age (Fawcett, 1987).

Flowers at the White House (1967). Here and Hereafter (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1968). Companions Along the Way (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1970).

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Have you lived before? Will you live again? Fascinating new revelations about the experience of reincarnation from one of today's foremost psychic authorities.

Concise & precise as only she could lead us in explaining her experiences

Well-known reporter Ruth Montgomery was initially skeptical of things psychic butdue to experiences recounted herebecame a familiar of mediums, especially Arthur Ford, and now even functions as a medium herself. Concise & precise as only she could lead us in explaining her experiences. Great guide for understanding her beliefs.

Here and Hereafter The many readers of Ruth Montgomery will follow avidly her discussions of the doctrine of karma and rebirt. he cites innumerable instances that seem, to he. .

Have You Lived Before? Will You Live Again? Fascinating New Revelations About the Experience of Reincarnation. The many readers of Ruth Montgomery will follow avidly her discussions of the doctrine of karma and rebirt. he cites innumerable instances that seem, to her, persuasive evidence that we are indeed caught up in successive reincarnations, and always meaningfully.

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by Ruth Shick Montgomery. Published May 12, 1983 by Fawcett. INSOFAR as I can recall, the first time that I experienced a strong sensation of familiarity with a strange place occurred in 1952, while on a news-gathering assignment in the Middle East.

Ruth Montgomery's sincerity, humility, and personal conviction are in evidence on every page, and readers of her A Gift of Prophecy and . product description page. Here and Hereafter - by Ruth Montgomery (Paperback).

Publishers Weekly "Sane, scholarly, well-documented. Arthur Ford, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship.

Have you lived before? Will you live again? Fascinating new revelations about the experience of reincarnation from one of today's foremost psychic authorities.
  • “Here and Hereafter” by Ruth Montgomery went beyond my expectations. I will read other books by her. From the Forward to her book: In our present state of development, it is no more possible to prove reincarnation than to prove the existence of God. But the doctrine of karma and rebirth is so logical that if two-thirds of the world’s peoples did not already accept it, it would probably be hailed by Westerners today as a major philosophical bread-through. The belief is older than recorded history, having been handed down by word of mouth until man learned to record his thoughts in hieroglyphics. It explains, better than does any other known creed, why some are born to affluence and others to abject poverty. Why one youngster is a genius and another a dullard. Why some are crippled or blind; others healthy and beautiful.
    If you are searching for some answers to help you realize some things about why we are here and the hereafter; I highly recommend reading this book.


  • So I guess Groundhog Day is really a documentary. The book provides compelling evidence to support reincarnation.

    Ruth Montgomery takes you through actual past life regression hypnosis sessions and what the people said, readings from psychics on people's past lives, and the readings of Edgar Cayce in both medical diagnosis and past life analysis to explain the subject's relationships with others and why certain events happened in their lives.

    The author also showed patterns, like people who died violently or suffered greatly had hurt people in previous lives.

    Some interesting occurrences that arose out of the regressions were the extreme level of detail the subjects were able to remember and how intense their emotions were during the recall.

    All the regressions were interesting, but the children who had total recall of previous lives which was verified beyond any doubt by trips to visit their prior life relations was the best.

    An excellent, timeless book.

  • Ruth Montgomery (RM) wrote this book in 1968 after she became efficient in automatic writing which her Guides dictated. The Guides claimed to be from the other side. They helped her with the construction of this book which is written on the basis that we are the sum total of all our experiences including our past lives. The philosophy of reincarnation believes that with each thought, word and deed we are building the person we will be in future lifetimes.
    The book is filled with skeptics and believers who relieved their past lives like Dr. Stanley Krippner, Dr. Kelsey and Joan Grant, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, David Hume, Henry Ford, Harry Houdini and a horde of other famous and not so famous individuals.
    Hugh Lynn, the son of Edgar Cayce, recalls an experience he had during WWII when he moved through an Austrian village as a soldier. While he was drinking beer, he noticed a bridge and an old structure of a building that reminded him of the times during the crusades. He saw himself desert his wife and young child to follow the crusaders to liberate Jerusalem. Then forward a few hundred years when he was drafted and forced to leave his wife and young son with whom he longed to be. He drew the conclusion this might be a circle come full turn which settled a karmic debt. The reader will get the gist of this episode better when reading the whole book.
    The Guides assured RM that servicemen who kill the enemy of their country in the name of man-made laws for which they have no lust or liking, are not responsible for their acts as long as they do not go beyond the call of their duty relishing the slaying. The intent breeds the sin not the act itself.
    Bill & Judy Guggenheim wrote a book "Hello from heaven!" where the same rules shine through. At least that is the impression I got when reading the book. By the way RM and Bill Guggenheim both have Swiss roots.
    Edgar Cayce, the famous Kentuckian psychic, has a prominent
    place in this book. He gave hundreds of physical readings (diagnostic and healing) and life readings. He tapped two sources while half asleep. One was the subject's subconscious which remembers all acts. The other was the collective unconscious or akashic records on which are written all deeds and thoughts since the beginning of mankind. With some practice, apparently, everyone can tap these two reservoirs and view their past lives.
    Edgar Cayce's remarks about group karma are also worth mentioning. This is the tendency for certain souls to be drawn closely together like a close-knit family where everyone knew each other in various relationships during several previous reincarnations. He stressed repeatedly unless we are willing to be linked in lifetime after lifetime with person(s) we dislike we should work ar solving the animosity which forges that bond.
    If nothing else, reading this book might make you a better person. Who knows, maybe the principles explored by RM might have a basis of truth. Your guess is as good as mine.

  • I read this book back when I was in high school in the 60s. My Mom was interested in reincarnation at the time and she let me read this. I was awestruck then and again this time as well. I knew one of the people Ruth Montgomery wrote about, Reverend Emery. I went to that church and he was a real inspiration to me and my friends, and my Mom as well. Sadly, my Mom passed away this year, so this was one way to remember her.

  • I know some about past life regression but this book has made a few more things clear for me. I appreciate this book.

  • Very pretty educational

  • I loved this book so much that I have kept it for years and re-read it now and then. I have bought a number of copies over the years to give away, as I did this purchase. You may want to do the same. It answers a LOT of questions about life and death.

  • The Time is Now Approaching

    After reading Ruth Montgomery's book, I would say it is an excellent book. Here and Hereafter by Ruth Montgomery (Paperback - Mar 1, 1995). Ms Montgomery's evidence is very convincing. Plus, she supports her points adequately.
    Her main purpose is to define a problem or identified a cause. She does argue a theory about a particular phenomenon.

    Some people might be aware that the year 2012 is approaching us very soon. I have read that the earth will experience a polar shift.

    This theory has been endorsed by Albert Einstein, in which the poles, aided by massive ice buildup, are eventually thrown by centrifugal force to the equator.

    Read the book! Reviews of this book should evaluate what kind of evidence Ms Montgomery uses to support her scholarly claims. How valid the evidence seems. How expert Ms Montgomery's book contributes to the knowledge of December 21, 2012.

    Dr Ponchita Lopez
    Las Vegas, NV