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by R.B. Floyd,A.W. Sheppard,B.J. De Barro,AW Sheppard RB Floyd,PJ De Barro

ePub Frontiers of Population Ecology download
R.B. Floyd,A.W. Sheppard,B.J. De Barro,AW Sheppard RB Floyd,PJ De Barro
CSIRO Publishing (January 1996)
Biological Sciences
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The history of the study of population regulation has been characterized by a wide diversity of opinions about its presence, causes and consequences (Nicholson and Bailey 1935, Andrewartha and Birch 1954, Hanski 1990, Murdoch 1994, Turchin 1995, den Boer and Reddingius 1996, Getz 1996). While it is certainly true that density-independent mechanisms (primarily disturbance ) can play a central role in the regulation of populations (Turchin 1995, Ritchie 1996, Huffaker et al.

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Frontiers of Population Ecology. by R. Sheppard and P. De Barro (EDs). This is not a book for those with a casual interest, or for those looking for help with preparing a course on this topic.

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This book provides a contemporary view of the major issues facing ecologists and outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses of the current ecological framework and its utility in managing biological systems. It includes contributions from world experts, and looks at important themes including theoretical and experimental population ecology, the conservation of endangered species, the management of pests and the sustainable management of resources. The chapters deal with a wide range of organisms including plants, pathogens, insects, molluscs, birds, marine and terrestrial mammals. New technologies and approaches are also covered.