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ePub Loved Me Once: A Novel Of Love, Romance And Business download

by Gail Hewitt

ePub Loved Me Once: A Novel Of Love, Romance And Business download
Gail Hewitt
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (May 14, 2009)
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Gail is a consultant and author of the Love, Romance and Business series of romance novels.

Gail is a consultant and author of the Love, Romance and Business series of romance novels. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America.

I enjoyed the love and romance of Loved Me Once. A Novel of Love, Romance and Business. Maggie's unresolved feelings from her youth were skillfully presented with the highs and lows of her relationship with Miles. I finished the book wanting more. A really classy romance with a protagonist who is clearly dealing with some of today's most relevant topics in the workplace. I found it an interesting page-turner and couldn't wait to find out her romantic decision. The author has woven in another topic I personally found relevant, that of caring for aging parents.

All the tension of the novel revolves around one question: Will Anne and Wentworth be reunited in their love? Jane Austen once compared her writing to painting on a little bit of ivory, 2 inches square.

Gail Hewitt is a business consultant and the author of several titles of contemporary romance, including the Love, Romance, and Business Series. Series: Love, Romance and Business.

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An insistent new love. The old boyfriend who dumped her long ago. The offer of a job suspiciously better than the one from which she was just fired. Will Maggie make the right choices this time around?   Maggie McLaurin is a survivor. She's endured romantic loss, bad career outcomes, and the mother from hell. For a while, her situation stabilized. Her job as a developer of training for a New York HR consultancy provides a steady although hardly spectacular income. She managed to buy a fixer-up condo, tiny but well located, when city property values tanked. She found a good caregiver for her dementia-impaired mother, who's still living in the old family home in Atlanta. As for romance, she's decided she can live without it. It isn't an exciting life, but she's managed to meet her commitments, and she's satisfied with how things are going.   What she doesn't know is that, as Christmas 2008 approaches, she is about to become personal, professional, and financial roadkill and will be forced to make choices that are complicated by her emotional isolation.   What's worrying her sick as the book opens is the promise she made to her dead and much-loved father to keep her mother in the home she's had for decades? That promise was made when money wasn't an issue. Nowadays, it's become the primary issue, and Maggie is frantic. It's no longer a matter of prioritizing her resources to do without in order to keep her mother where she is. The resources are gone, and suddenly so's the job that's been taking up the slack.   What could be salvation appears in the form of Miles, Kimball, an insistent, well-connected, younger man who wants to marry her. As she's digesting his offer, one that's even more unexpected comes along. The job of a lifetime is dangled before her by Tom Scott, the old-boy-friend-who-made-good, the one who "loved me once", even though he subsequently dumped her.   Nothing's simple. She isn't sure she can do the fantastic job she's been offered, and both men have issues as far as she's concerned.   Miles is a romantic, determined to put his great-grandmother's "gossip-column diamond" on her third finger, left hand. He's as attractive as his family is prominent, but he's so obsessive it's almost scary. And there are a lot of strings attached to his offer.   Tom has made a quick trip from rags to riches and is now incredibly successful, on top of which he's as hunky as ever. Still, she can't forget that once upon a time he humiliated her, broke her heart, and hung onto embarrassing Polaroids of her seventeen-year-old self.   Maggie's learned one thing along the way: things are rarely what they seem. She's got a lot to think about.   Loved Me Once, third title in Gail Hewitt's Love, Romance and... Series, is a sharply written look at how personal and professional situations can evolve and intertwine to complicate a woman's life long after she thinks she's come to terms with whatever the future may bring. If you like to see a woman, like so many women today, coping successfully with whatever life throws at her, you'll enjoy meeting Maggie. Parental discretion is advised, as the titles in the series contain multiple sexually explicit scenes and/or references.   Buy Loved Me Once today to see what Maggie chooses to do and the direction in which she's heading. It may not be where you think. 
  • I'm finding so many new authors with my Kindle!!

    I was pleasantly surprised by Loved Me Once. This is a very well written and plotted romance with an older heroine. In fact at 44, Maggie is one of the oldest women I have ever seen featured in a romance. No spoilers, but Maggie finds her share of romance and it's great. I really loved the fact that Maggie was portrayed so intelligently (so tired of books featuring air-headed women).

  • I liked it but it was a little predictable and unrealistic in some places for me.

  • The book is a good read. Easy to read and interesting to follow. I have just one complaint and that occurs with all the books I've read on Kindle...the spelling and grammatical errors throughout the books are truely a let down. Are there no longer proof readers and if not why not?!?

  • I like this book, the details and the characters. Its fun to read a romance novel especially when the main female character is not flaky, she even has a career. In fact the book is really based around her career and her love life (her being Maggie of course). The career focused, self-respecting Maggie made this romance much easier to relate to than most, and more fun to read.
    As soon as I finished this book I read the second novel. Try it, you won't regret it.

  • Great read. I love to read and this book was hard to put down. Couldnt wait for bedtime so I could read into the wee hours of the morning. Wished it had a sequel as I wanted to read more about the characters future. :)

  • This book is a good read if you want to learn how to set up a business or run a seminar. The romantic interludes went nowhere. The ending left loose ends concerning the outcome of that. I understood after I read that the author had a business background. She was following the rule to write about what you know. If you're looking for a book with romance, this is not for you.

  • Liked it very much, a coplete story with strong caracters and interesting developement.

    Very entertained and easy to read. Enjoy!!

  • This book is just ok to me. While I like the main character, the author does not spend enough time developing relationships with the 2 main male players.