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ePub Knowing God Incarnate (Spirituality) download

by Richard Bauckham

ePub Knowing God Incarnate (Spirituality) download
Richard Bauckham
Grove Books Ltd (1983)
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Bauckham's argument rests on the idea that for Israel understanding Who God is was much more significant than understanding What divinity is. What the NT writers do is show how Jesus Christ was identified with God's identity. Through interpretation of passages like Psalm 110:1 and Deutero-Isaiah (40-55) the NT writers expressed the highest Christology right from the beginning: Jesus is God.

Richard Bauckham is Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of St. Andrews. The history of the doctrine of universal salvation (or apokastastasis) is a remarkable one. Until the nineteenth century almost all Christian theologians taught the reality of eternal torment in hell.

Richard J. Bauckham is Lecturer in the History of Christian Thought at the Univeristy of Manchester, England. degrees from the University of Cambridge

Richard J. degrees from the University of Cambridge. He has published articles in The Journal of Theological Studies, The Reformed Journal, Evangelical Quarterly, and Tyndale Bulletin, and is a specialist in the area of eschatology and apocalypticism. Enhanced Typesetting: Not Enabled. in Kindle Store Kindle eBooks Religion & Spirituality Christian Books & Bibles Theology Eschatology.

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In this volume Richard Bauckham, a leading biblical scholar and a bestselling author in the academy, illuminates main theological themes of the Gospel of John. Bauckham provides insightful analysis of key texts, covering topics such as divine and human community, God's glory, the cross and the resurrection, and the sacraments. This work will serve as an ideal supplemental text for professors and students in a course on John or the four Gospels. It will also be of interest to New Testament scholars and theologians. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Richard Bauckham shows how God identifies himself with particular .

Bauckham applies these insights to the contemporary scene, encouraging those involved in mission to be sensitive to postmodern concerns about globalization while at the same time emphasizing the uniqueness of Christian faith. In doing so, he demonstrates the diversity of Christian faith around the world. This book will be rewarding reading for pastors, lay leaders, and students of Scripture, mission, and postmodernism.

Recent papers in Richard Bauckham . In other words, if Christology were foundational to knowing God, then Jesus’ divinity must be examined via his history as witnessed by Christian scriptures. Such methodology ensures our witnessing is within the confines of Nicene Orthodoxy and guards against heretical tendencies (. bitheism and modalism). Christian theology proposes that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word and Wisdom of God, the agent in whom the Spirit of God is supremely present among us, is the rationale and the telos of all things - time-space as we experience and explore it; nature and all its enigmas; matter itself.

In this book, Bauckham argues that the Synoptic Gospels are based "quite closely" on the testimony of eyewitnesses, while the Gospel of John is written by an eyewitness, against the current scholarly consensus that the Synoptic Gospels are closer to the eyewitnesses and John further removed.

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