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ePub Faith Beyond Church Walls: Finding Freedom In Christ download

by Dr. Dan Montgomery

ePub Faith Beyond Church Walls: Finding Freedom In Christ download
Dr. Dan Montgomery
Publisher: (April 13, 2018)
Personal Transformation
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Faith Beyond Church Walls book. Dan Montgomery invites you to step through the first page.

Faith Beyond Church Walls: Finding Freedom In Christ. Dan Montgomery's Christian personality theory is innovative and biblically sound. Dr. Dan and Kate Montgomery write, "Your personality matters to Christ. -Gordon D. Fee, P. Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies, REGENT COLLEGE. Those trained in Enneagram Typology will profit from this work. This simple but profound statement is the cornerstone of "The Self Compass: Charting Your Personality In Christ. Dan and Kate Montgomery's Christian Personality Theory bridges the gap between personality theory and Trinitarian faith. -Linda Marten, Psychologist, Department of Biblical Counseling, DALLAS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. A comprehensive theory of personality that is biblically sound, theologically insightful, and psychologically well-informed.

Dan Montgomery is a renowned ist whose Compass Series books integrate the Christian faith with the best in contemporary psychology. The Montgomery's Compass Series books are acclaimed by professors at Yale Divinity School, Princeton Theological Seminary, University of Notre Dame, Stanford School of Medicine, Fuller Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Andover Newton Theological School, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Pentecostal Seminary, Loyola University, Oral Roberts University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and by Cardinals from six countries, including the Vatican.

Psychologist Dan Montgomery invites you into a warm conversation about the difficulties of being human, and how simple faith can infuse your life with God's loving guidance.

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Psychologist Dan Montgomery presents his Compass Series Books that integrate psychology and Christian theology. These books include: The Self Compass; Faith Beyond Church Walls; Christian Personality Theory; Christian Counseling That Really Works; Compass Psychotheology; Trusting In The Trinity; Compass Therapy; Pastoral Counseling and Coaching; and Bellamy, The Princely Demon Who Sought Psychotherapy.

It has great practical parenting advise. When A Mother Follows Christ by Katie Hoffman ebook deal.

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Finding Freedom in Christ. Collection by Kelly Balarie - Author & Speaker. Finding Freedom in Christ. What others are saying. I believe that the song Overjoyed by Bastille represents the Book Thief very well

Finding Freedom in Christ. How do you find beauty in the midst of a restless heart? Dive in to immerse yourself in God's calming solution. Find Beauty in the Restlessness - Purposeful Faith. Freedom In Christ God Bless You John 3 Prayer Board Interesting Quotes Spoken Word Nonfiction Books Meaningful Quotes Beautiful Birds. I believe that the song Overjoyed by Bastille represents the Book Thief very well.

Psychologist Dan Montgomery invites you into a warm conversation about the difficulties of being human, and how simple faith can infuse your life with God's loving guidance. GUIDEPOSTS Editor Elizabeth Sherrill says, "I've waited a long time for a book like this! Like a caring counselor in private session, Dan Montgomery writes to anyone who thinks being a Christian means conforming to someone else's pattern. To anyone turned off by denominational squabbling. To anyone who believes his current situation is hopeless. To anyone seeking a more intimate walk with Father, Son and Holy Spirit." An easy read, the book nevertheless shimmers with intellectual sophistication. Theologian Gabriel Fackre writes: "Christian teaching about the Trinity becomes up close and personal in this engaging work by a wise counselor. Here is enriching daily guidance from Compass Therapy for our pilgrimage with the triune God."
  • Very well thought out and well written. Dan Montgomery has hit the nail on the head with this one. The book contains straight talk about what most Christians say, but do not live. Montgomery does not say that going to church is wrong, just that most people go for the wrong reasons. Read the book before you make up your mind. Think as you read and you will see that he is spot on.

  • This was a really nice change from most of the Christian "self-help" books I've read lately. It was a very nice, back to the basics, teaching of getting back - or getting TO - that most special place that we all need in our lives to be as close to God as we could only imagine...
    I liked the length, not to long or short so as not to bore or confuse the reader. and freshly to the point. All in all, a very nice book, I would recommend it for Anyone!

  • Dr Dan Montgomery gives readers a fresh outlook on faith and inspires us to have more freedom in our everyday walk with God.
    His approach motivates believers to see other people without prejudice or a judgmental attitude.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it enriched me. I would love to read more of his books.

  • I'm loving it. I'm leading an ecumenical Bible Study group that is practicing the concepts of Faith Beyond the Church walls. We are not critical of each others, but love Jesus, each personally and together.

  • This book affirms what I have believed for many years... That you don't have to limit your expressions of faith to the church building.
    A great read for all who believe!

  • I picked this book up as a free download. The description caught my attention. It states this book is a "...warm conversation about the difficulties of being human, and how simple faith can infuse your life with God's loving guidance."

    Books about Christianity are interesting to me. I enjoy reading authors describe the gospel in various ways. Faith Beyond Church Walls is brisk reading. Conversational? Yes, very. The opening was indeed creative. The authors first words grab the reader and take them on a journey. A unique way to open a book.

    Reading on I hoped I wouldn't find any 'religion' bashing. I did. But only as it related to 'tradition' and denominational do's and do nots. I personally think we need to rescue the word religion. After all, it was defined for us in James 1:27.

    The authors approach to relating to other denominations is admirable. There is nothing more unbecoming that two Christians who cannot get along.

    There were one or two things I disagreed with in the book but that would not stop me from recommending it to another reader. The author states that our bodies, as well as our souls, were redeemed at the time of salvation. I don't hold that opinion. Other than that point, the author presents an inviting book that directs the reader to focus on Jesus and staying close to Him, in prayer, in lifestyle, in friendship.

    All in all and great read.

    Reviewed by: Keiki Hendrix
    Reviewed for: The Vessel Project

  • Psychologist Dan Montgomery has the chutzpa to say what's on many people's minds today. When you limit your faith solely to what a particular church or denomination has to offer, you miss out on the rest of your adventure with God. I read this book in one sitting and placed it on my bedside table for many thoughtful returns. Material about the Self Compass was particularly valuable.

    Though the book has special significance for Christians, its core message will inspire people from every spiritual tradition. It makes a perfect gift to those who are weighted down with worries and not at all sure God loves them.

    As a professional counselor, I'll be referring this book to individuals who are seeking spiritual as well as psychological wholeness. I already gave a copy to my sister. Raymond D. Anderson, Ph.D., M.Th., LPCC

  • Like Brother Lawrence's PRACTICING THE PRESENCE OF GOD, this fast-reading little book leaves you tasting its flavors long after you've devoured it. A Self Compass for finding your way. A method for integrating your whole human nature with your spiritual life. The cultivation of a naturally supernatural life. A fresh perspective on the beauty of little prayers. And real ways for surrendering to God's loving presence in your life. The author's interpersonal style made reading this book a treasured experience.