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by Lorraine Heath

ePub Texas Destiny download
Lorraine Heath
Berkley (June 1, 1997)
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Amelia stood beside the springs, listening to the babble of the water as it flowed over the moss covered rocks.

Amelia stood beside the springs, listening to the babble of the water as it flowed over the moss covered rocks any he’d brought her from Fort Worth. A gift to capture her memories. In the years to come, she knew she would take it from the cedar chest, look upon it with fondness, and remember the first of the happiest days of her life. She had intertwined her arm through Houston’s, just as their lives would forever be joined. No brand would emblazon their union.

Texas Destiny is the first book in Lorraine Heath’s Texas Trilogy, and my first read by this author. Great hero, great heroine, believable storyline, humor, passio. his book has everything I need for a 5 star read.

Don't read this fabulous book in public unless you're prepared to weep in front of strangers. Emotional and Touching Romance. Published by Thriftbooks. This book touched me from beginning to end and is a book I'll always treasure.

He’s fallen for a woman. When she steps off the train and locks eyes with her betrothed, she immediately feels drawn to him. But the cowboy standing before her isn’t Dallas.

My first western historical and my first my Lorraine Heath. A nice, cute romance that develops realistically.

عاينة المستخدمين - kelleylizak - LibraryThing. My first western historical and my first my Lorraine Heath. The two love interests really get to know each others personalities and inner beauties.

Written by Lorraine Heath. Narrated by Eva Kaminsky . Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: HarperAudioReleased: Jul 10, 2018ISBN: 0062046608Format: audiobook.

A weary, ex-Civil War soldier travels to Fort Worth to collect his brother's mail-order bride, a beautiful belle eager to escape war-ravaged Georgia, and finds the object of his heart
  • Amelia Carson has been communicating with Dallas Leigh after she had placed an ad for a husband. Dallas wants a wife to give him a son as he builds his ranching empire in Western Texas. After communicating for some time, Amelia and Dallas conclude they will be suited for one another. Dallas sends Amelia a train ticket to Fort Worth, Texas and she is expecting him to arrive for her. Dallas, in the meantime has broken his leg while taming a horse, and send his brother, Houston, to bring Amelia back to the ranch. Houston is scarred physically and emotionally from his time fighting in the Civil War, and concludes that Dallas thinks no woman would find him attractive enough to fall in love with, or to wed. This is probably a bad conclusion by Houston, but he believes it nevertheless. Along the long and dangerous trip to Dallas's ranch Amelia and Houston have a number of things happen: snake bite, torrential rains and flooding. All of these events are believable in a historical context of the time. The two discover a deep love for one another, but Houston knows that Amelia is meant for Dallas. Or is she? This is an emotional story, and it's wonderfully written. The characters are deeply realized and believable. I read this book years ago when it was first printed. Now I have it on my Kindle so I can read it again and again, because it's a keeper.

  • Well, I finished it.
    The story itself isn't too bad although completely unbelievable. Innocent and pretty mail order bride meets her future husband's brother and travels alone with him through the wilderness. He's scarred inside and out from injuries sustained in the civil war. Naturally, on the way to her new home, they encounter many obstacles and fall in love. He doesn't think he's worth it so lets her marry his brother. In the end - and without anyone dying- they get their HEA.
    I tried to like this book but every time I thought maybe I could I realized that no, I just can't get into it.
    The book also needs some editing.

    So, there's definitely potential but imo the book just wasn't good enough for three stars.

  • Amelia has come from Georgia as a mail-order bride for Dallas Leigh. However, he's broken his leg and sends his brother, Houston, in his place. Houston was wounded badly in the Civil War and lost an eye as well as damaging that side of his face. It takes them about a month to travel back to Dallas's ranch and they endure snakebite, flood, and other privations while forming an unbreakable bond.
    I really like Beauty and the Beast stories and while I don't read a lot of Westerns, this one looked good.
    I enjoyed most of it, but the last part of the story kind of fell apart. Amelia is sweet but tough and Houston is the silent stoic hero, but someone needed to smack their heads together once they reached the ranch. It ended okay and this was mostly a good read. I just wish that one or both of them would have displayed a little more gumption at the end - they were just lucky that things worked out as they did.

  • When it comes to romance, can it ever be “over the top?” With Lorraine Heath's prose, I can honestly say, absolutely not! Aside from a comfortable place to sit, it's best to have a box of tissues nearby, because you'll be reading for hours.

    She has outdone herself with the Texas Trilogy ~ Texas Destiny, Texas Glory and Texas Splendor! It is too hard to pick a favorite here because each book offers a study of complex people, struggling with their own demons and looking for redemption. They are full fledged novels, but it is best to read them in order.

    When Dallas sends for a Mail Order Bride, in the hope that he will find a woman to share his passion of building the dynasty of his dreams, he has no idea what awaits him upon her arrival. Due to an accident, he has sent his brother Houston to meet her instead. Ten years after the Civil War, Houston has grown used to people's reaction to his face, with an eye patch covering his blindness, and changed so horrifically by scars. Subconsciously, Dallas feels no threat from his brother, travelling the long distance to bring her back, as he can't imagine a woman being attracted to him. What takes place between them, though, during the long trek home, is an amazing mingling of souls, flourished by love. Amelia, with her inner strength and dignity marries Dallas anyway, to honor her promise to him.

    The extraordinary relationship between brothers, as different as day and night, is powerful and poignant. With great respect and insight, Dallas is able to understand that Amelia is meant to be with Houston. An annulment paves the way for them to be together. Dallas is not an easy man to like but when he allows his vulnerabilities to show, he is easy to love.

    In the continuing saga, we are introduced to Dee, a sheltered and naive young woman who becomes a pawn in the game her father and brothers are playing, in order to increase their ranch land. Dee agrees to marry Dallas to achieve peace, not realizing until she is no longer under her family's abusive thumbs, how resilient and strong she is. Her awakening is a beautiful thing to see.

    The final story is about Austin, the youngest brother who wishes to distinguish himself from his brothers and take a different path. His musical talent and sensitivity are tested beyond belief when he is accused of murdering one of Dee's brothers. In order to protect someone, he refuses the alibi that would affect the result and is sent to prison for 5 years. What happens next is the unfolding of a love story that is more exquisite than I can describe.

    Dallas and Dee, I adore; Houston and Amelia, enchant me; But, Austin and Loree are the epitome of love, that were we able to spread it around, the world would be a better place. These books bring to light what family should be and the fact that they survive, despite unspeakable evil, is a testament to the human spirit. Bravo, Ms. Heath, that's all I can say!