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ePub South American's Wife, The (Romance S.) download

by Kay Thorpe

ePub South American's Wife, The (Romance S.) download
Kay Thorpe
Mills & B. (March 5, 2004)
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Kay Thorpe can be a hit-and-miss writer (I hated The Spanish Connection, ugh) but this is a lovely story, balanced with the expected angst, adorable little sister and gee - can I say it again - a rare to find, decent HP hero.

The South American's Wife (Romance . by. Kay Thorpe (Author). Kay Thorpe (Author), Daphne Clair (Author). Kay Thorpe can be a hit-and-miss writer (I hated The Spanish Connection, ugh) but this is a lovely story, balanced with the expected angst, adorable little sister and gee - can I say it again - a rare to find, decent HP hero. One person found this helpful.

The South American's Wife - Kay Thorpe. The three months you’ve spent here in Brazil as my wife. He paused again, as if gathering himself. We met at the hotel where you were spending a holiday.

The South American's Wife.

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The South American's Wife Текст. When he held out a hand to her, she went willingly into his arms. The South Americanâ?™s Wife Kay Thorpe.

The South American's Wife (Modern Romance). Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780263837391.

The South American's Wife (2004). Omnibus In Collaboration.

Sometimes Kay Thorpe finds she has become two different people: the writer at her happiest when involved in the world of books and authors; and the housewife, turning her hands to the everyday needs of husband and son. Once in a while, she finds it difficult to step from one role to the other. The South American's Wife (2004).

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  • Despite believing the worst of his wife, Luiz absolutely refuses to divorce his wife and wants to fight for their marriage. Thanks to horrible SIL, Luiz believes Karen had run off with another man. Karen having been involved in an accident, has amnesia and tries to work out where she fits into the family. She also can't figure out why she would have apparently run out on such a decent, and clearly handsome husband.

    Kay Thorpe can be a hit-and-miss writer (I hated The Spanish Connection, ugh) but this is a lovely story, balanced with the expected angst, adorable little sister and gee - can I say it again - a rare to find, decent HP hero.

  • Karen and Luiz Andrade are married for a few months after a whirlwind courtship - literally one week knowing each other. She ran off one day after getting some devastating news and he believes she left w/ OM. Of course she then gets into an accident and is injured w/ partial amnesia, and the OM is nowhere to be found. But Luiz will take his estranged wife back home and try to make a go at it because marriage is forever . . . doncha know?!

    Luiz wasn't a bad guy, but he did believe other people rather than looking for some solid evidence. Luiz also liked to keep things from his wife and by keeping his secrets he opened them up to hurt and manipulations by outside parties who only had their own best interests at heart. Karen believed at times that she may have cheated on her handsome hubby, but somehow she knew that didn't sound like her either. So she has to regain her memory and get to the bottom of this mystery.

    Karen believed other people as well rather than speaking to her husband, but seriously he should have told her. I suppose it looked bad that she was meeting w/ OM, but after he accuses her she does explain that . . . okay after she accuse him about OW he explains as well. I WANTED to see SIL get hers though. Didn't want to read that he took care of her I wanted to see her try to wiggle out of it or at least admit to her part in the whole thing.

    ***SPOILERS*** Karen ran off because she believed that Luiz had a child w/ OW and that he was frequently seeing them when he was out that way. In Karen's defense she was still suffering the loss of her child w/ Luiz and she didn't think things through nor confront him. It was easier to be manipulated and believe the worst of Luiz. And it was nice that Luiz never really forgave his mother too for her part in the problems in his marriage.

  • Karen Downing wakes up in a strange hospital bed in Rio de Janeiro with a dark, brooding man by her side. The man promptly informs her that she is his wife of three months, but Karen can't remember the last three months of her life for anything. The man also informs her that she had left him for another man. Karen can hardly believe that she would cheat on her husband - especially a man such as handsome and virile as this one - but then again, she can hardly believe that she'd marry a man she didn't even know for a week! When her husband takes her back to the home they had shared, will Karen be able to remember the reason she ran away from this man?
    Luiz Andrade couldn't believe that his wife had left him for a sniveling jerk, but she apparently had. Luiz didn't believe in divorce, though, so he went after his wife, and had found her in a hospital, apparently devoid of her memories of him. Despite the fact that he can't get the picture of her in the arms of another man out of his mind, he is determined to make this marriage work, whether Karen wants it to or not. There has never been a divorce in the Andrade family, and he won't be the first to get one! The passion is still there between them, but Luiz doesn't trust it, and doesn?t trust her, either. Can their marriage be saved?
    I enjoyed this book a great deal. I was intrigued from the first page of the book, and I wouldn't put it down until I had finished the story! There was definite tension throughout most of the book while Karen wondered why she had left the man of her dreams, and the reader keeps guessing along with her. I was surprised once the reason she left was revealed, which is a rare thing since I usually figure out the 'surprise' endings before I read half of the book. Not this time! I also enjoyed the tension between Luiz and Karen, because the attraction was obviously still there even though her memories of him weren't there.
    The only reason I gave this book only four stars was the fact that Luiz was too domineering for my tastes. He was sexy, yes, and he was also intriguing, but he believed that his wife had to do exactly what he said at all times. I felt like he was treating Karen like a child instead of a wife and an equal. The ending of the book also left several loose ends, the epilogue tried to tie them up but I just wasn't satisfied at how rushed the ending of the book was. Still, this book was a great read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a quick, interesting romance.