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ePub The Birth of the Earth download

by David E. Fisher

ePub The Birth of the Earth download
David E. Fisher
Columbia University Press (January 14, 1987)
Astronomy & Space Science
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Details (if other): Cancel. The Birth Of The Earth: A Wanderlied Through Space, Time, And The Human Imagination.

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Geology & The Lithosphere. By (author) David E. Fisher. Free delivery worldwide. The Birth of the Earth : A Wanderlied Through Space, Time, and the Human Imagination. Examines some of the most interesting aspects of the solar system, detailing how we unraveled the mystery of our world. Format Paperback 270 pages.

Examines some of the most interesting aspects of the solar system, detailing how we unraveled the mystery of our world. ISBN13:9780231060424.

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After summarizing past human efforts to understand the origin of the earth, Fisher ( Creation of the Universe and other books) describes the 20th-century findings and theories bearing on the subject. He discusses the alternative models that have been proposed and is candid about the existence of some important unresolved issues related to the earth's origin.

Columbia U Press, 1987. U,Th/He, K/Ar, and U/Xe ages of the depleted mantle source region of oceanic basalts are much less than the age of the earth, showing clearly that the midocean ridge basalt mantle source was not completely degassed and decoupled from the atmosphere early in earth history.

DAVID FISHER is not a meteorologist. But Fisher is not a man to circumscribe his horizons. My own enjoyment of the book was heightened by being a sort-of meteorologist myself. Indeed, at one stage he describes meteorologists as barely human, but such is the man’s charm, erudition and wit that I found myself in wholehearted agreement. Given the Bible and Shakespeare, this volume would be all that was required to provide mental and spiritual satiety on the proverbial desert island.