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ePub Microbiology: With Diseases by Taxonomy download

by Robert W. Bauman

ePub Microbiology: With Diseases by Taxonomy download
Robert W. Bauman
Benjamin Cumings, Paperback(2010); 3rd International edition edition (2011)
Biological Sciences
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Robert W. Bauman holds a P.

Robert W. in Biology from Stanford University, an . in Botany from the University of Texas at Austin, and a . in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a tenured, full professor of biology in the Department of Mathematics, Sciences, and Engineering at Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas, where he previously served as chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences. He has been teaching microbiology, botany, and human anatomy and physiology since 1988.

microbiology has never been more exciting, or more important. Welcome! I have taught microbiology to undergraduates for over 30 years and witnessed firsthand how students struggle with the same topics and concepts year after year. To address these challenging topics, I have created new Video Tutors: four in addition to those already incorporated into the first 18 chapters of the text and ten that cover the Disease in Depth features.

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For courses in introductory microbiology.

Robert Bauman is the author of another microbiology textbook at Pearson, Microbiology with Diseases by Body .

He is an active member of the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), serving as chairman of the Education Section from 2012-2013, and of the Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA). In 2007, Dr. Bauman initiated an endowment at ASM to fund an annual travel grant for new instructors of microbiology to participate in the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators.

Автор: Robert Bauman Название: Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy: International .

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Medical microbiology is the science which deals with the study of The book has been accordingly Essentials of . .may download our Permissions Request form and submit your request by World of microbiology. Fundamentals of Microbiology.Food Microbiology : Fundamentals and Frontiers. 1,139 Pages·2013·165. 41 MB·27,316 Downloads. Microbiology by Pelczar, Reid and Chan, McGraw Hill Book Company. 2. Microbiology, Fundamental Fundamenta. Jawetz Melnick&Adelbergs Medical Microbiology.

Filled with lively vignettes and cutting-edge research that highlight the intrinsic appeal of microbiology, Bauman’s Second Edition retains the book’s groundbreaking art program, includes a handy new “Microbe-at-a-Glance” feature, offers new options for the Microbiology Place website/CD-Rom, and provides instructors with a new Media Manager presentation package with 30 multi-step animations. KEY TOPICS:A Brief History of Microbiology,The Chemistry of Microbiology,Cell Structure and Function,Microscopy, Staining and Classification,Microbial Metabolism,Microbial Nutrition and Growth,Microbial Genetics,Recombinant DNA Technology,Controlling Microbial Growth in the Environment,Controlling Microbial Growth in the Body: Antimicrobial Drugs,Characterizing and Classifying Prokaryotes,Characterizing and Classifying Eukaryotes,Characterizing and Classifying Viruses, Viroids, and Prions,Infection, Infectious Diseases, and Epidemiology,Innate Immunity,Specific Defense: Adaptive Immunity,Immunization and Immune Testing,Hypersensitivities, Autoimmune Diseases, and Immune Deficiencies,Pathogenic Gram-Positive Cocci and Bacilli,Pathogenic Gram-Negative Cocci and Bacilli,Mycoplasmas, Rickettsias, Chlamydias, Spirochetes, and Vibrios,Pathogenic Fungi,Parasitic Protozoa, Helminths, and Arthropod Vectors,Pathogenic DNA Viruses,Pathogenic RNA Viruses,Applied and Environmental Microbiology. KEY MARKET: For all readers interested in the study of microbiology.
  • I'm half way through my first microbiology course, a nursing prereq at my community college. This text is well-written with very helpful, easy-to-read illustrations and graphs. The depth of detail on the biochemistry is much more than we really need to know so it can be easy to lose your way reading the chapter, trying not to get confused by all the technical bits we don't need (forest for the trees). However, I really need to say how much I love, love, love the Mastering Microbiology access.

    I've been using the online textbook access in class rather than dragging the huge paper version around. That's been helpful but isn't of course absolutely necessary. However, in studying for last week's midterm I used all the online animations and quizzes and thought they were wonderful. I understand things about electron transport chain better now than I have ever before and will never forget them because I have this beautiful movie to play in my head. That alone probably helped me get three tricky questions right on my exam. I ended up acing the midterm and had the highest score. I think I'm the only one in my course using Mastering Microbiology. I'm a believer.

    The version of the text sold at my CC's bookstore doesn't include the online access. I was totally psyched when I realized that by ordering through Amazon I not only paid $30 less but I got the Mastering Microbiology too. Score!

  • Was under the impression that the book was new as the description stated that "Condition: New - Brand new but has some obvious storage wear on cover. Pages clean CD and code both unopened /unscratched amazing condition". Disappointing because I really wanted to find a book without markings or highlights flipped through the book and there is minimal highlights and some bent pages. Still serves the purpose I need it to though.

  • While the book itself was fine, the title of "E-text including access code" was misleading. It did not come with the access code as stated in the title. When we called Amazon the customer service rep found in very small print not accessible to the purchaser that in fact it DID NOT come with a code.

  • The book itself is written in a very basic way, not the most helpful for college classes. The mastering microbiology that comes with it though is beyond worth it and is worth 5 stars on its own. It has an animation clearly explaining every single concept you can imagine with quizzes and study tools.
    Also a little word to teh wise,
    if you're a college student looking for a cheap book and there's a mastering included in it, just get the matsering, it includes a free digital copy of the book (another reason mastering is so fantastic)

  • I had to get this book for my microbiology class in college, and I have to say I found it super helpful. It explained everything really well, has great pictures for the visual learners and it has lots of links to real health and diseases. The website portion of it is incredibly interactive and super helpful too. I've seen the micro books of my peers who took it other places, and I have to say I feel mine teaches the material best without confusing the living daylights out of you.

    Definitely would get again if I had to take this class again.

  • Just the type of book I was looking to find. It has a fluent layout of topics. It even has pronunciations which makes it a SIX star to me.

    I purchased the paperback version because I wasn't sure if I would like it enough to invest in the hardback (Indeed hardback worthy!).
    FYI the paper is not the strongest, cover included. If you're a student and don't plan to use the book for long, buy paperback.

  • Nothing wrong with the contents of the book. I'm sure it's a fine textbook and will suit my needs. My only concern is that I am renting the book from Amazon and when I received it it was not in great condition. I took pictures so hopefully I won't be charged when I have to return it.

  • This book is great! As with any book you need to put in the time to read to see results. The online ebook, brings the book whereever you have an internet connection. Doesn't not work on ipad or ipods because they don't support the shockwave/java used for animations. So, if your looking for a tablet and want to have it supported to see your ebook pick another tablet. You can listen to the mp3 tutorials on ipod or ipad though. The reason I purchased the loose leaf is to lessen the bulky book. I just bring the chapters we are currently on in class. I need to remember to bring the appendix in the back as well but have not. Its a great way to read on the bus or train with minimum amount of tote plus this version of the book is cheaper. I must say the online study area is great and the online quizzes really do help to point out what to focus on more of. My grade was a D. I now have a B average. True I was not reading as much as I should have before but now I am. This online format makes it easy to do plus the loose leaf gives it that extra portability in case wifi is not accessible but won't interrupt my studying.