by Rebecca Winters

Rebecca Winters
HARLEQUIN MILLS & BOON; New Ed edition (December 4, 1998)
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The Nutcracker Prince - Enchanted S. (Paperback). Rebecca Winters (author). Please provide me with your latest book news, views and details of Waterstones’ special offers.

The Nutcracker Prince - Enchanted S.

The Nutcracker Prince book. Upon returning to the . in secondary education, history, French, and Spanish from the University of Rebecca Winters, an American writer and mother of four, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. When she was 17, she went to boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she learned to speak French and met girls from all over the world.

The Nutcracker prince. by. Winters, Rebecca. Romance - General, Non-Classifiable, Fiction, Fiction - Romance, Romance: Regency, Spy stories, Families. Toronto ; New York : Harlequin Books. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on July 18, 2012.

Rebecca Brown Burton (born February 14, 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States) is a popular United States writer of over 75 romance novels under her married name Rebecca Burton.

Rebecca Brown Burton (born February 14, 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States) is a popular United States writer of over 75 romance novels under her married name Rebecca Burton, under her complete name Rebecca Brown Burton, and as Rebecca Winters for Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. Born on February 14, 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah, . Burton is the daughter of the Dr. John Zimmerman Brown, Jr. and Kathryn Ormsby Hyde. She studied in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Surely once they were living with their uncle in this enchanted place, all . She cracked a hint of a smile and delicately took the nutcracker into her hands.

Surely once they were living with their uncle in this enchanted place, all the pain would go and they'd live happily ever after. But Donald, older than Minnie by two years, was getting wary of his uncle's uncomfortable pause. This was not a new toy at all, and years of hugs and play had worn down its shine. Yet the nutcracker seemed to wear the chips and scrapes it had like badges of honor. This was a loved doll, and in a way that only children can, Minnie understood the weight of what had been given to her. By (author) Rebecca Winters. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Rebecca Winters writes good, honest romances that are light and not swimming in illicit sex.

The Nutcraker Prince is not an exception.

Rebecca Guay, from The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories, via. The Nutcracker- Clara and the Prince and Sugar . KESS InHouse Nutcracker by Mandie Manzano Outdoor Throw Pillow. An Enchanted Evening by Mandie Manzano- Inspired by the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker- Clara and the Prince and Sugar Plum Fairy. Page Hannah Hannah Lynn Puzzle Art Colouring Techniques 2 Colours Adult Coloring Pages Colored Pencils Adobe Photoshop Color Combinations. An Enchanting Evening by Mandie Manzano ~ romance digital stained glass art. Clara and her Nutcracker Prince in stained glass window. A Nutcracker Christmas.

  • I liked the overall plot of the story but it fell short. Many things were unrealistic. For example, telling a little girl that they need to change the father's name and she can't tell anyone. Children, by accident came come out with the truth and then feel bad.
    The H's relationship with the OW / friend was never really explained. He had to be pretty close to the woman to get up and in front of his wife and daughter stand there with his arm around the woman. While one might give a hug to a close friend when saying "Hello" you don't typically stand there with arms around each other for an extended period of time. Then, when he leaves and says he had enough, he doesn't contact the h or his daughter at all just appears on the doorsteps with his mother. What happened to at least calling and stating that you're coming back?

    Rebecca Winters is a good author but this one just didn't work. Perhaps because this was very short she didn't get a chance to fully develop the characters and the plot. Either way I was left disappointed.

  • Meg Roberts fell in love with Russian KGB agent Konstantin Rudenko, he begged Meg to stay in Russia and marry him. But unlike most books when the woman goes to a foreign country and meets a man she usually marries him. Not Meg, she refuses to marry Kon. Instead she goes back to the USA and finds she is going to have a baby.
    Now that baby is six years old and Meg takes her to see the ballet The Nutcracker, little Anna loves the play. But as they are leaving the building a man stops them. The man is Kon, but now his name is Gary Johnson. He has defected to America. His real name is Dimitri Leonovitch, the KGB renamed him when they kidnapped him when he was a small child, and gave him the name of Konstanin Rudenko.
    Now all he wants is to have his little girl and Meg, with him.
    But Meg doesn't trust him, she first thinks Kon has come to take Anna back to Russia. But Kon has come to stay, in fact he has bought a house and gotten a career as a writer, and he is doing well.
    Meg still won't trust him. He gets Meg to marry him because Anna wants her daddy to be with her all the time.
    Then they marry and moves into Kon's house with his two dogs.
    But when he takes Anna for a walk, Meg panics and calls the police.
    Only to find Kon (Gary) and Anna had stopped at a lonely old man's house to invite him to Christmas dinner.
    One of the people reviewing the book, points out to us dummies that this isn't the real Nutcracker story, but unless Ms Winters is into Plagiarism I don't think she would write the same story as the original. From the back of the book: '"Are you really my daddy" Anna wriggled loose form her mother's grip and gazed up at Can. "You look just like the Nutcracker Prince in my storybook!"
    Meg was shaken by the stars in her daughter's eyes, shaken by this new threat to her own fragile emotions and hard-won independence. But she knew it was too late...
    "My mommy told me my daddy lives in Russia and can't ever come to visit," Anna Confided to Can in a loud whisper.
    "Well, your mommy is wrong, Anochka. I'm your daddy and I've always loved you, even though we've never met and I lived far away. But now I'm finally here, in America." Can glanced at Meg. She couldn't, wouldn't, meet his eyes. "I'm looking forward to our first Christmas together, Anochka. As a family"'

  • Once there was a tremendously naive American schoolteacher who spent time in Russia and fell for a tall, dark, handsome, arrogant KGB agent. Then she wound up back in the US, a single mother to the precocious daughter who was born as a result.

    Except now, years later, Mr. Tall-Dark-Et Cetera has reappeared, and wants to be part of the family. But trust comes hard for the woman who's been betrayed, and this is the point where the reader may get a little impatient with both hero and heroine: Meg has a nasty habit of jumping to conclusions and freaking out, and Kon has a nasty habit of being unbelievably obtuse about her fears.

    On the plus side, though, there are some incredibly tender moments when the two are not losing it or glaring at each other. I like the book better now than the first few times I read it . . .

  • during the book i was bored 2 death! its the most NOT interesting romance i have ever read/ the end is so predictable... i read it as an assigment 2 my class... do not waist your time on it!