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by Minnie Earl Sears

ePub Sears List of subject headings download
Minnie Earl Sears
H. W. Wilson Co; 10th ed edition (1972)
Social Sciences
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by Minnie Earl Sears (Author), Joseph Miller (Author), .

by Minnie Earl Sears (Author), Joseph Miller (Author), .

Published in 1923, the List of Subject Headings for Small Libraries was based on the headings used by nine small libraries that were known to be well cataloged.

Sears List of Subject Headings. The material provided before the subject list even starts is very useful as well. Highly recommend purchasing this updated version. Sears, Minnie Earl, 1873-1933. Sears list of subject headings. pages ; cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN: 978-1-61925-190-8 1. Subject headings. I. Bristow, Barbara A. II. Farrar, Christi Showman. III.

Marcus, Sara Rofofsky. There are various subject heading lists with authorized headings that are used as the standard headings for a particular catalog to enable collocating of materials on a similar subject (Karpuk, 2008; Taylor, 2006).

Items related to Sears List of Subject Headings (16th ed. Book by Sears, Minnie Earl, Miller, Joseph.

Items related to Sears List of Subject Headings (16th ed). Minnie Earl Sears; Joseph Miller Sears List of Subject Headings (16th ed). ISBN 13: 9780824209209. Sears List of Subject Headings (16th ed). Minnie Earl Sears; Joseph Miller. Learn more about this copy.

Sears Subject Headings. By Minnie Earl Sears - created her own list of subject headings to simplify the Library of Congress system.

Library of Congress - 3rd line. Sears Subject Headings.

Start by marking Sears List of Subject Headings as Want to Read . Headings for Native Americans have been revised.

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  • Speaking as a cataloguing instructor: Whether you catalog in Sears/Dewey or LC, the introduction to ANY Sears List of Subject Heading should be required reading! Since, originally, Minnie Earl Sears designed her subject-heading book to be a derivative of Library of Congress Subject Headings, no one should feel they are "slumming" if they take the time to learn a little. Every cataloguer, no matter his/her specialty, should read that intro and be able to find his/her way around the subject heading tools.

  • I needed this book for school - it was very expensive but there didn't seem to be any choice. This book is a list of topics, basically, used in cataloguing for libraries. Well, I used it for two assignments, passed the class, became a librarian, got a job in a library, and have not used it once since! I am grateful it helped me on those assignments, but I figure I would have saved money if I had rented the book for $100 an hour instead! I need to see where I can resell, don't i?!?

  • Good

  • With expanded and updated entries, anyone who processes and catalogs library materials needs this valuable tool. Finding MARC record subject entries is tremendously simplified and understandable.

  • Out of date, but still of some use.

  • Pleased to have this source in our collection.

  • This is a very good replacement of our old edition of Sears; a Very crucial tool for cataloging library materials.

  • This book was delivered in a great amount of time. It is brand new and still in the wrapper. I received this is a short amount of time after ordering it.