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by Isaac Asimov

ePub Our Angry Earth download
Isaac Asimov
Tor Books; 1st edition (November 1, 1991)
Earth Sciences
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Praise for Our Angry Earth.

Praise for Our Angry Earth. These two old pros took on a task they cared deeply about, and the result is very impressive. Kim Stanley Robinson. That is true, and it does appear that Pohl was probably the primary contributor as far as the written word is concerned. It is also true that this was Asimov's last non-fiction book, and at the time I believe he was quite ill; he died in 1992, the year following the book's publication.

Our Angry Earth book. Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born, American author, a professor of biochemistry, and a highly successful writer, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books.

Our Angry Earth tells us how we must each change our lives, expertly sums up. .Isaac Asimov was born in Petrovichi, Russia, on January 2, 1920

Our Angry Earth tells us how we must each change our lives, expertly sums up scientific thought on pollution, and outlines a plan for a greener, more hospitable and healthier world. Isaac Asimov was born in Petrovichi, Russia, on January 2, 1920. His family emigrated to the United States in 1923 and settled in Brooklyn, New York, where they owned and operated a candy store. Asimov became a naturalized . citizen at the age of eight. Asimov won numerous awards and honors for his books and stories, and he is considered to be a leading writer of the Golden Age of science fiction.

Our Angry Earth: A Ticking Ecological Bomb (1991) is a non-fiction book and polemic against the effects humankind is having on the environment by the science fiction writers Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl. In his last non-fiction book, Asimov co-writes with his long-time friend science fiction author Frederik Pohl, and deals with elements of the environmental crisis such as overpopulation, oil dependence, war, global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer.

Our Angry Earth provides a candid picture of the present and many possibilities for a better, cleaner future. This book is not an opinion piece. Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl. ISAAC ASIMOV (1920-1992) was one of science fiction's greatest writers.

Foundation and Earth, . 3. Part of Foundation series by Isaac Asimov . Trevize should not be angry with me for that, and you should not stop me. But why must you move things? It is practice. Listen, the planet Earth is warmer than he expected it to be; he told me so. I suspect that he thinks it may be too warm for life, though he’s clearly trying to talk himself into believing that’s not so.

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Born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov in Russia in about 1920, Isaac Asimov is well known for his science fiction and popular science books.

An environmental call to arms, made even more relevant by the global summit in Rio de Janeiro on our planet's future. Born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov in Russia in about 1920, Isaac Asimov is well known for his science fiction and popular science books. Los Estados Unidos de la Guerra Civil a la Primera Guerra Mundial.

Describes the present ecological condition of the planet, and offers advice on how to live in harmony with the environment and a warning of what will happen if we do not
  • The authors are listed as Frederik Pohl and Isaac Asimov. Another reviewer complained that the book's style is not Asimov's, and therefore not as entertaining as Isaac's usual writing. That is true, and it does appear that Pohl was probably the primary contributor as far as the written word is concerned. It is also true that this was Asimov's last non-fiction book, and at the time I believe he was quite ill; he died in 1992, the year following the book's publication. However, while the writing style does not seem to be Isaac's, the book is very comprehensive and detailed in its listing and explanations of the environmental dangers we face, and that detail certainly appears to be the result of Asimov's supreme intelligence, almost photographic memory, vast scientific knowledge, and wonderful research abilities. I seriously doubt that the book would contain the depth of exact detail as to what is going on as humanity continues its march onward toward the extinction of life on our planet, if Asimov had not had a hand in it. I suspect that Pohl and Asimov planned the outline of the book and the listing of the problems involved, then Pohl produced most of the wording with Asimov supplying the scientific data.

    This is a very, very good book, and one which everyone who cares about the environment should read. It will fill any gaps in your knowledge of our problems, and that is a very worthwhile and even necessary thing. If you're looking for knowledge of the facts, and serious attention to the exact details involved, this book fills the bill perfectly. If you're looking for entertainment, maybe you should just forget about the dangers we face, and bury your head in some of Asimov's science fiction. I should add that while the book isn't very "amusing" in the Asimov style, it will definitely hold your interest. It isn't dull, and it never flags in its steady piling up of the facts and details involved. But not only is it not "entertaining" in an escapist way, it will just about scare you to death!

    The only thing that would make this book better is for someone to put out a second edition bringing everything in the first edition up to date. The book was published in 1991 - 22 years ago (as of this date, 2013). I'm looking for something that updates it that is just as easy and captivating to read as this one is. If Pohl is still alive, maybe he could do that; but without Asimov's help, it probably wouldn't be as comprehensive and helpful, though any update would be better than nothing. And maybe some of Isaac's other friends could combine their scientific knowledge and research abilities to make up for what was lost when Asimov left us. (It might take 5 or 10 of them to replace one Asimov!)

    P.S. - if anyone knows where I can find an "update" to what this book provides, I would greatly appreciate it if he or she would add their own review of this book and mention the update(s) in their review.

  • I picked this book up because it was (co)authored by Isaac Asimov. But even though it is published under the names of Asimov and Pohl, the book definitely does NOT read in the style of Asimov. It is a disappointment for those looking for the usual `wit and charm' of the old Doctor. `Our Angry Earth' lacks emotion as the author(s) dryly present point after point on the diverse ways in which we are abusing our planet (i.e., toxic emissions, acid rain, deforestation, global warming, etc.). Hence, the title. Though much of the content may be (and probably is) accurate from a scientific perspective, the authors present it in such a way that you can't help but feel you're listening to a street-corner doomsday prophet. Very unconvincing. Finally, in the early sections of the book, we are lead to believe the authors will propose `workable' solutions to our environmental ills. Yet, by the end of the book, we are presented with solutions that are nothing new and questionably workable (writing letters, forming environmental clubs, getting involved in politics). Are we polluting our planet? Unquestionably, yes. Have the authors galvanized us to action? Unfortunately, no

  • Every once in a while you hear something about the environment, namely the ways in which we're destroying our world - global warming, ozone depletion, toxic waste, etc. Then you nod and say: "Oh yes, it's very important, something has to be done", but you just go on with your life doing absolutely nothing. This book is out to change that. It will give you a new way of looking at the world - and you won't like what you see. This book isn't just excellent - it's a "must". Through flowing style and easily understood points, the two grand masters of science fiction give us their most important work ever - and this book is all REAL. Written a year before Asimov's death, it's not only an account of the "maladies and cures", but also a loud wake-up call for every one of us to get up and ACT. Even if the political- and activist-oriented sections are somewhat schematic, the book's importance is in it's true power to influence people. I know that at least for me, "Our Angry Earth" was the beginning of a new stage of life. Asimov and Pohl, who wrote about a great future for humanity, are asking us not let our race finish itself off just when we were getting started. We just can't go down like that. It's time for YOU to read this book and look out your window. Can you smell the smog? It's going to kill your children if you don't do something about it.

  • This book is a classic on the subjects of the environment and global warming and is written in easy-to-understand language for the lay person. Reading or re-reading this 1991 book now, in 2006, is like finding a time capsule that predicted the future. There are sections on practical political actions to take and a rudimentary explaination of the political process to change. A great read that really makes you think about where we have been and where we are going in the care and well-being of our home planet. I recommend this book to anyone who is concerned about global warming and our environment.

    A must have for any environmental books collection.

  • This book is not recent, but it is still a good introduction to environmental issues. Unusually for a book at this level, it even discusses the problem of "shoddy bookkeeping" or costs created by things like burning coal that are not reflected in their price.