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by Barbara Metzger

ePub Duel (Signet Eclipse) download
Barbara Metzger
San Val (February 2005)
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The Duel (Signet Eclipse) Mass Market Paperback. barbara metzger is an enjoyable writer whose books I look forward to reading.

The Duel (Signet Eclipse) Mass Market Paperback. Wedded Bliss Mass Market Paperback. Primrose Path Mass Market Paperback. Lord Heartless (Regency Romance) Mass Market Paperback. Series: Signet Eclipse. Paperback: 352 pages.

The Hourglass (Signet Eclipse) Mass Market Paperback – March 6, 2007. I just adore books by Barbara Metzger

The Hourglass (Signet Eclipse) Mass Market Paperback – March 6, 2007. by. Barbara Metzger (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Sir Coryn of Ardsley, called "Ar," is a knight during the Crusades who plunders and pillages. When he dies, he becomes one of many beings known as "Death. I just adore books by Barbara Metzger. Her characters are good and she always has animals in the story, usually dogs or horses. This time it was a crow and he almost stole the book.

Barbara Metzger is the author of over three dozen books and a dozen novellas. When not painting, writing romances or reading them, she volunteers at the local library, gardens and goes beach-combing and yard-saling.

Truly Yours (Signet Eclipse). Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; china; americana. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

Barbara Metzger is the living successor to the title left vacant with the death of Georgette Heyer, "Queen of the . With TRULY YOURS, Metzger shows a growing maturity and assurance as an author

Barbara Metzger is the living successor to the title left vacant with the death of Georgette Heyer, "Queen of the Regency Romance. With TRULY YOURS, Metzger shows a growing maturity and assurance as an author. All of Metzger's books are clever and erudite. Her prose is flawless and her plots are compelling

The Duel - Barbara Metzger. I also love how Ms. Metzger gives us some peeks at the servants and their behaviors in her books as well as having a salty dog or two involved in the story.

The Duel - Barbara Metzger. Her books engage my whole attention and are a wonderful lighthearted way to pass the time. Her novels, mostly set in Regency-era England, have won numerous awards, including the Romance Writers of America RITA, the National Reader's Choice Award, and the Madcap award for humor in romance writing. In addition, Barbara has won two Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times Magazine.

  • Just when I thought I was nearly finished reading most of Metzger's books, I purchased three others after truly enjoying this one. The story takes off with a duel being fought between our hero, Ian, Earl of Marden, who was sleeping with the wrong man's wife - that would be Lady Paige. Lord Paige has challenged Ian to meet him, as usual in the early morning hours. Ian truly regrets his past behavior, but what can one do except try to be a better man in the future? He will of course delope, however, before he gets the opportunity to do so, Lord Paige turns and tries to shoot him in the back. His shot goes awry, Ian is angry and decides to pretend he will shoot Lord Paige. Of course he does not and when he finally does delope, his shot apparently found another target after presumably ricocheting off a tree. That would be a young, sickly teenage boy,Troy Renslow, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Ian nearly loses his mind as he does everything he can to "fix it." When he goes to Troy's home to pick up his sister, Athena, to come and care for her brother, he believes her to be much younger than she is and comes very close to telling her to bring her nursemaid along - lol. In fact, she's 19 years old. By the time Ian is aware of this fact, he's allowed Athena to spend too much time in his bachelor establishment and then, he really does nearly lose his mind since his reputation is not quite the thing.

    I loved the first 3/4's of this book. One of my favorite parts is when Ian and Athena are in Troy's room, both thinking Troy will die which finally results in Ian praying and making all sort of promises to God if only He will allow Troy to live. Along the way, Ian and his best friend continually attempt different strategies to try to "fix it" everything by cooking up some crazy stuff. I think what made it super funny to me was the way Ian's thoughts were expressed. I would have given this book five stars, but the last 1/4 just went on without much of a plan. It was kinda like Ms. Metzger couldn't quite figure out how to bring closure to the story, so we are taken through some extraneous circumstances without anything that was of much interest (to me) while Ian was endeavoring to regain Athena's trust. I won't give away how and why he lost her trust, but she did have some legitimate reasons for wondering if he would ever be honest with her.

    All in all, I liked both characters a lot. As usual, there were some great minor characters also.

  • This was a wonderful read, as most of Metzger's books are. It was sweet and simple and funny and endearing. The Hero was fantastic. Ian was everything a Regency hero should be: T, D, & H and a rake to boot. And this time not an honorable man pretending to be a rake. Oh no, poor put upon Ian is a rake in truth who finds himself in the unthinkable position of having to pretend to be an honorable man. The book opens with our Hero forced into a duel with his latest mistress's husband. That he had already regretted the affair and had sent the woman her conge several days prior meant nothing to the husband who was fleeing creditors anyway and wanted to save face with the duel as the reason for flight. So he fired early, thankfully missed, and gave Ian a lot to think about. Ian deliberately fired wide and apparently hit an innocent youth who was watching. Taking full responsibility for the potential crime, Ian takes the lad to his home and then fetches the boy's sister who he thinks is younger. Turns out our heroine is plenty old enough to be marriageable which is a pity because confirmed, shameless rakes don't keep respectable older ladies lying about their residences begging for an impressionable innocent to protect. Thankfully this particular rake has an even more shameless friend who isn't afraid of a little crossdressing - for the right price - and so the innocent miss just might make it out of this debacle with her reputation intact, at least until our Hero can bully his mother to Town. The rest of the cast was a delight. All the characters are well fleshed out. Our heroine is perfect, an innocent country miss who may not be worldly but knows enough of herself to know her own heart and has enough backbone to fight for what she has decided on. If that means she has to stick to her guns and refuse Ian's duty proposal, against the wishes of everyone she knows, so be it. I cheered for her no matter what decision she made because she only wanted to do the right thing. Such a great book. Well written, excellent research. Very highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.

  • Sweet and amusing characters but I found myself skipping larger sections of story. There was a lot of exposition, narration, and the character's internal. It almost seems like a serial that was stretched and padded to produce a 100K novel.

    Originally the plot was intriguing. The hero, Ian, accidentally shoots a teenaged bystander, Troy, during a duel. Stricken with guilt, Ian brings the gravelly injured boy to his home and fetches the boy's sister. Ian thinks the sister (Athena) is a child, so he does nothing to provide a chaperon. Later he realizes that Athena is 19, and in desperation Ian orchestrates a few madcap schemes to camouflage the fact that he has had a 19 year-old-girl living unchaperoned at his house. But all of his antics are to no available. He realizes that he must marry Athena or she will be ruined in the eyes of society. At this point (half-way through the book) the story starts to fizzle. Even the knowledge that Ian was the person who shot her brother causes very little conflict or tension. In truth, throughout the whole book, there is nothing keeping the hero and heroine apart except personal misconceptions and misunderstandings.

    I also found that the writer left several loose ends. The fact that physical debilities run in Athena's family (club feet) is mentioned but never expanded. Also, what happened with the romantic subplots between Ian's friend (Caswell) and Ian's sister, what happened between Ian's mother and Athena's uncle? What happens to Athena's brother Troy, what about Athena's older brother (does he get the heir he was hoping for)? Lots of loose ends that a short epilogue would have answered.

  • Good story. Great characters...and they had a lot of personality. The H and h were a great match for the other. Worth reading.