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by Sandra Hill

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Sandra Hill
Leisure Books (June 21, 2005)
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You get Hot & Heavy passion from Sandra Hill. Writing about serious issues taught her the merits of seeking the lighter side of even the darkest stories.

Hot & Heavy book.

Hot & Heavy by Sandra Hill has been by far the best book I have read this summer. I love Ms. Hill's books because there is such a great mixture of romance, comedy, and just a hint of danger.

That’s Lieutenant Ian MacLean’s goal.

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Cross a tough, buff . Navy SEAL and a beautiful, buxom, headstrong Viking maiden thousands of miles and years removed from her Norse homeland and what do you get?

Cross a tough, buff . Navy SEAL and a beautiful, buxom, headstrong Viking maiden thousands of miles and years removed from her Norse homeland and what do you get? You get Hot & Heavy passion from Sandra Hill, author of the wildest, sexiest, most outrageously funny romance romps on the market today! New York Times and USA Today bestseller Hill mixes laughter and love in equal measure, putting a breathtaking new spin on time-travel romance with a Hot & Heavy winner that is sure to please

The stroke of surprisingly gentle hands.

The stroke of surprisingly gentle hands. The flash of fathomless blue eyes. The scorch of white-hot kisses. And once again, Harriet Ginoza was swept away into rapturous fantasy. In the third book of her hot and hilarious series, "New York Times" bestselling author Sandra Hill takes readers along on another wild ride with Jinx, In. where trouble is no match for a cagey Cajun matchmaker-and passion conquers all. When reporter Celine Arseneaux entered The Playpen, a Baton Rouge club for men AND women, she never expected John LeDeux to swagger up to her.

Hot & Heavy - Sandra Hill.

Preparing for a special ops mission in northern Iraq, Lieutenant Ian MacLean, an adrenaline-loving bachelor, comes face to face with Madrene Olgadottir, a gorgeous female warrior mysteriously transported from a thousand years in the past. Original.
  • I enjoyed the earlier stories in the series and I like Sandra Hill's writing style.But this Book was just... I don't want to say irritating but other way to say .. it was could a woman from the distant past, from the Viking lands, speak English? However, fans of Ms. Hill's broad humor will be pleased as she adheres to all her trademark mechanisms to create a story with zip and a heartwarming end. tho some quick hi..lights...
    Ian " Mac" is a Navy SEAL, on a mission to Iraq his team literally picks up a woman, who is thought to be the lover of a terrorist. This straight arrow, upstanding, by the book soldier is dumbfounded, confused and just plain maddened by the gorgeous female who simply wants to raise an army and lead them to recover her fortress which was taken over by a slimy underhanded Viking. in 1013 A.D.?
    Madrene has just escaped from 2 years of captivity in assorted harems. Having used a mystic spell she developed to save her self from being ravished. Now when she has escaped her latest owner and aquired a few of his jewels, all she needs is an army. An army like the one that has captured her. Madrene is known in the Viking world as a "shrew" of which she is proud. Never one to let one word do when 20 sound so much better and relieve so much more stress, she does not find this new world of magic very hospitable.
    The relationship, steadily encouraged by Ian's SEAL team, is on a train headed for disaster. When the terrorists finally come to get Maddie, Ian finally settles his feelings for the shrewish wench.

  • This is a fun book to read. I would say to read this while on the beach, in the tub, or just about anywhere. This book is funny, steamy, & touching.
    This is a book that can be read many times & still be worth the read.
    (You might even want your boyfriend/husband to read this book...give him some ideas!)
    I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I have. :-D

  • Every time I read a book in this series I think it's my favorite. So I have 5 favorites so far. Great storyline, great love, great adventure and heartfelt love of all kinds. I loved Mandrenes story. Amazing.

  • Ian and Madrene's story is one of my favorites. It's got a little bit of everything - romance, comedy, and action. These SEALS and Vikings are sure to make you smile! I've bought all of the SEALS books and haven't regretted reading any of them.

  • Sandra Hill tells a good story with a lot of humor slipped in. I've read many of her books and never thought I would enjoy anything with time travel in it, but it is a story that is told so well you can't help it you have to keep turning the pages to see where this story is going.

  • I like Sandra Hill, she is always good for a funny light read. Kickbutt alpha heros, sometimes kickbutt alpha heroines. I like the fact that her ladies are not always teeny know the ones barely 5 foot and so childlike in size. Why are all the tall men wasted on a short, short woman.

  • Will there be anymore stories of the Magnusson clan? Love those Vikings!! Does Torolf make it back and forth from the past. I hope so and it would be cute if be brought back Mardene's cat, Rose back for Sam.

  • This is a GREAT Sandra Hill story which includes Navy SEALS, Vikings, time-travel, with a Cajun thrown in, plus action, plenty of humor, emotions and loads of typical Sandra Hill asides. She managed to include it all. I LOVED it, my husband chuckled his way through the book and now I am going to loan it to my girlfriend who I also got hooked on anything with Sandra Hill's name on it. I highly recommend this book to all and the same goes for all her books.