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by George Barna

ePub Maximum Faith download
George Barna
Metaformation/SGG/WHCP; 1 edition (March 1, 2011)
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He currently serves as the principal in Metaformation, a company dedicated to helping people optimize their life journey, and a Senior Partner in Strategenius Group, which provides strategic marketing and business development services.

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George Barna has provided a deeper understanding of the needs of church leadership and responsibility in this book.

George Barna has provided a deeper understanding of the needs of church leadership and responsibility in this book. What would happen if we truly lead our people to live as a community fully devoted to changing our world through a profound love for God and a profound love for people.

Everyone is on a journey in life. How far you go on the journey to wholeness is up to you. To help chart your future, Barna explains the ten stops on that journey to describe where you're headed, what it takes to move forward, and the evidence of growth along the way.

Maximum Faith - George Barna. Reader alert! This book has an odd structure. You may not have encountered any book quite like it. However, there’s a reason for it. It turns out that most people finish about one third of any book they start reading. Sticking with the traditional approach to structuring book content - .

The Seven Faith Tribes.

The Seven Faith Tribes.

How does God transform people s lives? Based on a long-term research project, researcher and author George Barna describes ten-stop journey that produces robust life transformation and the reasons why most people struggle to past the halfway mark. Combining his trademark research and analysis with a narrative of one person s journey as well as practical steps for individuals and churches to pursue, Maximum Faith will challenge you to become the person God has always intended you to be while showing you how to get there.
  • This is an eye-opening look at the Christian walk of faith. It has made me realize how complacent I've been in my faith walk. It also exposes your heart and motives. There is such a surface treatment of what it really means to be a Christian by so many in the church. I want to go beyond! but it's so hard. Until we are completely broken, I feel not many of us will experience the true life God has called us to!

    Some of the writing is cheesy, but if you can set that aside, there is true value in his writing.

  • I've read through this book twice now and have found it just as applicable and helpful as the first time, though I find myself in a different place spiritually. This is not your ordinary "call to arms" book that is being mass-produced by the evangelical church of late. This is a research-based examination of the stages of faith most Christians encounter on their spiritual journey. But beyond the research, Barna has included a fictionalized example of what a more purposeful spiritual walk might look like. At the heart of that walk is brokenness and surrender. I find this book immensely helpful without being preachy or condescending. It is challenging without being accusatory. It is motivational without the need for pithy one-liners. It is dramatization without being campy and sappy. It is a book to PURCHASE, not borrow, because you will want to go back to its insights over and over again as you assess, reassess, and move through your own faith story.

  • Barna's six year quest to discover what it means to be a Christian is well researched. The Faith has been watered down so much, most people who call themselves "Christian" do not understand who they really are nor how to become that person. Barna examines people, not the numerous denominations, in an understandable way that makes it easy to find where you are in your spiritual journey. If you desire to be completely transformed, then every person who desires to become a saint should take the findings in the book to heart because we are all there someplace. Unfortunately, too many "Christians" get wrapped up doing "works" and have not allowed their faith to be their guide. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and would like to aid you in your maturation of your humanity.

  • Profound and challenging. Wake up call to the believers everywhere, especially in America and the west. Barna has realized truths that the Church needs to pay attention to! His other books on the Church are profound.

  • George Barna charts the Christian journey from ignorance of sin all the way to complete love in a compelling compilation of research that is both eye-opening and convicting. Every pastor should have the information contained in this book to understand where his congregation is and where they are stuck in their journey toward God.

  • George Barna covers the need for Christian transformation and outlines a basic road map for growth. These concepts are often ignored or not covered in an organized manner in the contemporary church.

  • Great book to read and discuss with friends.

  • This is an excellent book for anyone who is really serious about becoming a strong and true Christian, truly God-like!