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ePub Childhood Speech, Language Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know download

by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi

ePub Childhood Speech, Language  Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know download
Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi
Wiley; Revised, updated 2nd edition (August 3, 2001)
Social Sciences
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PATRICIA McALEER HAMAGUCHI, . She has a private practice in Cupertino, California, and resides nearby with her husband and two children.

I kinda know what they mean, but not exactly. When I read stories, I don't understand what's going on. And when I take tests in class, I forget everything.

Hamaguchi, Patricia McAleer, 1959-. Includes bibliographical references (p. 203-206) and index. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

0471387533 (ISBN13: 9780471387534). It thoroughly explains the entire process: diagnosis, IEPs, what to expect in school, what services they can have, what you can do as a parent, etc.

Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi.

by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi. ISBN13: 9780471387534.

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Does your child have trouble speaking or listening? This fully revised and updated edition of the essential guide explains what you can do to help Have you noticed that your child has difficulty getting the right words out, following directions, or being understood? If so, speech-language pathologist Patricia Hamaguchi -who has been helping children overcome problems like these for more than twenty years-has now revised and updated her highly effective guide to help you determine what's best for your child. Find out all you need to know about: * Autism/PDD, central auditory processing disorders, dyspraxia, bilingual language development, adoption issues, thumb-sucking, and more * How to recognize the most common speech, language, and listening problems * When to get help for your child and when to wait * Where to find the right specialist and what to ask * How to read and understand the jargon-filled evaluation report * The very latest changes in philosophy, treatment approach, labeling, laws, programs, and resources * How the problem may affect your child academically, socially, and at home * Tips for helping your child at home "Provides valuable information for parents of children with speech, language, and listening problems."----Sandra C. Holley, Ph.D., Former President, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • I originally borrowed this book from the library, and ended up ordering myself a copy so I could highlight pages (which I never do, but the information was so pertinent to my child's condition). I've never felt compelled to write a review before, but wanted to recommend this book highly. This book helped me realize some of my child's issues that two speech and language pathologists did not even mention. It also described the evaluation results and scores in a thorough manner (which the SLPs also neglected to do). It is important for parents to educate themselves so they can be partners in the work their children and speech therapists will undertake. The book lists examples of situations that children with certain disorders/conditions experience (a light bulb went off for me, it was so important to understand how the condition affects my child's experiences). Also, suggestions for helping the parent and teacher work more effectively with the child are included. Highly recommended.

  • This book is worth $100. Actually, it is priceless. If your child is language delayed, fussy and quirky, more mercurial than his/her peers...this book will help you identify these behaviors and discover the reasons behind your child's actions. Finally, you will understand the communication difficulties your child is experiencing and you will understand why he/she acts as they do.

    This book is easy to read. You will recognize your child in the identified behaviors and you will discover that there may be multiple issues. Our child had been diagnosed with intermittent middle-ear fluid by a highly skilled team: ENT, Speech Pathologist and Audiologist. But it was this book that help us pinpoint the other behaviors and discover/address the Auditory Processing issue. Our team was satisfied with the diagnosis of Middle Ear Fluid for our child's language articulation issues...and this book is helping us get our child the help she needs.

  • This is a great resource for parents who are trying to figure out if their children have some sort of language problem. The author does an excellent job by naming every different problem and defining very clearly each concept. It is also good to find resources to help your child in case you do not have insurance that can cover your child's speech therapy. The cases presented are also very good since some of them can apply to your real life situation. If you are looking for a great tool to confirm language issues, you have it!

  • This book is written so it's easy to understand. Sometimes I felt like it was dumbed down for those who had little to no understanding of speech delays. That's generally a good thing about this book. I wish it would have explored a little deeper into the neurologic issues of the brain.

  • I read certain portions of this book and thought, "That's it! That's my daughter!" The book explains, in language for those who aren't educators, learning problems and ways to help your child. It helped me to understand the language of the evaluations and intervention that my daughter has had over the years.

  • I received this book and was really surprised to see what great shape it was in for a used book. It liked a new book. I will definitely keep using Amazon for my book needs.

  • What do you do when your child's teacher suggests that your child needs to be evaluated by a Speech Pathologist? Perhaps it doesn't surprise you. After all, you have noticed that Johnny avoids writing assignments, or Suzy just doesn't seem to hear you when give her directions. But - what if you're shocked? I mean really taken aback that this could be your child. The one that is so bright, that talked early and was always such a good communicator. What then?

    Well, after spending 3 months struggling with abstract concepts and blaming myself, the schools, the daycare provider and anyone else I could think of, I finally plopped down in a local bookstore and went to work. After pouring over many books for over an hour, I settled on "Childhood Speech, Language, and Listening Problems : What Every Parent Should Know". I spent the next 5 nights staying up past midnight reading the book and comming to terms with my child's disability. Thanks to Ms. Hamaguchi I now have a clear understanding of what my childs needs are, both at home and at school. Ms. Hamaguchi explains, in simple terms, the way we speak and the way we listen. She then discusses what to look for, when to have your child evaluated and who is appropriate to perform the evaluation. Finally, she explains what kinds of testing are done and what the results mean. She clearly defines each type of learning disability and discusses the possible causes and characteristics of children with the problem. She also talks about how the child is affected, the recommended therapy and what parents can do to help. In addition,case studies are included to further illustrate each condition. Upon completion of this book, I had a very clear picture of what was going on and what path I needed to take.

    I have presented the book to the teachers, therapists and school administrators. They have found it insightful and very useful. It has helped us start re-structuring my son's learning environment so that he is beginning to perform closer to his true intellectual abilities. It has also made me more effective with the therapy and school work that we do at home each night. Now I feel confident that I can give my son the tools he needs to be all that he can be. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with this abstract world that is so important to the success of their child.