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by Jolie Bookspan

ePub Diving Physiology in Plain English download
Jolie Bookspan
Undersea & Hyperbaric Med Soc; BLUE collectors edit edition (December 1997)
Water Sports
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What they are saying about diving physiology in plain english.

Jolie Bookspan has been listening to her students for years, patiently finding the best way to get across difficult concepts of Human Physiology. Many of her students hated science, and with good reason. It can be so dry, especially when poorly taught. What they are saying about diving physiology in plain english. It's great! I think it will become THE source of information on diving physiology for layman.

She served in the . Army and received her . d. in exercise physiology and environmental physiology. She is the author of several medical textbook chapters, the books Diving Physiology in Plain English and Health and Fitness in Plain English, and numerous articles that have appeared in publications such as Triathlete, Fitness Cycling, and Underwater USA. In addition, Dr. Bookspan has been an advisor to the Discovery Channel. She lives in Philadelphia. Books by Jolie Bookspan.

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Items related to Diving Physiology in Plain English. Jolie Bookspan Diving Physiology in Plain English. ISBN 13: 9780930406134. Diving Physiology in Plain English. She completed a post-doc in altitude decompression and two fellowships in cold immersion and sports medicine.

Books and eBooks by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Fix pain, top training, wilderness and hyperbaric medicine.

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The data tabulated in Bookspan (1995, page 16) purportedly give the halftimes for Haldane's original model, the original US Navy model, the DSAT model (basis of PADI . Bookspan, J. (1995) Diving physiology in plain English.

The data tabulated in Bookspan (1995, page 16) purportedly give the halftimes for Haldane's original model, the original US Navy model, the DSAT model (basis of PADI repetitive dive planner), the OrcaEdge, MicroBrain and Aladin dive computers, and the Buehlmann ZH-L12 model. The data tabulated in Bookspan (1995, page 23) give the corresponding M-values (in fsw) for the US Navy and DSAT models only. These parameters are all contained in the dataset Bookspan. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society, Kensington, Maryland (USA).

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By sports medicine specialist Dr. Jolie Bookspan, named "St. Jude of the Joints" by Harvard Medical School . Jude of the Joints" by Harvard Medical School clinicians.

Books – The texts listed are all excellent resources for any active technical diver, or anyone who is interested in beginning their technical diver training. Diving Physiology in Plain English – Jolie Bookspan. Some of the titles are instructional manuals, while others are non-fiction stories of exploration. Advanced Wreck Diving Guide – Gary Gentile. Essentials of Cave Diving – Jill Heinerth. Fatally Flawed – The Quest to be Deepest – Verna an Schaik.

The green cover book is the OLD outdated edition. Check which sellers - In "See All Buying Options - offer the new BLUE cover edition with two divers on the blue cover. This book is for all scuba divers and those interested in diving, regardless of diving certification level or academic background. The purpose is to present the interesting concepts behind the physiology, so all can understand and enjoy.Topics in each chapter were selected from questions divers ask most frequently. In non-technical language this book explains the mysterious terminology of decompression tables and computers, reasons for the interesting changes in your body underwater, effects of diving in cold water and in hot conditions, the interesting hows and whys behind diving maladies, how to get in shape for diving, and important nutrition topics for divers. Although most scuba books have sections only about women, this book includes issues for men divers, too. There is a large, annotated glossary at the end of the book. More than a handy reference of definitions, it includes word derivations, key concepts, and fun stories behind the people and information.With the information in this book you will be better equipped to make sense of the many claims and counterclaims in diving physiology. You will be better prepared to understand more advanced training classes. You will have information to make informed decisions concerning decompression tables and computers, be a healthier, fitter diver, and avoid diving injuries. You'll even learn neat scuba knowledge tidbits just for fun.
  • Understandable. Written and explained in lay mans terms. If you cannot understand this, well I don't know what to suggest. It is really useful, and a terrific reference book. Well worth the money, a must for all divers.

  • Makes a lot of the diving science enjoyable and user friendly. If science is not you strong suit this book breaks the information down in laymans terms. Would recommend.

  • I guess you would say I just had to know the WHY??? I don't agree with PADIs no stop diving philosophy, but I guess they need to keep the tourists from killing themselves. THis book will reveal what is going on behind the curtain especially as far as nitrogen loading is concerned. I am not a medical professional just a diver

  • Unfortunately, this book is extremely simplistic - the basic dive books for entry-level divers (OWD for PADI, similar of SSI) can be considered academic in contrast to this one. Moreover - it contains several errors (I just skimmed 5 pages and found 2 major mistakes). Don't buy.

  • I was never satisfied with the basic explanations of the effects of pressure and depth on the body doled out in the standard course of instruction on Scuba. Finding a comprehensive treatment of the subject in terms everyone can understand became a personal mission. This is the book satisfied my quest for knowledge about the physiology of Scuba. A doctor explains what we know and do not know of the liquid realm's influence on the Scuba Diver in plain, straight talk. One amazing example is that we have no clue what causes decompression sickness or "the bends". We just know that it is correlated with absorbed nitrogen and that there are a number of models that can predict its onset using this factor. The book includes an excellent explanation of the algorithms used by dive computers to help us avoid this malady, and how they were developed. You will be a much more knowledgeable and aware diver, and therefore a better diver, for having read this book. Add to cart!

  • This book is absolutely packed with valuable information in an extremely readable format. I highly recommend it for both its' breadth and depth.
    When I purchased my copy, I actually received it directly from Dr. Bookspan, the author. Jolie was wonderful to deal with and had a real passion for diving and writing.