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by Al Franken

ePub Truth With Jokes download
Al Franken
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The Truth (With Jokes) is an American book of political satire and humor by Al Franken, released in October 2005. Finally, he makes some predictions about the future.

The Truth with Jokes book. Franken and his tireless team of fact-checkers are able to spread The Truth to people who might never pick up books by Eric Alterman (What Liberal Media?), David Brock (Blinded by the Right), Joe Conason (Big Lies), Ron Suskind (The Price of Loyalty) or Richard A. Clarke (Against All Enemies). Debunking the lies and allegations spread by "the right-wing blogosphere, Al Franken is George W. Bush's worst nightmare: a savvy liberal political satirist and Harvard fellow with a massive readership.

Nearly a year after the presidential election of 2004, Al Franken is still checking facts, exposing lies, and trying to clear the record as he sees it. Sneering at President Bush's declaration of a mandate after a two-and-a-half percent victory, he deconstructs Bush's 2004 platform of "fear, smear, and queers," and explains how the president has done some flip-flopping of his own.

Senator Al Franken’s landmark bestseller, Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the .

Senator Al Franken’s landmark bestseller, Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, was praised as a bitterly funny assault (The New York Times) that rang with the moral clarity of an angel’s trumpet (The Associated Press). It is at once prescient in its analysis of right-wing mendacity and incompetence, and inspiring in its vision of a better tomorrow for all Americans (except Jack Abramoff).

Looks like Franken will have plenty of material for a sequel. The Republicans won the White House and Congress in November. In Fall 2005, Al Franken strikes back.

The Truth with Jokes. Take a hilarious, healing journey with Stuart Smalley as he careens down the road to Recovery. Spirit says "Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place. ― Marianne Williamson. Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot. Take a hilarious, healing journey with Stuart Smalley as he careens down the road to Recovery except when he had taken to his bed (but that'. Now, this master of political humor strikes again with a powerful and provocative message for all of us.

Includes bibliographical references. Book one: The triumph of evil

Includes bibliographical references. Book one: The triumph of evil. Election day - How Bush won: fear - Bush's little black dress - How Bush won: smear - A brief recuperative debunk - With friends like Zell - How Bush won: queers - Al Franken talks about God - Book two: Seeds of collapse. A great political issue" - The Tom DeLay Saipan sex tour and Jack Abramoff casino getaway - Social security: Franni vs. Bush - Plan of attack-attack the planning - Mission redacted - Werewolves of Washington - Epilogue: The resurrection of hope. A letter to my grandchildren.

  • I have been re-reading all the books I have from Mr. Franken- each time I read them, I get more out of them. I enjoy his humor, and
    his depth of knowledge is impressive. I've learned more about our political system from these books then from any other source.


  • Good book, but this is the second Franken book in a row I've found typos that made it past the 'editors' and into print: see page 294 in this book, and page 202 in "Lies." Al. Call me. I can help.

    All right, now that I've gotten that off my chest, in my opinion this book is definitely worth a read. I must say, I personally found "Lies" funnier, if only because so much of what Franken brigns to light in this volume is so much more disturbing.

    Hypocrisy Award of the Year goes to: Tom Delay, who, according to Franken, turns a blind eye to forced abortions on the US island of Saipan, where women who get pregnant are forced to either quit or have an abortion. Why hasn't Congress put a stop to such inhumane labor practices, which reportedly include sweat shop conditions? Because, according to Franken, Tom Delay fights for his special interest friends in the halls of Congress whenever such legislation comes up, even if it means women are forced to have abortions when they get pregnant. Heaven forbid the sweat shops pay more than $3.15 per hour and become subject to US standard labor practices. Mr. Delay, that one takes the cake, and that chapter is required reading for anyone concerned with corporate greed in America.

    Love him or hate him, it's good to hear his arguments and come to your own conclusions.

  • Great.

  • Quality merchandise. Came before expected delivery date. Would buy from them again.

  • Exellent

  • Neither funny nor erudite-- from a fan

  • This is without a doubt the best of Franken's books, and an absolute must-read for anyone concerned about the nature of this nation's current direction under this failing administration.

    I hadn't read any of Franken's books until his previous work: "Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them". When I cracked the cover to that book I couldn't put it down. It was smart, witty, and laugh-out-loud funny. But it wasn't his incredible sense of humor and irreverent satire that got me the most excited. Franken was going after the myth of the Liberal Media Bias, and was doing it to fantastic effect!

    Nevertheless, though I loved his last book, it had a few drawbacks. One was that it was very tricky at times to tell when he was making something up as satire, and when he was citing real honest-to-God facts. 98% of the time I could easily differentiate, but there were enough times when I spotted things that I knew some less-attentive readers might take literally, potentially even discounting him in the revelation.

    In "The Truth", Franken attempts to remedy this, even poking fun at the fact that some readers of "Lies" had made this complaint. He is better about making it much more clear what's a joke and what's a real quote, although-perhaps frighteningly-some of the quotes that might seem to be too unbelievable to be true (from the vice president for example) are word-for-word accurate. When in doubt, the reference section of his book is filled with great information and further sources, and all of his material seems to be very well documented and fact-checked. Great use of in-text signal phrases are very common making sure you know where he's getting the information he's spitting at you, and he also uses footnotes (the real kind, opposed to Coulter's foot/end notes). There is a high degree of intellectual integrity. The majority of the time, he says right in the sentence where that fact is comming from (what book, report, agency etc), and he's very good about making little "to be fair" notes. When in doubt: if he hasn't cited a source and it sounds sarcastic, it's probably just sarcasm.

    But this book is light-years beyond Lies. This book is more focused, and more serious in tone, though still exceedingly funny to me. Examples similar to the more over-the-top antics from Lies (such as the abstinence letter-writing fiasco) are nowhere to be found here, a very good thing as it gains him credibility from the reader. Also, "Lies" was mostly attacking right-wing media hypocrites who consistently bully guests and lie to the public to put forward their views while claiming to be the only objective sources on the air (Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh). The book was arguably very soft of the Bush Administration itself, particularly its lack of truly exposing the hypocrisies and liberal contentions over the Iraq War, as well as other big issues. The biggest "Lying Liar" of them all was the one Franken came down weakest. Not so in "The Truth"!!

    In this book Franken has the entire Bush Administration, and the Republican Congress in his sites. He exposes massive scandal and corruption on everything from lies and incompetence regarding Iraq (a major, major subject) and a harsh attack of the administration's Social Security plan. Also Franken shows just HOW Bush managed to barely win the 2004 election, using "Fear, Smears, and Queers" (and a lot of shady campaigning). He exposes Tom Delay, Jack Abromoff, and many others of their corruption.

    This is new for Franken, and shows his maturity, and his steady movement towards serious political work (a planned run for the senate in 2008) and his new radio talk show. This book is more political, more serious, but every single bit as hilarious as "Lies". His conciseness, creativity, vivid writing, and concrete research tactics make this book a definitive book of the modern progressive movement. It truly deserves it's title, it is THE TRUTH (at least from the perspective of the left). But Franken is fair enough to drop olive branch after olive branch to show he wants to unite America, not divide it. He portrays all his beliefs, and all his arguments against this current administration amid a backdrop of passionate patriotism, proving that Liberals can and DO love this country every bit as much as the Right, and do not deserve the label of "unpatriotic" that their ideology so often gets.

    This book is a must-read for any progressive or liberal, especially those that enjoy laughing about things that are only funny in an abstract sense (and life and death serious in reality). But this book is also a fabulous look at the beating heart of liberalism, its charisma, its principles, and its values, and a very solid criticism of our current leaders. Therefore this book is perhaps even a more important read for any casual (or perhaps even firm) Bush supporter, as well as Conservatives, to really understand the other side, and consider that perhaps your own leaders aren't as true to your values as you currently believe.