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by Ken Schultz

ePub Art of Trolling download
Ken Schultz
Penguin Books (April 7, 1987)
Hunting & Fishing
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Schultz limits his coverage to freshwater fishing, although some information is applicable to salt water as well

Schultz limits his coverage to freshwater fishing, although some information is applicable to salt water as well. The book will be of interest primarily to power boaters who frequent big waters such as the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence

Ken Schultz, Ken Schulz. The Complete Book of Freshwater Fishing. The Art of Trolling: A Complete Guide to Freshwater Methods and Tackle.

Ken Schultz, Ken Schulz. Ken Schultz's Essentials of Fishing. Ken Schultz's Field Guide to Saltwater Fish. Bass Madness: Bigmouths, Big Money, and Big Dreams at the Bassmaster Classic.

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Schultz limits his coverage to freshwater fishing, although some information is applicable to salt water as well. Lawrence. Equipment (downriggers, sideplaners, sonar, lures) and major fish species (bass, muskies, walleyes, and the salmonoids) are treated in detail but boats per se are not.

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Ken Schultz's Essentials of Fishing: The Only Guide You Need to Catch Freshwater and Saltwater Fish. mat, it is hardly a book that can be taken afield or casually perused. Among the many A small Ken Schultz's. Forex Essentials in 15 Trades™ √PDF √eBook Download. 74 MB·1,171 Downloads·New! Don’t Let the Big One Get Away Ken Schultz’s Essentials of Fishing is the new authority. Ken Schultz's Field Guide to Freshwater Fish - Survival Training Info. 07 MB·1,489 Downloads. 27 MB·27,458 Downloads. Michael Duane Archer (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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Book by Schultz, Ken
  • Awesome Book. He does a good job talking about different trolling methods, ones that he likes along with ones that he doesn't.

    The book is dated in terms of the equipment he has on his boat, but the fishing and rigging techniques are still the same.

    I'm restarting a tradition we used to have of salmon fishing in lake Michigan and I would be much less prepared for that if I didn't have this book. In fact, my boat even has the same sonar equipment from the 90's that is in this book. I can't complain about that.

  • This is an old book with dated information. The technology available today outdates some of the recommendations in this book.

  • good info

  • black and white pictures, small print with little detail of riggings. much better products out there. was disappointed in what this item provided.

  • real nice , informative with lots of good ideas and methods. If you want to learn to troll this is the book for you.

  • I bought this book as a joke because I thought "lolol internet trolling herp derp" -- I thought I'd just put it on my bookshelf and have it out as a laugh when my nerdy friends are over.

    However, today I opened up the book for the first time, AND IT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT TROLLING.
    It is a complete guidebook to trolling anyone on the internet on any subject, including teaching you how to sound like you know everything about a given topic when you're actually just spouting nonsense to confuse everyone else. This is truly a fascinating, hilarious, and FANTASTIC look into the mind of an internet troll -- a master troll indeed. I got tolled by my troll book about trolling called "the art of trolling" which was itself a troll about trolling!


  • A friend sent me this as a gift to improve my trolling technique and all I can say is "wow". This book is the original, must-have guide for anyone looking to start trolling, recreationally or professionally.

    As Ken Schultz explains in the introduction, "trolling is an enigma" stigmatized both by some who claim it's "too easy" and trolls themselves who "simply aren't going about it very well". He takes the next 260 pages (I count the index) to de-mystify the art for beginners and refine the techniques of experts.

    About the only regret I have reading it is that by the time I finished the Potpourri section at the end, I became a trolling aficionado. Suddenly I could only appreciate trolling at the level of art instead of the casual sport I once had.

    Soon my days were consumed critiquing the techniques of other trolls and constantly thinking of trolling masterpieces to carry out on the weekend. I lost my friends, my wife, even my kids. What was previously a hobby became my life and, while I gained the art, I lost the game.