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ePub Consumption and Everyday Life (New Sociology) download

by Mark Paterson

ePub Consumption and Everyday Life (New Sociology) download
Mark Paterson
Routledge (December 16, 2005)
Earth Sciences
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The New Sociology is a book series designed to introduce students to new . Consumption and Everyday Life MARK PATERSON (2005). Which brings me to the second optic through which Paterson analyses consumption: namely, the everyday.

The New Sociology is a book series designed to introduce students to new issues and themes in social sciences today. What makes the series distinctive, as compared to other competing introductory textbooks, is a strong emphasis not just on key concepts and ideas but on how these play out in everyday life – on how theories and concepts are lived at the level of selfhood and cultural identities, how they are embedded in interpersonal relationships, and how they are shaped by, and shape, broader.

Consumption and Everyday Life (New Sociology). Dr Mark Paterson is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care: A Critical Approach.

With an emphasis on everyday life, this respected text offers a lively and .

Written by an experienced teacher, the book offers a comprehensive grounding drawing on the literature in sociology, geography, cultural studies, and anthropology.

Consumption and Everyday Life book What Mark Paterson managed to do in 'Consumption and Everyday Life' is to take complex works and terms and, using (at the time).

Consumption and Everyday Life book. What Mark Paterson managed to do in 'Consumption and Everyday Life' is to take complex works and terms and, using (at the time) modern analogies and references, create a book that is easy to digest.

Consumption and everyday life Mark Paterson. Series Statement: New sociology. Bibliography, etc. Note: Includes bibliographical references (p. -246) and index. Consumption and everyday life Mark Paterson. Download PDF book format. Uniform Title: New sociology series. Rubrics: Consumer behavior Social aspects Consumption (Economics). Download now Consumption and everyday life Mark Paterson. Download DOC book format.

Engaging case studies describe forms of consumption familiar to the student, provide some historical context, and illustrate how a range of theoretical perspectives - from theories of practice, to semiotics, to psychoanalysis - apply.

Introducing all the key ideas and major theorists of consumption in a lively and engaging manner, this book draws on theories of everyday life and aspects of sociology, cultural geography and cultural studies, and presents a comprehensive exploration of the central themes in consumption and consumer culture. Readily accessible case studies describe familiar forms of consumption from areas of everyday life, grounding the debates and ideas discussed.Key topics covered include:

the semiotics of branding and advertising the representation of 'nature' and the environment the relations between consumer and producer ethical consumption the tensions between local spaces of consumption and globalized markets.

While each of the chapters crystallize the debate in a specific subject area, they also lie within a larger argument concerning the ethics, the poetics and the politics of consumption in everyday life, making this essential reading for undergraduates on cultural studies, sociology and cultural geography courses.

  • "Consumption and Everyday Life" or "Consumption as Everyday Life"? In our late capitalist society so immersed are we in the practice of consumption that we fail to notice it most of the time, like the air we are breathing. This book focuses on the many faces of consumption with which we are all familiar but vaguely unaware. Chapters headings include "Consumption and identity: manufacturing choice", "McDisneyfications" and "Bodyshopping".
    As to be expected from the textbook format (part of Routledge's Everyday Life series - other entries include Ethnicity, Community and Culture), most of the material is summary and presentation of the work numerous sociologists, historians, cultural and critical theorists. (E.g. The Frankfurt school and French sociologist Bourdieu are well represented.)
    At times I missed the lack of argument in favour of any particular thesis, or sense of overarching narrative. This book is more of a smorgasboard of ideas, concepts and reference points for discussing consumption. The writing is lucid and engaging. I would recommend the book for undergraduates and general readers wanting to get a grounding on the subject.

  • What is a "consumer"? "Consumption"? Like almost all authors who take their topic to be the "sociology of consumption," this author never says (and seems never to have wondered) what his most basic categories mean or where they came from. Instead, he simply races into the random and sophomoric twaddle that passes for "research" in this important but ill-explained area of modern life.

    The author's explanations of the many theorists he mentions are horrendously shallow and misleading (e.g., Marx was an admirer of feudalism, he says), as is at least half of what he guesses -- and guessing is the stock-in-trade in such "semiotic" works -- about "consumers" and their lives.

    Worst of all, there is no serious explanation of the logic of either capitalism or marketing here. In fact, the author (p. 2) claims that marketing is an after-effect of "affluence" and "consumption" itself, rather than a logical result of the extremely pressing managerial requirements of corporate capitalism!

    If you want to confuse yourself, read this awful book.