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ePub Voluntary Controls (An Aletheia Foundation Book) download

by Jack Schwarz

ePub Voluntary Controls (An Aletheia Foundation Book) download
Jack Schwarz
Penguin Books (October 1, 1992)
Worship & Devotion
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Voluntary Controls book. Voluntary Controls (An Aletheia Foundation Book). 0140193545 (ISBN13: 9780140193541).

Voluntary Controls book.

the Menninger Foundation and for their continuous support. As this book will make apparent, Jack is not just an inspired teacher with unusual powers over his nervous system and psychic gifts. F{e is a man of knowledge.

Biography Jack Schwarz (1924-2000), born in Dordrecht, Holland; was in the Dutch . This is what Jack Schwarz' program at Aletheia offers.

Biography Jack Schwarz (1924-2000), born in Dordrecht, Holland; was in the Dutch Underground during World War II, and came to US in 1957 . His ways of seeing and of prompting vision or awareness are to my mind far more important elements of his ability to heal than his extensive knowledge of naturopathy.

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by. Schwarz, Jack, 1924-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Jack Schwarz, a pioneer in the education health field, has gained worldwide recognition for his work

Jack Schwarz, a pioneer in the education health field, has gained worldwide recognition for his work. Results of tests performed on Jack document his abilities to self-regulate many processes.

Voluntary Controls (An Aletheia Foundation Book). Voluntary Controls has simple but profound ways of going deeper into my belief system and find the ways I sabotage myself and therefore, greatly reshape my life.

I have nearly all of Jack Schwarz's books including the succeeding title to this book. Jack Schwarz is a legendary Master of Energy and Health. He is able to help people find the keys to success in learning the ways to use the natural laws of energy to live a life filled with harmony and balance. But this particular title was no longer in print, so when I saw it here I looked for a very good copy to complete my collection of Jack Schwarz Books. When it arrived I found the book to be in very good condition. This book comes from the teachings of a Personal Health Class and is fine tuned so each person can understand the principles involved in the process of a healthful life style.

10 April ·. Make Good, Inc.

  • This book seemed not all that greatly written at first, but at the same time, I could see the writer was really describing bedrock in his field. Couldn't take the style, though, so put it aside at first. But then, when one tires of a flowery style or reading that is exciting, and in short when one really needs help, this may be a go-to author. I haven't read any of his other books. I am acquainted with someone who was a personal friend of his, a man quite suspicious of the esoteric who thinks Jack Schwarz is the real McCoy, authentic, so have had a strong recommendation in that way. Because of this recommendation, I did give the book more attention than I otherwise would have, and what do you know, it took a while but I finally began to get the hang of it. This transition has been like going from a wine cooler to Hennessy cognac. So I only pick up the book when I am in deep enough trouble that I am willing to do what he says. Not so often, but the book is always at the ready in my bedside bookshelf.

  • If my follow-up and efforts matched this book, the improvements would be profound. Not giving up and highly recommend this book.

  • Good job wonderful book

  • classic must read

  • A Great Way To Develop A Steadfast Practice

  • I am pleased with the quality condition of the book I ordered. Thank you for your efficiency and care. I was also pleased that I can go the Amazon and most times they have what I am looking for.
    Voluntary Controls has simple but profound ways of going deeper into my belief system and find the ways I sabotage myself and therefore, greatly reshape my life. Nancy Doyle

  • I was at a pivotal position in my life when this book found me. I was questioning everything I was taught during my thirteen years of Catholic school and doing my best to deal with the shallow and destructive energies that college life surrounded me with. My transformation began on the fateful day that I walked into the used book store on the main street of my college town and I was looking for a book on meditation. Having just read the The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence and The Holographic Universe, I was ready for something more personal and intimate. I felt like I was meant for bigger and better things, but I was so disconnected with everything including myself. I needed something to help me bridge that gap. Voluntary Controls opened me up to a whole new world (or rather it began to wake me up to the world I was already in).

    The beginning section of this book is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone on a path of spiritual and personal development. Jack Schwarz made me realize that no one can teach me anything. All we can do is have our own experiences and look for validation in what others experience. Thats what learning is, it is NOT knowledge transferred from one person to another. Sure, we can gain ideas of what to look for through reading about other people's experiences, but until we take that step and try it for ourself, we have no actual understanding of the experience in question.

    You can tell that Mr. Schwarz had many different "teachers" but the end result is entirely his own interpretation of the experiences that he had. What is so important is that he does not push any of his ideas on to you like a doctrine, but encourages you to see things for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I believe this self determined approach is what has led to some of his views being somewhat at odds with traditional energy study. For instance, Jack Schwarz says that some of the chakras are of different colors than the popular chromatic view. Also his idea of combining creative visualization with a more static and traditional form of meditation is quite a unique combination of different traditional practices.

    The thing is, regardless of whether you agree with his conclusions, you cannot argue that the man was able to do things that few others could. The control of his brain states along with control over his healing and other bodily functions is enough proof to me that I will follow in his footsteps. By that, I mean I will find my own path, searching for the truth in my own experience. I believe there are many different paths to enlightenment, and perhaps the most direct route is to create your own.

  • Voluntary controls is a complex book. Be prepared to spend 5-7 years mastering the exercises, which are the most
    complex exercises to
    open the chakras I have seen. Also do not do the exercise of imagining to walk into a movie
    screen and then leading your ideal life, as this exercise is an astral doorway, and it will take you straight into
    the astral plane. Aside from this warning, there are easier ways to open the chakras, for example, by running
    the Daoist microcosmic orbit for 20 minutes a day for three months. After that you stop, and the energy will keep circulating
    and healing energetic blockages until the energy rises all the way to the top of your head. After this, opening the chakras
    that are still not open will be as simple as concentrating on that particular chakra and willing it to open.