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by Anita Mills

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Anita Mills
Anita Mills (October 1, 1995)
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Christmas Rogues by. Anita Mills, Miranda Jarrett.

Inside the carriage, the windows were steamed over, obscuring the graying dawn. Anne Morland shifted her weight uncomfortably, seeking ease for her cramped limbs, and wondered where they were. a corner of the carriage rug, she wiped at the window, but there was naught to see outside. Her gaze moved to Dominick Deveraux, then to Albert Bascombe, and she asked herself dispiritedly how they could sleep, for she certainly could not. Not with the awful pounding in her head

Christmas Rogues (1995) (with Anita Mills and Patricia Potter).

Since then, Scott has written over fifty historical novels and novellas under several names, and has been published by Harlequin Books, Pocket Books, Penguin Books, Ballantine Books, St Martin's Press, and Kensington Books  . Christmas Rogues (1995) (with Anita Mills and Patricia Potter). Reckless Hearts (2001) (with Heather Graham). Gifts of the Season (2002) (with Anne Gracie and Lyn Stone).

ISBN 10: 0373832974 ISBN 13: 9780373832972. Publisher: Anita Mills, 1995.

An undeniable passion.

Gilliane de Lacey's pride is as fiery as her hair. An undeniable passion. Arabella of Byrum's stunning beauty is a blessing and a curse. It drew the brutal Elias of Woolford to make an irresistible offer for her hand in marriage, and it fueled the jealous rage that made Elias break that bond-leaving Arabella with an infant Elias refuses to acknowledge as his, and a shattered reputation.

Kidnapped by her callous cousin, Quentin Fordyce, beautiful Anne Morland has to fight off his amorous assault with all of her strength to avoid being stripped of her virtue and forced into a sham of a marriage.

Betrayed in a foreign land, one woman desperately attempts to return home in the sequel to AUTUMN RAIN. In the face of a command from the King of England himself, she refused to wed a lord she despises. Betrayed in a foreign land, one woman desperately attempts to return home in the sequel to AUTUMN RAIN. Never thought to be particularly pretty, Englishwoman Katherine Winsteady is flattered and overwhelmed by the attentions of the Russian Count Alexei Volsky and his sister Galena.

Three holiday romances follow the stories of a vengeance-seeking drifter and the Kansas rancher he meets, a former Union officer who is despised by everyone except one special woman, and a merchant's son who challenges his father. Original.
  • THE CHRISTMAS STRANGER (Anita Mills) I found this story to be quite moving.

    It is nearly Christmas of 1871, during a blinding snow storm in a Kansas soddie;* Beth Linderman is alone with a dying baby. Her distant, controlled husband died earlier in the year in a wagon accident.

    A stranger, almost frozen, happens upon her tiny house. Beth is relieved and feels her prayers have been answered. However, Matt Wiley is a hunted man who has been seeking justice for the murder of his father during the Civil War. He's already killed 5 of the men who hanged his father and is on the trail of the final 2 men.

    THE HOMECOMING (Patricia Potter) This wonderful story asks the question, `How does a Georgian who fought in the Union Army return home after the Civil War?'

    It is December 1865, and tensions are still high, even though the Civil War ended months earlier. Although Ryan Baxter survived intact, he's an angry and bitter man. His father and older brother are dead; only his mother Sarah survives. His family's home is one of the few not destroyed by Sherman's Army and that causes anger amongst his neighbors.

    Cherise Saunders, several years younger than Ryan, has always been in love with him. Cherise's brother Jeremy was Ryan's best friend until the war. However, Jeremy fought on the opposite side and came home without an arm. Now, Jeremy is in a rage about the family's losses and lays them all at Ryan's door.

    BAYBERRY AND MISTLETOE (Miranda Jarrett) This Christmas wedding takes place at an earlier time in American history - December 1770. Jarrett uses this avenue to introduce her series to new readers - the Sparhawks.

    Bethany Sparhawk, the quiet middle daughter of a famous shipping magnate, has agreed to marry an impressive businessman, William Howland, 26 years Bethany's senior. He's been a widower for many years. He has a son from that marriage, Robin Howland.

    Robin has been in London, learning the family business - and then increasing its worth dramatically. William and Robin are at odds with each other and have not seen each other for about 10 years. Robin appears in Newport at Christmastime, hoping to convince his father to return to England before any conflict breaks out between the Colonies and Great Britain.

    This story is fairly predictable and could have taken place at any time of the year; I felt it was the weakest story of the trio.

    * A soddie is a small sod house made of brick-shaped strips of sod, laid like brickwork. During our early American history, they were constructed by settlers on the Great Plains, where timber was scarce.

  • From the back cover:

    Christmas has always been the time for sharing with loved ones, and what gift could be better than these wonderful stories of love from three of the greatest writers of historicla romance? Unwrap these beautiful tales from Anita Mills, Patricia Potter and Miranda Jarrett and meet...a drifter torn between his quest for revenge and the lovely Kansas rancher he meets along the way; a former union officer despised as a traitor by everyone in his Georgia hometown, except for one strong woman; and a Rhode Island merchant's son who has to challenge his own father for the love of a shy spinster.

    Each rogue comes wrapped in danger, yet each brings with him the greatest gift of all--love.

    And my review:

    The first story, THE CHRISTMAS STORY by Anita Mills, was the best novella in the collection. The basic story is that hero's father was killed by a bunch of renegades soldiers in the American civil war who (unjustly) accused the man of being a spy and hanged him in front of his wife and daughter. The man's son (the hero) has sworn vengeance, and has had his revenge on all but the last two of the bunch. On the way to tracking them down, he is caught in a blizzard and forced to take shelter in the heroine's home. Once there, he helps to nurse her year-old daughter through diptheria and falls in love with the lovely young widow. But with a price on his head, a happy ending looks impossible.

    I really liked this story. I felt that the attraction between the hero and heroine was well done without being overblown or based on only lust. In fact, the relationship is never consummated during this novella, and I think the story is actually stronger for it. The characters were well-drawn, and the love story enjoyable, and not rushed. The only complaint I had was that it seemed to wrap up just a little too quickly and easily. However, I was impressed by this author, and will be on the lookout for more of her books. Four stars.

    The second story was Patricia Potter's THE HOMECOMING. In this story, a man accused of being a traitor during the American civil war comes back to his hometown. The heroine is the only woman willing to give him a chance, and helps to take on the whole town in his defense.

    This story was okay, but not one that is very memorable or moving. I never really felt all that emotionally invested in the characters. I'm afraid that I've tried other books by this author and found the same problem. I know this author has a lot of fans, but she just doesn't click with me. Could be a personal thing; I don't know. Three stars.

    The last story was Miranda Jarrett's BAYBERRY AND MISTLETOE. In this story, set in the pre-revolutionary Colonies, the heroine is engaged to a man old enough to be her father. The man's son (the hero) thinks that she is a gold-digger, and sets out to disentangle her from his father. But he ends up falling in love with her himself in the process.

    This story just didn't click with me. I found that I didn't really connect with any of the characters. Also, this story seemed to be more about the history surrounding the events leading up to the American revolution than it was a love story. Interesting, but I read romance for the relationship between hero and heroine, not to read about the political climate of the time period. I'd read historical fiction if that was what I was looking for, rather than historical romance. Two stars. There is also a nine-page preview of THE SPARHAWK BRIDE by Miranda Jarrett after this story.

    Romance anthologies are always a hit-or-miss situation. Anita Mills' story is worth reading, but not so spectacular that I'd recommend this book with glowing praise. Buy the book for the first story if you can find it at a garage sale or thrift store. Otherwise, save your money. See my list "Christmas romance books worth buying" for a list of books that are worth spending the money for.