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by S. Muker

ePub True Ghost Stories download
S. Muker
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 28, 2009)
Occult & Paranormal
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Nobody loves a collection of ghost stories more than I d.

Nobody loves a collection of ghost stories more than I do. No matter what your opinion on the phenomena of ghosts, nothing touches the senses quite like a good ole fashion yarn about paranormal activity. David Domine's collection of ghost stories around the historic Victorian neighborhood of Old Louisville in Kentucky is one of the best you will find. Books by David Domine.

We are back with a selection of real true ghost stories, real life paranormal encounters, interviews and ghost investigations by conducted by paranormal magazine. Starring: Lee Steer, Charlene Lowe Kemp. Send us Feedback Get Help.

Unfortunately, the restaurant and bar soon closed. When I saw "True Ghost Stories" at a book store I bought it. My attitude about Hans Holzer is similar to my attitude about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. His assertions are too detailed to be delusional.

The worldwide cult phenomenon Ghost Stories is back to haunt the West End in October.

Who says you have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story? asks the author, a. .

Who says you have to believe in ghosts to enjoy a good ghost story? asks the author, a self-identified skeptic, as he opens the floor to more than just stories of urban legends and creaky floorboards. He introduces readers to the city of Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby and Colonel Sanders’ universally recognized chicken. He occasionally relays stories whose historic origins can’t be traced, but he supports his most enticing tales with centuries-old images and newspaper headlines.

by. Carrington, Hereward, 1880-1959. New York : J. Ogilvie Pub.

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Most readers will like a ghost story in which towards the end it is found that the ghost was really a cat or a dog or a mischievous boy. Such ghost stories are a source of pleasure, and are read as a pastime and are often vastly enjoyed, because though the reader is a bit afraid of what he does not know, still he likes to be assured that ghosts do not in reality exist. You will not find any stories such as these. These stories will leave you looking on them with respect and fear. They are true.
  • I've enjoyed Jim Harold's various podcasts for some time and finally purchased this first book from the Campfire series. Just like the podcast, this transcription of the podcast testimonials is a mixed bag of true ghost stories and supernatural accounts from inane to the creepy.

    The only misstep in this book is Jim transcribing the accounts word for word, including poor grammar, ineffective storytelling, etc. as it came from the mouth of the teller. I get that it keeps intact the authenticity of the accounts, but if you want to hear the actual account, just listen to the podcast. When transitioning these accounts to the printed page, I think they could have used some editing to beef up weak spots, delete pointless details, or otherwise reform the story to put the best version of it to paper. As it is, the accounts are too raw, and what works for an audio experience doesn't translate to the page in this kind of literal word-for-word dictation.

    Still, Jim does great work and I like having this book in my collection. In spite of some nits to pick, it's a fun read with short little stories told by real people.

  • Surprisingly gripping, spooky & thought provoking!! I have quite a collection of this sort of ' true accounts' of the Paranormal books, half of which are boring - downright lame,lol!! But as my first book by this author, I plan on slowly aquiring every one now! I like the feel of hearing each account straight from the ' experience's mouth, * keeps my ADD mind interested! Buy it used here- u will NOT b disappointed as the content covers all ranges of strange experiences

  • Love it... There are 2 reasons now to go to bed - one, is my wife and two is I so look forward to turning off the lights and reading Jim Harold's True Ghost Stories in the dark!

    Jim Harold is the jovial and convivial host of Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast. He's taken some of his best ghost stories and put them into text available to read. And there are some great stories in here! Some are creepy, and some are (to use a term Jim has been accused of overusing) poignant, but all of them are really enjoyable.

    There are a lot of paranormal podcasts, but there is only one Jim Harold. Some hosts of the other podcasts can be disrespectful and downright cocky sometimes to their callers, but Jim is always respectful and seems genuinely interested in hearing his callers' stories - and with good reason! There are some great stories in here.

    Looking forward to more from Jim Harold!

  • I just love Jim Harold's style be it writing on interviewing (on his Paranormal Plus or Jim This is not a graphic, gross or over the top type ghost book. I even think it is a good read for teens because of Jim's sensitivity to the readers. It is a good old fashion chiller. To read other people tell of their paranormal stories and still be able to sleep at night is great. I have bought book #1 in both hard copy and now in kindle. I sometimes bring the kindle when I know I may have to wait somewhere and what fun it is to spook yourself while you wait. In all seriousness I enjoyed all three books and I continue to listen to his podcasts. This book is just my speed for true stories and I think most people will love the books.

  • Not simply ghost stories, this book is filled tales of paranormal activity. From hauntings to possession, the stories explore many aspects of what we know about activity. First hand accounts given from the people who have lived to tell their stories made for an interesting evening of reading. The inclusion of Jim's personal stories added the right touch to finish off the book.

  • For those who love a good ghost story, this book is a must. The stories are gleaned from the Campfire Tales radio show. Some of them are pretty creepy, so I stopped reading them just before bed. Reminded me of those nights when I was a child when I pulled the covers over my head in order to sleep!

  • This is the first book in the Jim Harold series that made it cool for adults to read under the covers with a flashlight again. Some of the stories will send chills down your spine, some will bring tears to your eyes, and some will make you want to keep the flashlight on until the sun comes up. Whether you listen to Jim Harold's Campfire podcast or not (but really you should), these stories are the real deal told by real people. Treat yourself to this book....and a new flashlight!